UCLA’s Rose Bowl hopes die in 38-33 loss to Arizona State

A 38-33 loss to Arizona State ensured that UCLA won’t be going to its first Rose Bowl since 1999. Our coverage from last night’s regular-season home finale:

— The Bruins defense didn’t look the same without linebacker Myles Jack, who was used solely at running back.
— Brett Hundley followed his slow start with a sharp second half, while Ishmael Adams was the team’s surprise MVP.
— With a BCS bowl out of reach, UCLA is left trying to salvage its season.

For reference, here’s the selection order for Pac-12 affiliated bowls:
1) Rose Bowl vs. Big Ten No. 1
2) Alamo Bowl vs. Big 12 No. 3
3) Holiday Bowl vs. Big 12 No. 5
4) Sun Bowl vs. ACC No. 4
5) Las Vegas Bowl vs. Mountain West No. 1
6) Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl vs. BYU
7) New Mexico Bowl vs. Mountain West No. 4

Since Stanford, Arizona State and Oregon should take the top three bowls, UCLA will most likely end up in El Paso on New Year’s Eve. The Sun Bowl won’t be eager to take USC again, so even if the Bruins lose next weekend, they might not drop further. (That could change if Arizona upsets ASU and becomes a more attractive candidate.)

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  • LTEfan

    Maybe it’s not fair to say Fairbairn “choked”? He pushed it wide, but why he missed that kick isn’t obvious. Mechanics?

  • Conrad Rios

    Never leave it up to a kicker. Ka’one choked… Sorry, but true. Laces sideways, he still needs to make those 35 yarders. But we lost due to bigger issues. Kicker just couldn’t save us from ourselves, d-wise. Plus, very good team with top notch coaching.

  • BearDown

    No, we had the ball with time to score. You score we win. Hundley Choked! Pick 6, hesitant to run, not accurate. This was on our team. The team needs to wear it they where not up to play and they got beat. Now they need to show us who they are next week. How will they answer?? Fairbairn not the lone reason. Sum of all parts!


      That playcall on ucla’s last play was worse than anything even Kiffin could muster up.

      • ProbationU

        The bad play call was the QB draw inside the 10 yard line. Went to the well once too often and they were ready for it. May have ruined a beautiful comeback…but hard to tell as there was plenty of time left in the game.

    • Three true freshman and two massive holding penalties made it difficult to win.

      Brett gave them a chance to pull it out.

    • Joe Blow

      Good luck beating a lousy SC football team. At least you can get another t shirt made.

  • bruinray97

    Long drive back to San Diego after that game. Many reasons for the loss, but the Bruins youth and lack of experience at key positions were the main ones. I don’t remember the last time a team won a game after yielding 9 sacks. It might be a couple of years before this team develops a formidable offensive line that can protect the qb. The quarterbacks performance was part immature, part brilliant. The seemingly reliable kicker had an off night, to say the least, leaving many of us to wonder, what if? The D was awful in the first half, and superb in the second half, yielding only 3 points. We felt bad for those kids, especially the seniors. All in all, it’s been a great season, taking perhaps a step back, hopefully learning a lot, and coming back strong next year. 8-4, or 9-3 is pretty good. The bowl might not be what we had hoped it would be, but remember when our Bruins struggled to make a bowl? I hope the team regroups and can focus on the last and most important game. GO BRUINS!

  • ProbationU

    The negativity toward this program, especially at Bruinsnation is ridiculous. I wonder if any of these critics have competed at anything other than video games. What a bunch of tools we have calling themselves Bruins, especially Nestor and Tydides. Negative little computer wimps spouting about winning a if they have a single clue as to what it takes.

    And then, they trot out the John Wooden quotes as if they have any understanding of the man. Coach Wooden would be ashamed of their antics. It was a tough loss yesterday, but how you handle both losing and winning defines your character. Today they say, “show me a good loser and I’ll show you somebody that loses too often.” What a joke! It’s called having some class.

    Coach Wooden did not talk about winning. He talked about being the best you could be. We fell short last night. That is part of competing. They act as if the ASU program is better because they won the South this year and discredit our winning it last year. ASU did not have to play both Oregon and Stanford on the road. Neither did SC. We have had the tougher schedule, we have loads of freshman playing and a ton of injuries, and yet we competed hard.

