UCLA fires running backs coach Steve Broussard

UCLA has fired running backs coach Steve Broussard. The news was first reported by Bruin Report Online.

The 46-year-old was a wide receivers coach at Arizona State for two seasons before joining Jim Mora in Westwood in December 2011. He also worked at Portland State and various Southern California high schools following a nine-year NFL career.

With Broussard, the Bruins had only landed one running back in the last two recruiting cycles. Four-star tailback Craig Lee redshirted the 2013 season, while 2012 signee Fabian Moreau converted from running back to cornerback soon after arriving on campus.

“We appreciate the contributions Steve made to the UCLA football program the past two years and wish him much success in the future,” Mora said in a statement.

The Bruins are taking an in-home visit with five-star running back Joe Mixon today.

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  • inhonorofpooh

    Nice timely reporting. This is appreciated from a reporter for the best team in LA.

  • LTEfan

    Who are running back recruits like Mixon being told will be their position coach?

    • Jack Wang

      DeShaun Foster has been assisting with the RBs. Not official, but prob has the best shot at being the in-house hire.

      • LTEfan

        Makes sense, thanks Jack.

  • NonAlumBruin

    Please remind me which coaches are the excellent recruiters and how Steve Broussard ranked in that aspect

    • LTEfan

      Adrian Klemm and Demetrice Martin are the best.

      • Joe Blow

        “D” is the best!

  • Bruin 34

    DeShaun was a beast and I wouldn’t have a problem with him taking over. Did Mora give a reason for letting him go Jack? What do you think our chances with Nixon are at this point?

  • Mark

    Why? Can’t blame him for the injuries At RB this season.

    • facescar

      It’s more the recruiting front than the coaching. Seems like he’s done a good job coaching.

      UCLA also has a capable replacement, so I guess that made it easier.

  • BruinInSeattle

    why? what did he do (or not do)?

    • Jack Wang

      Just one RB recruit (Craig Lee) over two classes.

      • BruinInSeattle

        thanks for the quick reply. makes sense, but sad. how was he as a coach, or did it matter if he couldnt recruit?

  • EncinitasBruin

    Wish the best to Mr. Broussard. Would like to know the real story, here. My question is the same as non-alumbruin’s below: what part did Broussard play in recruiting?

    • Joe Blow

      I give the real reason: Mora is an _ _ _ hole.

      • maze949

        I wouldn’t like him either, if he kicked my teams’ a*s TWO years in a row. Whine on, loser! bwahahahaha

        • Joe Blow

          That has nothing to do with it. The guy is a jerk, win or lose. Wait til he lays a turd on ucla and goes to UW

  • Bruined

    Bruined, Lets go get Gary Campbell from Oregon. He is UCLA Alum and the best rushing offense in pac 12, reach out to our own, no disrespect Deshaun.

  • OCBrewin

    As @BruinReport first reported, UCLA has hired Kennedy Polamalu. Coached Reggie Bush, LenDale White, et al. Fired by Lane Kiffin in Feb…all coming together maestro Mora