Notes and quotes: UW can’t stop The Myles Jack Show

The stories in today’s issue of the Los Angeles Daily News:

» My game story, on a dire running back situation paving the way for Myles Jack’s four-touchdown night, the most on the ground for UCLA since Maurice Jones-Drew.
» More on Myles Jack, from columnist Vinny Bonsignore.
» Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said weeknight games are part of the price of generating national exposure for the conference.

More game notes from UCLA’s 41-31 win over Washington, their eighth straight over the Huskies at the Rose Bowl.

— Your latest dose of Myles Jack hype, this time courtesy of Cassius Marsh and Devin Lucien:

The freshman is clearly the Bruins’ most valuable player right now. Without him on offense, they could very well be sitting at 6-4 rather than 8-2. Why doesn’t he play more at tailback?

“(Pass) protection,” head coach Jim Mora said. “It’s undervalued. All you see is a guy carrying the ball, and you have to know who to block. He’s not going to learn now. It’s too late in the process.”

Stanford coach David Shaw said something similar earlier this week, when explaining the need to keep playbooks simple for two-way players. Jack seems to be settling into a clear role a short-yardage back, which is a good way to balance his duties on both sides of the ball.

— Jack also drew a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for doing this, which is awesome yet sort of gross at the same time.

— You know who doesn’t think Myles Jack is all that? THIS GUY:

Fan not happy about Myles Jack hype by thejackwang

— Quarterback Keith Price injured his right shoulder late in the first half. X-rays were negative, but the senior will have an MRI on Saturday.

Redshirt freshman Cyler Miles showed promise as he was thrust into action, throwing for 149 yards and a pair of touchdowns. He has size at 6-foot-4, 213 pounds, and showed glimpses of what made him the top-ranked recruit out of Colorado in 2012.

“He’s a really good athlete,” said UCLA defensive coordinator Lou Spanos. “You can see he has a good arm. Shoot, I know we’re going to play him in the years to come. He good composure. He did a nice job scrambling, making plays and then finding open field. He threw some nice balls.”

The Bruins’ defense adjusted late in the game, as safety Randall Goforth and linebacker Jordan Zumwalt snuffed two drives with interceptions in the last four minutes. Miles started 12-of-16 in relief, but finished 3-of-6.

“It was a little chess match,” Spanos said.

The front seven also notched four sacks, their highest single-game total of the season. Washington entered Friday tied as the Pac-12’s second-worst team with 28 sacks allowed.

— Damore’ea Stringfellow absolutely smoked the UCLA secondary, which had been at least decent in almost every game this season. Before Friday, he had just three catches on the season for 20 yards.

This was a breakout. The true freshman from Moreno Valley, Calif., had 147 yards and a touchdown on eight catches. Only two other receivers hit triple digits against the Bruins this season: Stanford’s Devon Cajuste (109) and Utah’s Dres Anderson (106).

“I think he has a chance to be a star for us,” coach Steve Sarkisian said. “He’s a big-time weapon and you can see how good he can be in one-on-one settings.”

A penalty on Washington left guard Dexter Charles erased what would have been a second touchdown.

— UCLA did well against running back Bishop Sankey, holding the Doak Walker semifinalist to 91 yards and a touchdown on 27 carries (3.4 yards on average). The junior’s longest run went for just nine yards. He leads the country with 17 runs of at least 20 yards, and has two 50-yard runs.

“We tried to make it a passing game,” Spanos said. “We applied pressure and hit a couple of balls. All around, it was good by all 11 players.”

— Senior running back Malcolm Jones had a career-high 61 yards on nine carries before leaving the game after a hit to the head. Mora said his status was improved afterward, but judging from the way he wobbled on the field, the former Gatorade National Player of the Year could be done.

— Starting running back Jordon James suited up, but did not play. He should be ready to practice in full this coming week. Right tackle Caleb Benenoch took a hit to either his shoulder or his neck. Receiver Devin Fuller was also injured.

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  • Joe Blow

    Is ucla going to change the #36 to #26?

    • ProbationU

      You are a sick man, JB. No one mocked your kicker when he went off the cliff. Of course, Trojans never drink. Speaking of one large TURD..ii is you.

      • Joe Blow

        Gee, was it a Trojan that referred to him as The Eagle? Look it up. Flush! You’re gone.

        • ProbationU

          Nobody should be mocking a kid’s death. It someone did that, Bruin or otherwise it is just as sick.

          If some other idiot did that, it doesn’t excuse you for your actions. It is just as bad. Do you know how many college kids get killed or raped every year because of alcohol? It is a huge problem at every school…and it is NOT funny.

          • Joe Blow

            F U turd.

    • jameskatt


      Why should UCLA change Wide Receiver Nick Pasquale’s #36 to #26?

      UCLA’s football program and players are still honoring Nick Pasquale this year.

      And #26 is currently assigned to Wide Receiver Ahmaad Harris.

    • EncinitasBruin

      In September, Joe shocked the Bruin community with his only class comment ever, in response to Pasquale’s death when he wrote:

      “I may be a d I c k about a lot of things, but this is horrible. RIP Pasquale. May God give as much peace to his family as possible. Absolutely awful.”

      I knew it was too good to be true. Yes, the man is a d l c k–about all things.

      • Joe Blow


    • Marc

      Hey jerkoff! Want to meet up for a few drinks later? We can watch the Stanford beat down together.

      • Joe Blow

        20-17. F U. Your next.

        • Marc

          Let’s watch the game together. It’ll be loads of fun.