    Time to show some class and support. Nestor and Tydides, you are an embarrassment to real Bruins.

    • bruinray97

      Maybe you shouldn’t concern yourself with that blog. Everyone is entitled to their own views, and I can tell you that I certainly don’t share ANY of their sentiments towards the university as a whole. I don’t think I have ever encountered a more bitter, unhappy set of individuals in my life. I love my alma mater, and win or lose, I will always show my support. GO BRUINS!

      • ProbationU

        I understand. That was meant for them as they do read this blog too…and one is unable to actually express a counter opinion over there. I am going to enjoy it when the program fully turns the corner and they have to eat some crow. They are worse than many of the Trojans.

        • RepuBruin

          “and one is unable to actually express a counter opinion over there.”
          And that’s the key! They have some valid points, and they have some very good posters over there–gbruin. Class of 66, IE Angel, and Fox 71 is quite humorous, but the top moderators squelch differing views as accepting mediocrity, and slam counterpoint posters with ridiculous vitriol! The team is too young at key positions, primarily offensive line (the WORST place to be young if wanting to compete for championships). The coming years are very bright–this team will win at least 10 regular season games next year!!! Patience is in order, simply due to the youth and lack of experienced depth.

          • ProbationU

            Yes…and I have been kicked off by 2 of those moderators…who probably got all their knowledge of BB and FB while playing video games. It would be one thing if they were knowledgeable, but they aren’t.

            Tracy Pierson at BRO/Scout is much more knowledgeable and reasonable. They should read him before posting.

          • Being banned once at BruinsNation is a badge of honor.

            Being banned twice is a sign of masochism.

            (I’ve been banned at least three times.)

        • I’m sure Nestor and Tydides are having a Hitler-meme fit at not being able to ban us here.

      • Joe Blow

        Snore. A bunch of losers.

    • LTEfan

      It is possible to both support your team and level fair criticism against it when it does not perform to its capabilities. Or when the coaches have questionable game plans or play calls. Unfortunately, most fans on message boards do not keep the debate in the realm of ideas. It devolves into a negative attack filled with name calling and personal insults. Hopefully, this board does not end up there.

      • bruinray97


        • ProbationU

          I agree as well. We also need to keep an eye on where the program was compared to where it is now. The loss was disappointing, but one game does not define that much. We have a program on the rise and there are bound to be setbacks. It isn’t going to be built in a day, nor will it be linear.

          • LTEfan

            Yes, Mora is building a good program and this season should not be judged on the ASU game. With the university finally getting behind a football training facility, UCLA appears to be well positioned for future success. The past is not our destiny, despite what the trolljans say.

          • bruinray97

            The program IS on the right track. The young Bruins almost pulled one out, in spite of their first half woes. Like I said in another post, it has been a fun season, and am looking forward to the next few years. Here’s hoping that fans and alums notice and actually go to the games. 70k is nice, but 90k would be outstanding. Mora will have these young men ready for next week. The game should be fun.

    • BruinSteve75

      I just want to second your comment about the Bruins Nation blog. I
      am embarrassed to have those people representing UCLA. They are nothing
      but a bunch of rude, arrogant bullies. I have a lot of UCLA friends,
      and they are ALL EMBARRASSED to have a group of people like that
      representing UCLA. Most people go to that blog only because they do a
      decent job of covering UCLA athletics. They do not go there because
      they support the type of attitude/behavior that exists there. That is the
      fallacy in the thinking of those people there. They have deluded
      themselves into thinking that because they get “lots of clicks”
      that people support their opinions and behavior. Nothing could be
      further from the truth. Real Bruin fans are EMBARRASSED by the people
      that run that blog.

    • Well said.

      With regard to the game:

      -Three true freshmen in the OL.

      -Two missed field goals.

      -One pick-six.

      -Zero defense in the first half.

      It all adds up.

      (Posted originally in the Live Chat thread.)

  • 92104bruinfan

    First and foremost, hats off to the Devils. Solid team with a good offensive scheme and Kelly is a complete pain in the a** to defend. Hope they rep the Pac 12 South well and can cut down the Trees in a couple of weeks.

    That all said, the Bruins had their chances despite 9 sacks, no RB depth, Goines only making it to the 2nd quarter, and the pick 6 which btw was not all on BH as ASU’s Bradford should have been chopped (cleanly & legally of course) or otherwise prevented from having his hands up on a designed swing pass to his side.

