Bruins add frontcourt depth with Jonah Bolden

UCLA’s biggest hole next year looks to be shrinking quickly. This morning, the Bruins landed four-star forward Jonah Bolden, an Australian native playing this season at Findlay Prep.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman first reported the news. The addition of the 6-foot-8, 198-pound forward gives UCLA a strong incoming frontcourt in 2014. The team signed five-star big man Kevon Looney and four-star center Thomas Welsh last month, as well as Hungarian forward Gyorgy Goloman.

The Bruins lose senior forwards David and Travis Wear after the 2013-14 season, leaving sophomore Tony Parker and freshman Wanaah Bail as the only returning players over 6-foot-6.

Bolden is capable of filling in at either forward spot. If he develops into an NBA-level prospect, his skill set could resemble that of Portland Trailblazers forward Nicolas Batum.

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  • Mickey Squires

    the boys over at BRUINSNATION still call coach ALFORD the “hoosier loser’…and yet this so called NCAA CHAMPION basketball player turned coach is recruiting bigs for the piant…i like where he seems to want to take UCLA basketball…

    • JPKB

      Hopefully you don’t actually pay attention to that laughable troll website. No one else does, It is populated by a bunch of anonymous troll losers with too much time on their hands pretending to be UCLA fans. Try to post something positive about the Bruins on that site-it is a sure-fire way to get banned from posting. No one capable of critical thinking pays any attention to that site.

      Come here or to Bruin Report Online for good objective coverage.

      • ProbationU

        And on top of that, they know little about basketball. That loser bee-yotch Tydides could find something bad about a b-job.

        • JPKB

          I wouldn’t be surprised if she finds something bad about b-jobs, she’s probably tired of getting on her knees all day and giving them.

          • Oz

            I actually love going to bruinsnation when there is good news, it’s hilarious reading them twisting themselves in knots trying to throw crap at the wall. And the moment anybody in the comments says something positive that goes against their narrative that they are the only smart people on the internet, the fangs come out.

  • CaliGrown

    Alford’s doing a solid job recruiting forwards. With only one true big man coming back these guys will provide depth for the next few years. Btw Bolden is such a sleeper! Has talent and huge upside’

  • Mark

    Still need a point guard, right?

    • William Sanderson

      it would be nice to have a legit point player, but we’re not going to get one this year. This is ok though. First, Alford is known for playing large combo guards at the point and has said in the past that his system does not require a full time dedicated point. Second, LaVine and Hamilton are point guards at the NBA level, just like Westbrook. I don’t think it will be long before Hamilton replaces Powell at the point next season I predict: Hamilton, LaVine, Bolden, Looney, Parker; backed up by Powell, Alford, Allen, Bail, Welsh. OF COURSE THIS ASSUMES THAT BOTH Anderson and Adams go pro, and I would not be surprised to see either or both back in Pauley next year. Nice pick-up on Bolden, regardless. GO BRUINS! BOOM!

      • William Sanderson

        that is, unless we can somehow get back in the race for JaQuan Lyle. We’ve been out of since summer when he said it was too far from home (West Virginia). I think it’s too bad that these kids can’t accept benefits. I’m not saying that they should be paid to play, just stuff like letting the alums fly his mother to games. Is that so terrible?

  • Tom Mercer

    I am real glad to hear that others find the “Hater” Club at BruinNation to be nothing but subversive “fans” of the Bruins. I enjoy sports and have followed the Bruins for 54 years, and what I read on that Blog is revolting. I get more than enough of that in our current political scene. Leave it out of sports, and, if you’re a fan of a particular team, then work to bring it together and support it, not constantly tear down the coach, school, and even the players.

    • BruinInSeattle

      Agree wholeheartedly. I wish they could be shut down. Seems more like a blog the Toejams would have.

  • Chief

    Any chance at landing a PG in this class? Maybe even a JC transfer..?

    Has anyone heard of any rumors at all of a PG we are targeting?????

    Jack? Any hope here?

  • Chief

    Any possible chance we land a PG in this class?

    Has anyone heard of any rumors of someone we might be targeting? A JC transfer?

    Jack? Any hope here?