Weekly Q&A — 12/5/13 Answers

Q: News on offensive line coach Adrian Klemm? Worst secret in town is that Sark is chucking a lot of money at him to bring him over as a Trojan assistant…

A: I think we can let Klemm answer that:

I don’t expect any other staff departures at this point.

Q: Do you know how much has been pledged on to the new football facility at this point and when it is planned to begin?

A: There isn’t a planned date of construction yet, but the school has $28 million in cash/pledges. I don’t know the cash-to-pledge breakdown, however.

Q: What is the deadline for underclassman to declare for the NFL draft, and what is your opinion as to whether Xavier Su’a-Filo or Brett Hundley will do so?

A: The deadline is Jan. 15. I still think both will stay, but Su’a-Filo is definitely NFL ready at this point. He could still bump his stock just by getting one more full year at guard. Hundley should come back, though a someone will surely pick him based on upside. Marcus Mariota’s decision to stay at Oregon also lightens the quarterback crop a bit.

Q: Do you think UCLA is way favorite in the Pac-12 South if Brett Hundley and the coaching staff stays?

A: Not sure about “way” favorite, but the Bruins will have the edge. Arizona State loses too many defensive starters, including tackle Will Sutton — the two-time Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year. The Sun Devils also lose do-it-all back Marion Grice on offense.

Q: What percentage chance that Joe Mixon comes to UCLA? If Mixon doesn’t come to UCLA, does Kennedy Polamalu get fired?

A: UCLA got in the five-star back’s top four (along with Cal, Wisconsin and Oklahoma), and has a good shot at winning out. And no, the new running back coach’s job doesn’t hinge on one recruit.

Q: Can you give us a comparison of Hundley and Asiantii Woulard? Where are their games similar? Who has a better arm? Obviously, Hundley has a ton more experience but would you say Woulard’s close to ready to take over in case Hundley leaves next year?

A: Woulard has a bigger frame and maybe a stronger arm, but doesn’t have great feel for the game at this point. Pocket presence is still an issue. I’m not sure how you’re defining readiness, but the dropoff would likely still be significant if Hundley leaves — unless Woulard makes some serious strides through spring and fall camp. That’s not out of the question.

Q: What are our chances with newly offered QB Luke Rubenzer? I just seen his tape and he looks like a legit sleeper. Reminds me of Taylor Martinez.

A: He said he’s solid to Cal, so it might be too late. The Bears were the first Pac-12 school to offer him.

Q: Is there any substance to the rumors of Chris Petersen to UW? That would be a poetic rebuke to SC …and add another great coach to the Pac-12.

A: He’s interviewing on Friday, so there’s definitely substance. He’s from NorCal and coached at Portland State, so maybe the Pacific Northwest allure is what it takes to finally draw him out of Boise State. I’d still bet on him staying put, though. (UPDATE: Petersen is going to UW, which makes the Sark hire that much more underwhelming by comparison. CBS Sports’ Bruce Feldman covers the implications well here.)

Q: What’s your feeling on the name Kabam Field @ California Memorial Stadium? Founders are Cal grads but interesting name…

A: Meh, it could be worse. My first thought was this old Lonely Island video. I’m far more offended by how faulty the stadium financing plan was to begin with.

Q: Give us your honest preference: baked cha siu bao or pork siu mai.

A: I’d take steamed cha siu bao over either. But my favorite dim sum dish since I was little has been lo bak gao.

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  • LTEfan

    Next try, Haden and Sark?

    • drakejr

      Nope. The Sark hire is turning into a massive faceplant for USC from a public perception perspective. Sark will have to work pretty damn hard to prove himself to be a worthy hire in light of this mess.

      • LTEfan

        Do you know what is happening with UW’s Wilcox and Lupoi? Is USC buying them out for Sark’s USC staff or are they staying at UW now? If Petersen keeps them, that would be another layer of failure for USC.

    • (On a side note: What does UW have that neither UCLA nor USC have?)

