Notes and quotes: UCLA claims L.A. with 35-14 win

A roundup of the coverage in Sunday’s edition of the L.A. Daily News:
— UCLA’s 35-14 win over the Trojans gave the team rightful claim to the city, at least for another year.
— Brett Hundley had his way with USC’s defense. Will he come back to do so again?
— The Bruins’ defense held the Trojans to 314 yards, the lowest output of any UCLA opponent this season.
— The loss takes pressure off USC athletic director Pat Haden to hire interim coach Ed Orgeron.
— Columnist Tom Hoffarth shares the story of his old USC jacket, a gift long lost.

Some thoughts from the victory:

— Might as well start with some quick “we run L.A.” quotes …

— Jim Mora is clearly moving UCLA along the right path. The Bruins navigated a tougher schedule in Year Two and matched last year’s 9-3 regular-season record. They didn’t lose any games they truly deserved to win, and had a shot at beating both Arizona State and Stanford. The team couldn’t repeat as Pac-12 South champion, but the division is also much better than it’s ever been.

— Mora moved to 16-0 at UCLA when leading at halftime.

— He also became just the second coach to start his UCLA tenure 2-0 against USC. No one has ever started 3-0, and only two coaches have even finished with winning records in the rivalry: Henry “Red” Sanders (6-3), and Terry Donahue (10-9-1).

— Mora made a clear pitch to recruits after the game:

He and the staff will hit the trail all next week, and the win over USC will only help them pitch the program to top prospects.

“There’s rules where we can’t to these guys, and they’re all standing outside the locker room wanting to talk,” offensive line coach Adrian Klemm said. “That’s an exciting thing. … Hopefully, this gives us a little bit of momentum going into it.”

— The offensive line played surprisingly well after right tackle Caleb Benenoch was ejected for throwing a punch early in the game. Even Klemm sounded surprised as to how ably Ben Wysocki filled in. Normally practicing at guard, the redshirt sophomore hasn’t gotten many reps this season, and looked a guy that might transfer out once all the true freshmen come off their redshirt years.

Behind a line that likely had USC’s defensive front drooling, Brett Hundley took just two sacks.

— That said, the Trojans’ inability to adjust their gameplan was stunning. A defense that entered the game second in the Pac-12 against the run (and the pass) did little to try and contain Hundley on the ground. The redshirt sophomore scrambled for 80 yards and a pair of touchdowns, rarely facing even a spy.

“We tried everything,” Orgeron said. “We tried what we called a push rush. We started blitzing and they started blitzing us. It seemed like everything we did, they countered.”

— Pac-12 officiating is usually bad both ways, but man, Anthony Barr sure does get held a lot. His three tackles for loss gave him 41.5 over two seasons at linebacker. Remarkably, he is just four shy of tying Carnell Lake — a three-year starter on defense — for the UCLA career record.

— Running backs Jordon James’ return from a lingering ankle injury helped the Bruins balance out their offense a little more. After missing six of the last seven games, the junior had 16 carries for 54 yards and two catches for 22 yards. Redshirt freshman Paul Perkins looked impressive with 34 rushing yards and a career-high 79 receiving yards.

Myles Jack was only called upon twice: his three-yard touchdown in the first quarter, and his one-yard loss on fourth down.

— Jack actually ended up with the same yards per carry (1.0) as defensive Eddie Vanderdoes, who scored on his first career carry.

— The 21-point margin of victory was UCLA’s largest over USC since a 45-20 win in 1970.

— UCLA’s most likely postseason destination is the Sun Bowl. This could change if Oregon manages to sneak back into a BCS bowl. At least one projection has the Ducks in the Orange Bowl. If that happens, and Arizona State makes it into the Rose Bowl, the Alamo Bowl may pass up Stanford’s poor travel crowds for UCLA. San Antonio has had reps at around half of the Bruins’ games this season, and passed out flyers again Saturday night.

But really, anyone set on watching one more game in person should start looking at flights to El Paso.

