USC coach Andy Enfield is definitely talking the talk

Well, Andy Enfield has definitely made Los Angeles college basketball a lot more interesting.

Last month, the first-year USC coach quipped in practice that anyone who wanted to play slow could head to UCLA.

For the record, the Bruins are currently ranked 50th nationally in adjusted tempo, according to The Trojans are 172nd.

A new profile in Men’s Journal featured more biting one-liners from the 44-year-old.

At a lunch with boosters, he was asked about his recent tiff with former Trojans coach Tim Floyd, who accused Enfield of tampering with then-UTEP signee Isaac Hamilton.

“Tim Floyd shows up every day at work and realizes he lives in El Paso, Texas,” Enfield told them. “And he’s pissed off that he didn’t get the USC job two months ago. I told him, ‘Tim, if I could have all this power to somehow convince a family to do this, why the heck didn’t the kid come last spring, when I first got the job?'”

Asked about competing with UCLA, he said: “I don’t worry about them. I’ve made it to one Sweet Sixteen in two years, and he’s made it to one Sweet Sixteen in 18 years.”

The “play slow” comments, Enfield said, were not meant for national consumption — merely something he said sarcastically to motivate his players. These latest ones were used to fire up donors, but also took place in front of a reporter he had invited.

Enfield isn’t stupid, so he most likely thinks generating buzz is worth any PR blacklash at this point. Given how measured and guarded coaches often are, it’s sort of refreshing.

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  • Joe Blow

    SC basketball stinks. Most Trojans could care less. He should keep his mouth shut and win some “big” games, which is doubtful. Not to mention he should keep the players eligible.

    • drakejr

      Whether it’s Rick Neuheisel or Enfield the rule is simple. Win before you run your damn mouth. A coach who starts his tenure with a loss against Utah State has not earned the right to say a damn thing.

  • Bruin12

    Are we sure the guy isn’t just stupid?

  • HeySUCs

    Andy Enfield FGCSUC’s loud mouth. Enfield must be taking lessons from K. “largehead” Johnson.

  • commentar

    He’s sounding just like Kiffin did in the SEC…

  • Mark

    Seems like a high-reward, low-risk hire by USC. After all, the status quo is to be terrible at basketball, so if Enfield bombs, no one will really notice. Likewise, if he succeeds, no one may notice either.

    • facescar

      No one would have noticed… until these comments.

      They hired the biggest-name guy after last year’s tournament. That inherently raises the risk level.

  • OCBrewin

    Good for him…glad to see a guy with an opinion. Who cares that he has almost no D1 HC experience.

  • BruinInSeattle

    NOT a fan of the Alford hire, but this guy Enfield is starting to make me one. He’s already managed to lose a preseason gimme game, and he’s already mouthing off? At one time, I thought he’d have been an exciting hire for UCLA. Now it’s obvious he’s just another Lavin. A pretty boy in glamour city, all style and no substance.

  • LTEfan

    Enfield is colorful, and making it interesting, I will give him that. As for his NCAA tournament record, the response might be “small sample size”.

  • ProbationU

    For a guy that cleaned the clock of Northern Arizona by 4 points, he makes a lot of noise. Gotta give him credit, I think he took his Maxim model wife to Taco Bell on their first date…so he ain’t afraid or bashful.

  • anno nimus

    His antics surely haven’t done squat for attendance.

  • EncinitasBruin

    I am offically thrilled that this gentleman is SC’s coach.