UCLA, Virginia Tech accept Sun Bowl invitations

As expected, UCLA will end its season in the 80th Hyundai Sun Bowl against Virginia Tech. Kickoff is set for 11 a.m. PT on New Year’s Eve. It is the first-ever meeting between the two schools.

Here is the Sun Bowl’s official fan guide, with links to ticket and hotel information.

  • Mark

    Approximately ZERO ppl will click the fan guide link because don’t nobody care and ain’t nobody going.

    Larry Scott has done everything but get PAC 10 teams in good bowls. Mediocre Big 10 & ACC teams play on Jan 1 and we get junk no one watches.

    • LTEfan

      Will Pac-12 fans travel to all those Florida games on January 1?

      • Mark

        Scott needs to manufacture a marquee bowl in the new 49ers Stadium. Although this stupid bowl system may (hopefully) fall apart soon as the playoff takes effect. It’s starting small but will rapidly expand to 16 teams within a few years.

      • 92104bruinfan

        Probably not unless it is for a semi or national title game. I’d like to see Scott ditch the Sun Bowl and create another SoCal region bowl game…even a lower tier game in Dodger Stadium or Angel Stadium could work where the bowl organizers would only expect 30,000 plus. Pair up with a cold weather conference to ensure the Pac 12 opponent gets 10,000 or so to travel and get out of the cold weather. As for other bowls, I think the Holiday and Alamo bowls are fairly well regarded as solid second tier bowls. I think the stature of the Vegas Bowl could be elevated if the organizers pushed it. An overarching issue is scheduling in that these New Year’s Day bowl games in FL have east coast starting times.

    • bruinray97

      I’m certain that UCLA will be well represented. Some of my fellow alums will be attending, as well as my daughter and some of her friends. Lets get 10 wins!

  • Joe Blow

    Come on all you cheap alums. Let’s go to El Paso!!!

    • maze949

      Should we embarrass the University like Kiffy did to Fig Tech year? (fistfights, showing up an hour late to the banquet, multiple players bashing the city on Twitter). All class, all the time at SUC.

      • Joe Blow

        You should, you have enough thugs on your team, including the coach.

        • maze949

          Blow-y LOVES thugs…

    • LTEfan

      Stay out of Juarez, whoever attends the Sun Bowl.

      • Reformed Droog

        Oh come on, I’ve been trying to get rid of this kidney for years…

  • bruinray97

    10 wins would make for a great season.The Hokies have a solid defense, but a weak offense. AB and the rest of the front seven could have a memorable day.

  • 92104bruinfan

    I have some extended family that are VTech alums so some friendly bets are already being wagered. I’ve peeked in on some Hokie games this year and it is the same ol’ with them. Great defense coached by Bud Foster, huge emphasis on special teams play, and an offense that features a cannon armed and huge athletic quarterback in Logan Thomas who has not been able to put it together frustrating Hokie fans to no end over the last couple of seasons. Bruins need to keep him in pocket and make him a passer. If the Bruins can get up on the Hokies early, that will bode well as VTech is not equipped to come from behind. If Logan Thomas gets into any rhythm and VTech makes a big special teams play, then things may get interesting and not in a good way. Let’s roast some turkeys in El Paso on New Year’s Eve. Go Bruins!

  • Marc

    I’m a little bummed here. Of course, two ACC teams go to BCS bowls, allowing 4th place finisher in the league to move up and play UCLA.

    I, of course, was hoping the same for the PAC-12, though. I’m not sure about the BCS committee picking Oklahoma over Oregon to face Alabama. Both finished with two losses; I thought the PAC-12 was stronger. Also, Oregon was 10th in the BCS, ahead of Oklahoma by one. And, further, wasn’t Oregon v. Alabama the game people were vying for earlier in the season. They missed on that one, IMO.

    On top of that, Oregon gets a four loss Texas; in Texas, no less.

    So, no bump for PAC-12 teams, and UCLA goes to the city of El Paso to play an 8-4 Virgina Tech,

    The problem with this, IMO, is that UCLA will be expected to win with relative ease (opened as 7 point favorites), but Frank Beamer is a really good coach, and will have his defense ready. I expect their defense to score at least once. UCLA will need to come out strong.

    They’ll get little credit for winning, and will get blasted for losing. They will need to win by two or more scores to make any impression. We’ll see.

    The PAC-12 got shafted a little, but that’s how it works with the terrible bowl contracts they have. In particular, UCLA, Arizona State, and Oregon all play teams with less wins, and all are favored by a touchdown or more. If any of those three, in particular, come up short, the whole league will get bruised.

    Well, it is what it is. I hope the team is hungry. Go out to El Paso and come back with a victory. Go Bruins.

  • commentar

    UCLA players get a hair dryer @ El Paso. USC gets Samsung galaxy 3 @las vegas…. REAALLY??!!

    • ProbationU

      But it’s a really good hair dryer…after all is says Helen of Troy hair dryer….so you know it’s going to really blow.