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  • LTEfan

    Jack, before the ASU game you wrote that you had a feeling UCLA would win one of its last two games. Then, you picked both ASU and USC to win. What changed your mind?

    • Jack Wang

      I started thinking too much about USC’s defense, which ended up not playing very well.

      • Instead of blaming USC’s defense — which beat Stanford and a lot of other teams — I’d credit UCLA’s offensive line, the play-calling, and Brett.

        A great effort all the way around.

    • facescar

      To be fair, that first half vs. ASU was incredibly disappointing.

      • jameskatt

        UCLA’s head was not in the game that first half.

  • EncinitasBruin

    Good morning, Bruin Nation. It’s GREAT to be a Bruin, isn’t it?! Can anyone say, “Blowout”!? Two in a row, first win in the Colli since ’97, domination of the line of scrimmage… Honestly, I did not think our patchwork line would be able to withhold SC’s talented front 7. I was envisioning 8-9 sacks on BH, lots of 3rd-and-6 situations, and a drown-out by the crowd. But Hundley, Marsh, Perkins, James, Jack, and especially our man, Barr, never gave the crown anything to cheer about. Man, watching our “Baby Bruin” OL push around SC’s NFL prospects made me so proud. UCLA wanted that game more: they had a better game plan (Mora clearly outcoached Coach O); we had more and better athletes–it’s been a long time since you could say that (1998); and other than the stupid personal fouls at the beginning (i.e. Bennenoch), we made zero mental errors (zero turnovers). Also, Ishmael Adams is going to be A LOT of fun to watch over the next three years. Finally, does anyone know what Hundley said to Mora right after the game when Mora said, “you’re coming back next year, right?” Go Bruins – going for win #10 in our Bowl Game!

    • jameskatt

      Brett Hundley should come back. He needs more seasoning and experience to be a great quarterback. Otherwise, he may end up wasting his career on the bench or off the NFL.

      Currently, he is the 7th best quarterback in college. He is projected to get drafter in the late 2nd or 3rd round. He won’t have leverage to get a large signing bonus – where most players get their money.

      1. Brett doesn’t have the field vision that the top quarterbacks have.
      2. Brett doesn’t have the quickness in reaction time that only comes from experience and practice
      3. Brett gets overwhelmed under pressure of blitzes.
      4. He needs a lot of help from the coaches to determine the play to call.

      Brett’s slowness will be punished in the NFL. The speed is at a much higher level. And the physical punishment is at a higher level. Currently, he would be like Tim Tebow on the field.

      Brett is not an Andrew Luck. The college quarterbacks ahead of him all are much quicker in reaction times since they are much better seasoned than Brett.

      If he flames out, at least make money. Alex Smith flamed out as quarterback but at least he made 20 Million in his signing bonus which he gets to keep in the bank.

      • Joe Blow

        You better pray he comes back. Without him, ucla won’t even go to any bowl.

        • maze949

          Cheat on, B*tch! UCLA flag flying extra high in Newport Coast right now. Are you still looking for work, btw?

          • Joe Blow

            I KNOW you’re really 909 and all you have is lousy ucla football. Enjoy beating a team that’s been down and still wining as many games as you clowns with the tide against us. You’ll never win a NC.

        • jameskatt

          If Brett leaves, then his roommate can easily take over.

          Asiantii Woulard is the top quarterback at the Elite 11 in 2012. He is the nation’s top dual-threat quarterback recruit in 2013. He looks like a clone of Brett Hundley but is quicker. Hundley has been mentoring him.

      • Brett gets overwhelmed under pressure of blitzes.

        Last year, that was inexperience. This year, it was more likely due to an often-porous offensive front.

        He needs a lot of help from the coaches to determine the play to call.

        Who calls the plays?

    • Joe Blow

      1. South Div. Champs? Not this year
      2. Pac 12 Champs? No
      3. BCS Bowl Game? No
      4. Rose Bowl? No
      5. S h ! t Bowl? Yes
      6. L.A. Champs? Yes
      7. Beat a so-so SC Squad? Yes.
      6. In the National discussion? N

      Wow. What a great football program. BFD.

