• LTEfan

    Has Mora talked at all about his feelings in coaching UCLA against his alma mater for the first time? If Sarkisian were to get fired, should we be worried that Mora would want to leave for the Huskies job?

    • facescar

      Check out Jack’s twitter feed. He seemed to get some quotes on that today.

  • NonAlumBruin

    How is the run game now? Would you say that is our O-line or running backs that need more experience/improvement?
    (Thank you, players, for all that hard work.)

  • EncinitasBruin

    Mora seems to be oddly nonchalant about UCLA being the second-most penalized team in FBS, after being the most penalized team last year. Why is that, and what do the Bruins need to do to fix it?

  • amontem

    What should we be expecting from Myles Jack going forward? Do you see him playing 15-20 snaps/game on offense, and still playing every snap on defense?

  • D Walker

    I apologize in advance if you have already addressed this …. What has happened to Malcolm Jones? He has looked good in his limited opportunities to carry the ball but now they are using defensive players over him. What happened?

  • Mark

    The administration has made it clear that basketball games will be scheduled for TV purposes, regardless of how ridiculous the time (such as 9 pm or 6 pm on a weekday). Fine, then as a fan, I feel like I’m entitled to skip attending in person if TV is priority. What do you think?

  • The EDGE

    For basketball, the NLI is this Wednesday, any update since Looney verballed?

  • BruinRogue

    Where’s Adria Gasol?

  • Peter Lay

    can you give an update on Priest Willis. Taahan Goodman, Tyler Foreman and Deon Hollins? Are they redshirting or what kind of roles they have on the team now.

  • Best Bruin

    Why didn’t Malcolm Jones play against AZ? Does he not count as a RB as he wasn’t given a try even though Thigpen was averaging 2 YPC? It looks any of the RB would benefit from extra DL blocking on offense?

  • Bruin 34

    How big of a blow and an impact did losing Torian and James have on the team and our offense?

  • RepuBruin

    Hello Jack!
    I echo the comments by DW and BB re. Malcolm Jones, but would go a step further and ask that you query either Mora or Mazzone as to why, in spite of producing, the kid can’t get a sniff of time.