          • Joe Blow

            Big YAP. We BEAT Stanford and OREGON AT AUTZEN. You got NOTHIN’

          • LTEfan

            You, sir, are totally missing the point. Go ahead and root for your team, AND have some basic human decency about a tragic accident that killed a young person. You can do both. Pasquale’s BAC doesn’t change the fact that his family, friends and teammates lost a loved one when he was struck and killed by a car. Go somewhere else if you are only here to bring hatred.

          • Joe Blow

            Changes making losing a loved one from one’s stupidity to a”hero”/inspiration and false motivator.

          • LTEfan

            No one claimed Pasquale was a hero. He was a beloved teammate, and that is what UCLA has honored. You are knocking down your own strawman.

          • Joe Blow

            BS. He would have never been known. Ucla is using it as motivation. Hard truth.

          • LTEfan

            That’s not a claim that he is a hero. Your “truth” is made up.

          • Joe Blow

            I’ll bet you Mora had NO idea who the kid was prior to the incident.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            Joe- Please don’t say “We” when referring to USC football. You have nothing to do with the team. The Trojans are great in spite of you. The people involved with making that happen don’t know you, if you attended USC, which I doubt, you embarrass yourself and other USC alums with every comment. You should also know that it’s been a couple of seasons since the Trojans won in Autzen. You may have meant that we beat Oregon State in Corvallis which was a great win for the team. If you are going to pose as a fan please pay attention.

          • Joe Blow

            First of all, you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a major booster. And I AM a grad. No I didn’t mean that. While we played Oregon 2 years, one in L.A. and the one before in Eugene, ucla did not play them those two years. We also played UW while ucla got a pass. Not the rotation is reversed.

            YOU need to pay attention. In those 2 years, we did not play OSU or WSU. Pull your head out.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            If you read your post you say we beat Oregon in Autzen right after mentioning the Stanford win. You can say whatever you want about who you are. I see a guy making fun of a 19 year old kid who was killed in a traffic accident. That is pretty disgusting, I still think your lying.

          • Joe Blow

            Oh, now you’re trying to cover yourself. You don’t understand PAC 12 scheduling, what a shame. I’m not making fun of anyone. I’m just pointing out how Mora is taking advantage of a sad situation and one that might have been prevented if the kid had been sober. The higher road would have been to stress the importance to college kids that drinking in excess can have deadly consequences. NOT trying to spur the team on.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            Wow… The comment about changing the number from 36 to 26 was an effort to educate??? I somehow missed that because it sounded like a 13 year old trying to be funny. Thank goodness your moral compass has motivated you to show Jim Mora and Bruin fans how dangerous drinking to excess can be and how very wrong they are to remember their deceased teammate as a good kid who loved being part of their team….and I am “covering” myself. Grow up.

          • Joe Blow

            Laughable. Are you really that dumb that you can’t see Mora is using the kid? Come on. And stop with the nonsense of “making fun of what happened”. Nobody is making fun of it, just pointing out this is a motivational move and zero to do with the individual.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            You can’t expect anyone who reads what you post to believe you…Mora is probably using the kid to motivate his team and I am sure the kid and his family are very cool with that… any school would do the same thing given the circumstances…Those who are aware of how a death investigation works would tell you that the BAC would not be released immediately or even known immediately. Responders and people on scene may suspect alcohol is involved but I am not convinced that Mora knew the BAC any sooner than the rest of the world. Your using him to take a shot at UCLA ….This should be about football, if USC beats UCLA whoop it up and rub it in, if not take the shots from Bruin fans but let UCLA deal with their dead teammate without being a prik.

          • Joe Blow

            Sure, Mora had NO idea. Say hi to Santa and the Easter Bunny for me.

        • drakejr

          I don’t need football teams to beat you. Life clearly has done the job already. You are a pathetic troll on a sports website, so you rank half a step below a wet fart on the intelligence scale. If this is what you need to feel special, good God I hope they don’t ban you, because you are one step away from being on a clock tower wearing your mother’s wig and taking pot-shots at co-eds.

          • Joe Blow

            Better than you wearing your mom’s underwear. Marc told me after you two went on a date.

  • ProbationU

    Joe Blow is referring to his blood alcohol reading when Pasquale died. It is also Blow’s IQ. A real class act.

  • LTEfan

    Jack – What are your thoughts on why UCLA’s DBs were routinely beaten deep, despite playing with the cushion of a double digit lead almost the entire game? Were the CBs too aggressive; were the safeties failing to provide deep help that the CBs were expecting to get?

  • LTEfan

    On Larry Scott’s point about national exposure — I live in New York. Pac-12 games are not going to draw good ratings when they start anywhere between 9:00 and 11:00 PM Eastern (whichever night of the week). Maybe the games get the conference exposure with the Eastern media and poll voters, but for the casual fan, most of these night games start too late in the Eastern time zone.

  • Marc

    It’s a shame about Malcolm Jones. He’s been a fan favorite of sorts in sec 22. We always wondered why he didn’t get more touches when he looked to perform pretty well, and outweighed the next biggest back by around twenty pounds.

    Hopefully, he can play in the bowl game and go out on a high note.

    Miles Jack for president!

    • Joe Blow

      He’d be as dumb as what we have now.

      • LTEfan

        Commenting on someone else’s intelligence, now that’s rich.

  • Tom Oday

    Re: sarcastic letter above. Your reader neglects to mention that all the great feats are accomplished vs. other two-way players. Jack’s vs. specialists at their positions. Tired vs. tired or tired vs. rested. Many HS players go both ways…but at this level…incredible!!!

  • Joe Blow

    Didn’t know the drunkin facts. Don’t cover it up.

    • Marc

      You disgusting excuse for a human being.

      Drunkard loser talking smack on a young man who died.

      May God have mercy on your soul.

      • Joe Blow

        Talk about a drunkard. Better yet, God have mercy on his soul.