    As for next week, I’m very curious to see how the Bruins play with the Pac 12 South title hopes gone. It will be a show of how the program has matured under Mora’s watch. There should be NO reason not to get up to play SC at the Coliseum where the Bruins have not won since 1997. If the Bruins can bounce back from the ASU loss and find a way to win this next Saturday night, I’d be alright with the 2013 regular season all things considered. Go Bruins!

  • OCBrewin

    Anyone who’s followed the team during Dorell & Neuheisel’s reign knows that Mora’s team(s) are different. Those teams quit. As Mora builds depth we will win these games. Injuries & youth were exploited by ASU. As for BN’s site, they are a fraud…not at all representative of the real UCLA Bruin Nation. Thanks for the good work Jack!

    • EncinitasBruin

      100% agree. Also, the ONLY consolation of losing to ASU is the fact that it dashed SC’s P12 championship hopes. I was a bit surprised that we opened as only 3.5 point underdogs–I thought SC would open at 6 or 7 pt favorites. Bruins have all the motivation they need going into the Coliseum.

      • Joe Blow

        Come on. You’re big mouths about ucla football should have made you guys favorites. But alas, back to basics, you always want to be the gutty little cubs. Welcome back to reality. Even if you get lucky enough, your attitude is sweet to the Trojan nation……second rate.

        • OCBrewin

          Joe Blow, you are hilarious. I could’t think of a better mascot and spokesman of your south central school than you. F*** On!

          • Joe Blow

            Typical bruin class. Get nasty because you finally realize your team is no better than before.

          • You’re here to troll (almost exclusively), Joe, but even you know that’s not true.

            There is no comparison between Dorrell/Neu and Mora’s teams.

          • Joe Blow

            The only comparison is thar none of them are in the national mix, ever.

          • Thanks for conceding my point.

  • domdodger

    Wow I am shocked as to how some of y

    • ProbationU

      You definitely aren’t the only one. As they say, nobody is ever all right or all wrong. That even holds true with the video gamers at Bruins Nation. They make some decent points and then descend into a chorus of intolerance and extreme negativity. They act like a bunch of spoiled little brats when they don’t get their way.

      This is the best and deepest that our conference has ever been. How does our win in Tucson look now after the Ducks beat them down? It is easy to criticize when things go wrong and being a Bruin football fan has never been easy, but they take it way too far.

      • But the problem is not their support for UCLA, it’s their intolerance.

        The Bruins are just an excuse for them to bully others.

        • EncinitasBruin

          I’ll eat my hat if any of the Hitler Youth at BN ever played football , other than flag football in junior high.

          • They strike me as the kind of people who lack both the skill to play and the magnanimity to be genuinely happy for those who can.

            So, like any other bully, they take out their frustration on anyone unfortunate — and weak — enough to come under their sway.

            Only cowards and tyrants silence dissent.

    • EncinitasBruin

      An organization is like a living organism. As for BruinsNation, that organism COULD be a vibrant, central exchange for UCLA football and basketball fans. Instead, the heart of that blog is diseased. Doesn’t matter if the majority of the body (the well-meaning, devoted fans on BN) are reasonable, fair-minded fans. The organization has a diseased heart, which makes the entire thing ill.

      • Every regular still at BruinsNation either agrees with the little emperor and his sycophants or lacks the courage to defy them.

        • EncinitasBruin

          That’s a good point. I was banned for calling Tydides on his crap.

          • The last time (I think) I was banned, it was for telling Nestor and his henchmen to treat one of the older posters respectfully.

            They’re such Trojans.

            (No offense, Joe Blow.)

  • jameskatt

    I’m happy to have found Inside UCLA years ago.

    Bruinsnation is a cancer. It should have been destroyed years ago but it continues to fester. It is the most anti-UCLA site on earth. Even USC sites are more respectful of UCLA than Bruinsnation.

    On another topic:

    I hope our team has enough offensive front linemen to protect and block in order for UCLA to compete in the Sun Bowl. I hope Jordan James can run well. I’ve been to the last several of them and I want to see UCLA break through and finally win one.

    Myles Jack has to be on defense. He brings energy and talent and athleticism. With him missing, the defense becomes vulnerable.

