• LTEfan

    Great game plan. Take your best defensive athlete off the field for the entire half, so he can play more RB. Their running QB is getting out on the edge with no one to tackle him. Maybe Myles could help there, Mora?

    • ProbationU

      Maybe you should wait for a little more information before you criticize that move. Sounds like some of the d-bags over at bruinsnation.

      It seems pretty clear that early in the week we were not going to have Jordon James, Malcolm Jones, Damien Thigpen and Steven Manfro. That leaves Paul Perkins only. So perhaps we needed another running back because we didn’t have any other capable backs available.

      Also, we lost our LT again during the game. Our young OL was exposed by their experienced DL and we gave up 9 sacks. We also threw a pick 6, missed two FG’s, and played no D in the 1st half. And yet, we still had a real shot to win this game and didn’t pull it out at the end.

      So, unlike the D-bags that call themselves Bruins over there at bruinsnation, and yes, that means both Nestor and Tydides…we don’t need a new coaching staff.

      Certainly a disappointing loss. Don’t think the world came to an end. $hit happens.

      • jameskatt

        We lost the game because we simply did not have the better team today.

        We had our chances. We could have easily won if we made our two field goals or if Hundley did not throw that pick-6 interception in the beginning of the game.

        Our coaches are excellent and do not need to change.

        We simply don’t have the horses to compete.

        Each year, as we keep recruiting more players – which our coaching staff does extremely well – hopefully we can stock our team so we have more quality players.

        Today, we were short-handed but still held Arizona to 3 points in the 2nd half.

        • Three true freshmen in the OL.

          Two missed field goals.

          One pick-six.

          Zero defense in the first half.

          It all adds up.

        • LTEfan

          Who said we need a coaching change? Not me.

      • LTEfan

        Perkins played great. Jones was cleared to play but never saw the field. So, I think it was a poor game plan with the use of RBs and Jack. The defense needed Jack and the game was ultimately lost in the first half by the defense allowing 4 TDs. Never said we need a new coaching stuff, just that the game plan with Jack was poor. Mora has done a great job overall. Keep the insults over at bruinsnation, if you think they belong at all.

      • LTEfan

        Read Jack Wang’s column about the game plan with Myles.

  • jameskatt

    To clarify a comment I previously made: The best teams play with such aggression and hard hits that their play leads to injuries on opposing teams. This is why I look forward to injuries in the opposing team’s players during the game. This would mean UCLA is playing well.

    Injury report of players leaving the game due to injury:

    – UCLA: 4 Injuries (Moreau, Goines, Andrews, Mazzone).
    – Arizona State: ZERO.

    Obviously, Arizona played the better game and deserved to win.

    • Someone rolled on Goines, and Mazzone wasn’t touched.

      Didn’t see the other two.

  • Bruin4life

    Coach Mora has had more than enough time to tune up the quirks and wrinkles on both sides of the ball. We are the team with the most penalties in the nation. How can we expect to have quality wins with a 1st and 30, and a QB that can’t throw the ball away and rather lose 10rds every time he can’t find an open receiver. Mora either gets rid of the dead weight in the coaching department, or he himself steps out to let someone else get the job done!!!

    • LTEfan

      For a team that runs an up-tempo offense, UCLA seemed totally unaware of the clock on the last drive. Three minutes should have been plenty of time, and yet Hundley squandered probably 45 seconds of it at the line of scrimmage for no apparent reason. In the end, the holding calls and sack made the time wasting irrelevant, but the offense and Hundley in particular need to be better prepared to run a hurry-up drive at the end.

  • Bruin4life

    Look, we have the awesome talent, much better than in the past and I hate to watch Jim Mora waste that talent by not giving his best for the team. I don’t know what they do at practice, but today they seem lost. Where was their 2min drill at the end of the game. Mora needs to look at the game film to see how stupid he looked!!!