      • Marc


      • Brewins

        Hahahahahah, sucks to suck Joe! Make that two straight big guy!

        • Joe Blow

          Good luck in the NC game with your Heisman QB and Butkus LB. ROFLMAO

          • Stu Azole

            Love this argument. UCLA sucks? How does it feel to lose to a team that bad, 2 years running? Bwahahahahaha!

          • Joe Blow

            You had the Heisman, Butkus and COY. Disaster for ucla. hahahahahahahahahahaha

          • (They certainly looked like all that against ‘SC.)

          • Joe Blow

            Of course, we have a so so team. BFD.

      • Idaho

        Gotta hand it to you Joe. You keep swinging…SC will improve as the scholies return. Until then keep trying, it’s fun to watch…maybe SC gets Fresno in Vegas, a fun trip and if SC shows up this year a very winnable game to end the season. Get your bus ticket.

        • ProbationU

          Yep…SC has a great history against Fresno! Vegas will be full of Fresno State fans….SC fans won’t go to Vegas for a lower tier game that they could easily lose.

        • Joe Blow

          I won’t be going. Waste of time. You and almost all your fans won’t be going either. You know… costs money.

        • Cheap seats

          SC fan here and I have to admit that there are deeper issues: some from sanctions and some from mismanagement of talent from Kiffin.

          Unless Max Browne ends up lighting it up next year, it will likely get worse before it gets better.

          For you guys, everyone forgets it was a FG away from OT and a possible Rose Bowl berth. I still think there was a big leadership void left from Franklin and Fauria leaving.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            I agree with cheap seats, especially about Franklin. He made a lot of games easier for Hundley and the rest of the offense last season and Fauria was a red zone monster. My opinion of UCLA 2013…last years offense was better, this year the defense is better. If #17 stays they could be very good in 2014.

            The talent at SC is down but it is still a destination program for a lot of high school stars. If they can get Peterson to leave Boise they will be on their way…Del Rio would be a great hire as well.

          • Cheap seats

            People forget how DURABLE Franklin was. Not until you saw James, Thigpen, etc go down almost every week did people realize how much he was taken for granted! I thought the by committee approach would hold up at RB, but you saw some of the protection issues it also caused.

            With a better D, it’s almost a wash with last year. However, with the tougher schedule and the unexpected rise ASU experienced, being “good as last year” wasn’t good enough.

            The bad news for UCLA and other pac-12 south teams is that ASU looks to be even better next year.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            If UCLA gets Hundley to come back, stays healthy up front and at RB and gets a WR to be a stud (Fuller?) they can compete, the D should be real good even with some players moving on…Doesn’t ASU lose a lot of the D??

          • Cheap seats

            They lose Will Sutton, which is huge. If Kelly and Co. stay another year in their system, I think they’ll be better.

      • Sour grapes are crimson and gold.

        • Joe Blow

          BTW, it’s Cardinal. Not sour grapes, just facts.

          • grave soul

            It’s actually ketchup and mustart around these parts.
            Don’t get it twisted.

          • Cardinal is a shade of crimson, but you’re right. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t obsess over your team colors.

            Must have been thinking of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts.

            I bet they’d beat USC too. 🙂

          • Cardinal is a shade of crimson, and both Nike and “The Official Store of USC Trojans Athletics” describe official products as “crimson.”

            But you’re right, “USC Cardinal” and “USC Gold” are the official names.

          • Joe Blow

            Bye bye Mora!

      • jameskatt

        Nestor, your lack of enthusiasm for UCLA fits your picture.

    • Cheap seats

      I know you enjoyed this one, EB. 🙂

      I was at the game and have to admit the hoopla in the beginning felt like it was going to be a hard fought game. We even had McGinnest lead us out of the tunnel. Eventually, I felt the wind come out of our sails and it had the feel of a “pride only” game, especially when compared to the energy during the Stanford game. On the other hand, UCLA played with a sense of purpose in all phases of the game/.