      • LTEfan

        new, on-campus stadium

  • commentar

    lo bak gao goes great with red chili sauce.

    • Jack Wang

      I usually go to Sea Harbour Seafood, and they have an option where it’s pan-fried with XO sauce.

      • foodBruin

        yea, SH Seafood–ate some excellent shrimp har gow and cha siu sou on last visit. they’re the best!

  • Hogsman

    Great – now my mouth is watering. I’d take any or all of those dishes, along with some no mai gai and jook.

    • commentar

      Kinda funny this blog. With Gold, it was bbqs and sandwiches and great stops to eat at while he was covering UCLA. Weird to hear about Chinese food being talked about here.

      • Hogsman

        Mmmm, BBQ…you can stop now.

      • Jack Wang

        Hey, I love sandwiches and BBQ too! 🙂

        • facescar

          Off-season stories should all be about LA eateries 😀

      • BruinInSeattle

        by the end of Gold’s reign, it seem like that’s ALL he ever talked about.

        • drakejr

          He just really loved cheeseburgers. (too bad I can’t find a link to that video from my phone)

          • BruinInSeattle

            are you Ducky’s son?

    • Reformed Droog

      I heard Joe Blow goes for the cream of sum yung gai.

  • foodBruin

    Ahhh, lo bak gao. lbg > cs bao or psm

  • EncinitasBruin

    The greatest week for UCLA football in at least 15 years: Haden passes on Petersen, who ends up taking the vacated UW job so “7-Win Sark” can take the SC job. In the process, Sark’s departure from UW helps Mora leverage more $$ for himself and his assistants, allowing him to fend off SC’s attempt to hire away our excellent OL coach/recruiter Adrian Klemm. This, plus blowing out the Trojans in the Coliseum… all in 6 days?! Christmas has come early for Bruin Nation, my friends. Man, I’d love to be a fly on the wall in Haden’s office today…

    • bruinray97

      I agree 100%. Best week indeed. I haven’t stopped smiling since Saturday night. My wife thinks I’m up to something.LOL. All I need is for my Bruins to win their bowl game. GO BRUINS!

      • EncinitasBruin

        LOL. Bowl game plus BH return…

    • LTEfan

      Add in that USC’s maneuvers ended up putting the one elite coach into the UW job who might stay there for many years, rather than look to greener pastures. Petersen is not a climber, he is a nester. In other words, Mora’s “dream job” may be filled for a very long time. It sure all blew up in Haden’s face, eh?

      • EncinitasBruin

        SC folks are just stunned. It’s priceless. For a dozen years we’ve had to suffer through their speeches about “tradition” and “dominance.” The silence right now is beaufitul.


    • Mark

      We had a 20 game winning streak within the past 15 years. In ’98 there were amazing games that went down to the wire every week.

      • EncinitasBruin

        You are correct, and my post should say “in 15 years” rather than “at least.” Ironically enough, the last time we had this much momentum was exactly 15 years ago yesterday: December 5, 1998. That was the day we lost to Miami.

      • uclawarren

        Those games were amazing, but the defense was pretty shoddy. Giving up over 500 yards to Edgerrin James and Ron Dayne combined is pretty bad, no matter how good they were. Luckily, the offense made up for it in most games. The offense on this team is not as good as back then, but the increase in defense more than makes up for it.

  • Marc

    I see you didn’t answer my question re: UCLA bowl game choice variable based on who wins today (ASU or Stanford).

    Some national prognosticators have Oregon in a BCS bowl game. So, if they go to a BCS bowl game, that would move all PAC-12 teams up one spot, no?

    Also, I’ve read that if ASU wins, UCLA could possibly move up ahead of Stanford for bowl choice. Is there any validity to that? I don’t know what would make that happen. Does UCLA outperform Stanford as far as fan travel?

    All things currently point to Sun Bowl, but nothing is in stone yet. Would be nice to read your take. Unless, of course, your take is a two sentence blurb that offers nothing new.