• drakejr

    UCLA was better on both sides of the ball and on the sidelines. The difference between the UCLA/ASU game and the USC/UCLA game is clear. In one game a team won. In the other, a team was clearly superior.

    • BigUglyLlama

      Well said, drakejr. An astute analysis.

    • UCLA played only one half against ASU, and that was like tonight.

      Great win.

      • maze949

        You’re not too much for the grey matter, huh?

        • (That’s ironic.)

          UCLA didn’t show up for the first half against ASU, but they dominated the second half of that game.

          UCLA dominated also tonight.

          Surely even you can do that math.

          Don’t be such a Trojan.

  • OCBrewin


  • bruinjoe

    Mora is a smart, hard worker. He works even in victory. That was definitely a recruiting video right after admonishing a bitter rival

  • WhereJoeGo?

    What, no Joe Blow tonight?

    • ProbationU

      Joe’s chilling in his mobile home in El Segundo telling himself it doesn’t really matter because SC isn’t any good. He is a little schizo..one minute bragging about being ahead in the standings and when we beat them by 21…it doesn’t mean anything. At least he has basketball to look forward to.

  • john wolcott

    No doubt, SUCLA deserved the victory. That Barr and Marsh on the ends were too much for SC’s tackles to handle, causing havoc with the Trojans’ rhythm. And of course Hundley’s running ability on about 8 or 10 occasions resulted in first downs or touchdowns.

    Just too much to overcome

    But,alas, both teams are destined for third rate bowls, so it might have been a big deal to the 1% of L.A. people who give a hoot, but on a national level, it means jack diddly.

    • It should help in recruiting, and that kind of success builds on itself.