      I haven’t seen that many empty seats in a rivalry game in my life. I’m thinking the Thanksgiving holiday and lack of the winner advancing to something meaningful had everything to do with it?

      Even prior to the game, I knew Mazzone’s offense was bad news for the overaggressive defense where Pendergast sometimes has zero coverage over the top and every DB is man-on-man. Mazzone’s spread makes you defend the swing and it prevents the D from ganging up against the inside run. USC’s D has done well against power teams like Stanford and ND while struggling against ASU. Hundley looked like Vince Young on his scrambles and I asked the Bruin fan next to me, “Where was that last week?”

      I agree Mora “out coached” Ogeron, but as mentioned above, the schemes on our D is not well suited for Mazzone’s. We also had many match ups not going in our favor and Hundley seemed to find whoever Seymor was covering.

      In his PC, Coach O talked about “trying everything” to stop the QB draw from the push rush and not blitzing. Funny he didn’t mention putting a spy on BH like Cravens or an extra safety (which we don’t have due to depth issues.)

      Overall, a butt kicking to my boys in every facet of the game. I knew of the disadvantages mentioned above going into the game, but was hoping for a couple of turnovers, special teams break, and the usual UCLA penalties, but NONE of those came.

      • EncinitasBruin

        Great take, as usual, CS. I think that was UCLA’s best performance of the year, from the opening whistle to the final second–quarter by quarter. Not sure if the Broncos OL could have stopped Barr and Marsh. Also, I’ve watched most of SC’s games, and think they reverted back to Kiffin-level performance. It was odd.

        So what are your thoughts on the Sark hire? If CEO stays on, you could have a decent combo there… Sark took a terrible UW program and made it respectable again, but didn’t have dazzling success. Was a bit surprised Franklin wasn’t in the pic…

        • Cheap seats

          I don’t like it. I was looking more for a guy who would bring back POWER football to USC like Coach O did.

          If you’ve read my posts over on the other board, I’ve kept my stance on the spread offense. If USC is able to recruit the best talent, I truly believe a pro-style offense is the way to go.

          Sarkisian ran almost a pure spread offense at Washington. This conflicts with bragging to recruits that “we give you the best chance to play in the NFL” line that we’ve been giving for decades. You don’t have to look any further than Oregon to see their list of NFL flops who lit it up in the NCAA.

          In Mora’s case, it’s different. He’s a DEFENSIVE guy who hired a spread offense guy. I’d rather have that arrangement over the vice-versa.

          • EncinitasBruin

            Good point on spread O’s. USC is stocked with classic pocket passers in Kessler, Browne, and Wittek. Do you see any of these guys stepping into a spread O if that’s what CSS implements? Kessler is not exactly fleet of foot, but I haven’t seen Browne or how he moves.

            Insightful take on Oregon. As I’ve said a few times, Oregon is “new money:” Flashy, loud, over-celebrating good but not great success.

            Inevitably, UW will approach Mora. I highly doubt, however, that he is going anywhere.

  • jameskatt

    I wouldn’t buy tickets early until UCLA’s bowl destination is set. Last year I bought Alamo Bowl tickets but UCLA was sent instead to the best forgotten Holiday Bowl. I had to sell the Alamo Bowl tickets through stub hub.

    • Joe Blow

      ucla will not play in any bowl worth a darn. Don’t travel and fans are cheap

      • Brewins

        Hahahaha Joe Blow, hope your day is going well after that whooping, you should have nothing to say but you keep showing how ignorant you are by running your mouth further. For the second straight year, you’re the second best football team in LA!

        • Joe Blow

          Dude, you keep making a fool of your self. Your team won a game. You did zip in the South Div, zip in the Pac 12 and not going to a BCS bowl. And your happy? Raise the bar man..

          • Marc

            C’mon, let me buy you a beer for your troubles.

            We can have a couple of laughs and…

          • Joe Blow

            It’d probably be a discount beer.

