Hundley ‘not concerned’ about potential Jim Mora departure

Echoing earlier comments from his teammates, UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley said today that he isn’t worried about coach Jim Mora potentially going to Washington.

“I’m not concerned at all, to be honest,” he told sports radio host Jim Rome. “I haven’t really heard too much. Obviously, there’s so much talk about it right now. But I’m not concerned about it at all. I know Coach Mora. I love him to death. Obviously, he loves UCLA. He loves the players. We love him. We’re not really worried or anything like that about him leaving.”

Of course, it would have been surprising if Hundley or other Bruins had said otherwise, but they at least backed up the tone Mora set with his post-USC press conference. Earlier reports that Mora was in Seattle were unfounded.

The redshirt sophomore also added during the interview that, while he remains noncommittal about declaring for the 2014 NFL draft, the departure of his head coach would affect his decision.

“That would be a pretty big change of things,” Hundley said. said. “That’d be one of the things that would for sure come up in the decision about staying or leaving. It would affect it, but we still have to sit down and think about what’s everything instead of focusing on that.”

You can listen to the full eight-minute interview here. The quoted segments above start at around 5:45.

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  • sam

    Why are you, the UCLA beat reporter, pulling initial reactions to a possibly game-changing decision from one of our two star players from an interview with Jim Rome? It just seems like you do the absolute least to get by in this job. We all miss Dohn.

    • The Capper

      He has to reference Jim Rome’s interview because nobody talks to Daily News reporters.

    • LTEfan

      Maybe conveying your concerns to Jack in a nicer manner would be more effective?

      • sam

        It’s a job. Do you always need people to hold your hand when you are performing at the absolute minimum at your place of employment? I’m not the one who sent in Jack’s application for this position – he did. I am merely frustrated that this blog, which used to be the go-to for up to date and accurate sources vis-a-vis UCLA sports, is being treated as an afterthought.

        • BruinInSeattle

          that’s a load of b.s.

          • sam

            Agree to disagree.

          • BruinInSeattle


          • LTEfan

            We agree that you presented your concerns disagreeably.

          • sam

            Thank you for your input.

          • JPKB

            I agree that Sam could and probably should have conveyed his concerns more delicately but the quality (quantity and content) of this blog has steadily declined since Brian Dohn’s departure. He was the gold standard (no pun intended) and was exceptional. I don’t think it’s fair to expect that level of reporting here again but there is certainly room for improvement if we are using Dohn as the measuring stick.

        • Go back to the homepage.

          There’s an update.

      • BruinInSeattle

        maybe he’s trying to turn this blog into something more like the insidesocal/usc site with all the foaming at the mouth the trogan faithful spew at wolfe.

    • BruinInSeattle

      i used to be skeptical about Jack when he first started, especially since he’s a Cal Bear, but since then he has proven himself. Also, he keeps things up to the minute. As for referencing other media and pundits, what day and age are you living in? It’s standard now. At least he credits his sources. If he didn’t do that, that would be something. Lastly, it’s not Wang’s fault that Dohn left…he was probably just sick of all the complainers like you. Sorry, I should have said that more nicely, but I didn’t feel like holding your hand.

      • Guest

        As a post scrip, I appreciate that Jack and spell and write solid sentences, unlike the guy he replaced, who I liked (appreciated his enthusiasm) but whose use of the language was a bit sub-par

      • BruinInSeattle

        I also appreciate that Jack writes well and, importantly, can spell. Loved the enthusiasm for the job of the guy Wang replaced, but that guy had serious issues with his copy.

    • Lifelong Bruin Fan

      Sam, do you actually follow this blog regularly? Judging by your comments, I assume you do not. Jack does a stellar job–he is humble when criticism is directed toward him, responds promptly to questions, and has written some really great stories including ones recently on Patrick Larimore and Thomas Duarte. I’ve been here since Dohn and Gold were manning this blog and I think Jack is doing as fine a job as either, and I believe he is continuing to improve.

      Keep up the good work, Jack!

    • anno nimus

      Sam, shut up.

  • The Capper

    Translation: “I don’t care if Mora leaves or not because I’m going to be answering to an NFL coach next year.”

    • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

      Joey, your wishes just keep turning to ash, don’t they? Your PB&J awaits, then it’s a change of your Pull-Up and off to nappies for you.

  • kiriba08

    Should be interesting for the next 1-2 weeks. I’m sure this will be resolved by then. If Mora is allowed to walk, Dan G should dust off his resume!

  • BruinInSeattle

    Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS10m
    BREAKING Jim Mora will the remain the head coach at #UCLA, source told CBS. #Washington

    • BruinInSeattle

      This i read on Wang’s twitter feed. Hopefully there will be some official back up to this tweet soon.

  • 92104bruinfan

    Mora reportedly staying put in Westwood is not only huge for the program long term but likely short term as far as chances of Hundley staying for his junior year. With Mariota announcing he’s returning for his junior campaign at Oregon, one less QB in the 2014 NFL draft with a similar skill set might tempt Hundley. However, a host of returning starters, Mora staying, favorable 2014 home schedule, and a potential Heisman duel in the Pac 12 hopefully will be enough to have BH stay at UCLA. Go Bruins!