    If Myles Jack is the running back, they have to bring in the other defensive linemen as blockers so UCLA can play smashmouth football like Stanford.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Well said. This is especially true since the other half-decent posting site, ESPN, teamed with FaceBook for posting comments–a buggy, inefficient mess. Of course I want to beat SC, but if we can finish 1-1, ending the season 9-4 with a bowl win, I’d call that a successful season. With nearly 20 freshman playing signifcant roles, and if Hundley returns, I would think we’d open the season ranked in the top 15, if not the top 10.

  • OCBrewin

    PAC-12 needs to re-think their bowls. Location matters. Alamo Bowl, Sun Bowl and NM Bowl are weak. It would be great to have a Bowl in AZ, OR, or WA before NM or El Paso. No wonder they say we don’t travel well…I’d go somewhere with a pulse, but traveling to those towns…no thanks. We need to beat South Central and have ASU lose…c’mon holiday bowl!

    • Joe Blow

      The Holiday Bowl doesn’t want you. You don’t travel. Either no interest or too cheap. Trust me, they don’t want ucla.

      • OCBrewin

        Joe Blow, the holiday bowl does not want you and SC’s arrogant fan base…who think they are too good to attend 2nd tier bowl games. SC’s most recent Bowl game’s attendance was:
        – 2009 Emerald Bowl 40K
        – 2012 SUN 47K (L 7-21 to GA Tech)

        UCLA’s 2012 Holiday Bowl had 55,507. Of those 55K most were Bruins…

        • Joe Blow

          The crowd sure as heck wasn’t full of Bruins fans. And by the way what was the outcome of that game? I can assure you the Holiday Bowl does not want UCLA and would take SC in a heartbeat. Just have someone on the committee. I have.

  • Joe Blow

    Salvage? Dude, with all the yapping about NC contention, winning the South Division, PAC 12 Champs, BCS Bowl, I mean come on. This season is down the toilet. Back to the drawing board.

    • OCBrewin

      hahaha Joe Blow, you trojans are hilarious, beat 1 good team in 2 years and you think you are in the national conversation…pfff What a fine icon of all things SC you have become…just perfect!

      • Joe Blow

        I’ve never said we were. It’s YOU that’s popping off about the NEW ucla football program. We stink this year, know it and yet you want to use that as your FB standard. That’s why you’ll always be second rate.
        Admit it.

        • EncinitasBruin

          Nice try, Hamilton. You know SC doesn’t stink this year since EO took over. The Trojans have won five in a row, including an upset of the then- #4 team in the nation. What will your excuse be if you lose this Saturday? “I knew we would lose, but UCLA still thinks they are an NC-caliber team”? What do you believe in, Hamilton?

          • Joe Blow

            Don’t try to get out of this one. You’ve been popping off all year about Barr and Hundley. A top 15 program going down the toilet. You have a better quarterback, running back (Jack), DBs, coach. All you’re trying to set up an excuse if you lose. Yeah right, a top 15 program all year versus non-ranked opponent an YOU’RE underdog. Laughable. And don’t give me the coach O BS. You’re just looking for an excuse.

    • The team did not reach its stated goals — of course, that’s disappointing — but that does not mean that the team or the season are disappointments.

      The Bruins are young, and they make mistakes, but unlike past years, they’re always improving and playing with heart.

      Can’t help but be proud of that.

      • Joe Blow

        Right. The good old college try! Laughable.

  • Fred Sampson

    All of you UCLA Fans should thank your lucky stars that Coach Jim Mora is building that Team the right way. He has committed to bringing in the physical type of players to control that line of scrimmage from both sides of the ball, which will eventually lead to championship type of play. There is no such thing as waving a magic wand and making your team competitive , it takes a few years to bring in players and develop them. UCLA has been soft the last decade or so but I truly believe they are going in the right direction. I’m a USC Fan but I know a winner when I see one…. Fight On SC !!!

    • EncinitasBruin

      Thanks, Fred. I always appreciate reading your posts–either here or on Wolf’s blog. I completely agree–and as a native Angeleno who has the classic split in my family (half SC, half UCLA), I love this rivalry, and respect SC. Just looking for a classic game a la the 1990 Marinovich-Maddox contest. Go Bruins!