          • Marc


            Wouldn’t do high class with a classless troGan.

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

            Your profile pic is perfect for you, btw.

            Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • bruinbiochem06

        Better than SUCs Bowl. Lol

        • Joe Blow

          Are you really serious? Do you think SC cares about going to a lousy bowl? There’s #1 and then there’s the rest. Once you get there, which you won’t, you’ll understand. Say what you want, yesterday meant nothing……to SC.

          • bruinbiochem06

            Of course yesterday meant nothing to SUC now that they lost… LOL Bailey was quoted saying he had this game circled before the season started. You keep trying to down-play the loss but we all know it’s tearing you up inside. You keep saying another down year for SUC. Well, get used to it, next year will be worse.

          • Joe Blow

            You’re full of it. To you losers, beating SC is EVERYTHING. I could care less. If we aren’t in a BCS game, it means zip. Next year may be worse. But keep this in mind, when fucla dominated in the 90’s, no NC, no nothing. When we dominated in the 2000’s, TWO national titles (yes, AP, but better than NONE like you). You’re happy beating SC. Beating you dogs means very little if we aren’t in the national conversation.

          • I could care less.

            Thanks for admitting it, finally.

          • Joe Blow

            Goodbye Mora.

          • LTEfan

            JB — how sad that your coaching hire brings hope only in that UW may interview UCLA’s coach…my how the mighty have fallen

          • Joe Blow

            Since your program has never been mighty, how would you know? UW may not even WANT Mora. Afterall, it was MORA that said UW would be his dream job.

          • LTEfan

            JB — and now you have 0 BCS titles (no, the AP poll doesn’t count in the BCS title era, your school signed up for that system)

          • Joe Blow

            Are you telling me that if ucla won an AP championship in F B that you wouldn’t count it? Come on.

          • LTEfan

            JB — rivalry games always matter, that is why they are such

          • The lady protests too much.

          • Joe Blow

            It doesn’t.

          • BearDown

            Meant nothing. Now the whole Trogan army is talking HC will be announced by the end of the week. Sounds like scared boosters to me.. And sorry Coach O you good but not that good here is some $$$ so PLEASE dont leave..

          • Joe Blow


  • Marc

    TroGans are mad. ROFL.

    They are all over the Internet crying, whining, and justifying.

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    • Joe Blow

      Some probably are. Me? I knew we ere so-so. You? Your not smart enough to know ucla is just a mediocre program that beat a lousy SC team. Simple. When you win a NC, Heisman, Butkus, etc., give me a call. Until then, hahahahahahahahaha

      • Marc

        Um, what your attempting to do is called “moving the goalposts”.

        We Bruins know that there’s a lot still to do to get to the mountain top; what happened last night is another step in that direction.

        By soundly beating a 9-win u$c team in their home helps to solidify UCLA as THE destination for the top recruits to come play. It also acts as a display of u$c’s continued fall…

        UCLA is on their way to NC discussion, that’s for sure. And, they are doing it in such a way that the NCAA won’t come and take it back a few years later (cough, cough).

        As JT sings so well: Cry me a river….

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • Joe Blow

          ucla hasn’t been in that discussion since 1954. You guys clown yourselves. Win something big, then talk. You’ve done nothing. And yes, we were a 9 win so so squad. I can see why you’re all so happy, having such low goals.

          • There’s never been a national champion in college football, and until there’s a (real) playoff, there won’t be.

            Anyway, blowing out your rival is always a good thing.

          • Joe Blow

            Boring. 1/2 in 54.

      • Stu Azole

        There you go again, pretending SCs accomplishments from a decade ago matter today. Call me when you, joe blow, win something! But until then, WE OWN THIS TOWN!

        • Joe Blow

          Oh Boy! Wow. Way to go. Good luck in the NC game…..oh, sorry, you’re in as lousy of a bowl as SC is. BTW, when you want to see my NC ring, give ME a call.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            Joe- You don’t have a NC ring. Those are given to the guys that are part of the team. Please stop lying, you look pitiful.

          • Joe Blow

            Wanna bet? Put yor money in Escrow and I’ll meet you anywhere anytime.

          • disqus_9O1vSTuIcw

            Yes. I do want to bet.

          • Joe Blow

            How much? And who will you put the money with?

  • Sam C

    Always good to celebrate a win over our dreaded cross town rival. Hopefully we will be able to build on this and have an even better year next year and take it to the next level by contending for one of the bcs bowl berths. Go Bruins!!!!!

    • Joe Blow

      Sure, a NC on the horizon. Hahahahahaha.

      • USC had an NC* last night.

        (*No Contest.)

        • Joe Blow

          Don’t you feel foolish bragging about beating a lousy team?

          • drakejr

            Don’t you feel foolish being a troll on behalf of a lousy team?

            Just kidding. Nobody expects that much from you. Shame is an emotion of a person with self respect. The sad fact is nobody expects anything worthwhile from you.

            People on this board comment back to you as a mere aspect of their humanity. You comment on this board as a failure of humanity. You mock SC as a so-so team, but you barely even rank as human and we all think that is a great loss to humanity that you do so.

          • Joe Blow

            You bore me. Got to go, you wife is here.

          • OCBrewin

            TJ Slimers…err, joe blow, we own LA!

          • Joe Blow

            Whoooooo. BFD. NC? No Heisman? No Butkus? No

            Whoopie. We beat a so so SC team. Whoopie.

          • USC is not “lousy.” Bad teams don’t beat good Stanford teams.

            You’re trying to minimize the pain of this loss, which is understandable.

          • Joe Blow

            Boring. Not everyone hurts like you do with a poor program

          • (That’s a non sequitur. And it’s not even clever.)

      • It was certainly a “No Contest” last night.

  • Mark

    I think the next goal on the horizon for Larry Scott and the PAC 10 is to get better bowl tie ins. He should go and manufacture a PAC 10 – SEC game and play it at the 49ers new stadium.

    • maze949

      It’s the Pac-12, idiot.

  • LOVE how the crotch kicked trOXans now trying to say they sucked anyway, so who cares??

    Well, care!! They know very well they are now a running joke in Baseball and Basketball and serial chokers in football!!!

    Even Scott wolf agreed the athletic dept is at an all time low!!

    Haden for LIFE!!!

  • bruinray97

    Great game plan by the coaching staff, and solid execution by the young Bruins. It was a great night for all UCLA fans. GO BRUINS!

  • LTEfan

    Question for the trOJan fans — do you feel that UCLA did you and Haden a favor by beating Orgeron?

  • john wolcott

    I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Trojan who can recognize a game that
    could not be won by SC given that Barr and Marsh controlled the line of scrimmage, and Hundley’s runs could not be contained.

    My only hope is that Hundley turns pro so that SC has a better chance next year. The smart money says that is what he will do

  • “They didn’t lose any games they truly deserved to win, and had a shot at beating both Arizona State and Stanford.”

    And that was while playing eighteen freshmen, including two and then three on the offensive line.

    Anthony Barr sure does get held a lot.

    I’ve been noticing that also, and it goes a long way toward explaining some of his “quieter” games recently.

    • drakejr

      “held”, tackled, what’s the difference? No, seriously, the pac-12 refs don’t know.

  • CaliGrown

    JB get off our Bruin board already. Y’all lost to your rival and will probably lose even worse next season. Deal with it! While UCLA is on it’s way up in talent, recruiting, & success y’all are stuck in no where land and have a declining program. So keep on truckin around here man there’s nothing you can say that’s worth anything other then just running your sorry mouth. GO BRUINS’

  • Jacob Ramir

    We got a very young team who is on the rise! Were no where near the top. CJM will make another huge step with the team next year, watch! I know for certain that we will win a NC before SUC wins one again! That place is turning into a dump again. Just like the90s before Chete Carroll. Weve won 11 of 21! 8 Straight, Blow this Joe!