• foodBruin

    Which will occur first in 2014—Anthony Barr eating a bowl of dolsot bibimbap or Jim Mora scarfing on pan fried lo bak gao?

    • NonAlumBruin

      Lol! Were you the one asking those questions a few years back about Neuheisel and other coaches throwing down and Neuheisel “going all spider monkey…”?

  • commentar

    What is the deal with the Wear twins slump? Senior leadership works better when your seniors aren’t worse than the underclassmen.

    • Mark

      They just aren’t very good

      • LTEfan

        David, certainly

  • Bruin 34

    What is your gut feeling on whether or not Hundley stays and us landing Mixon? Are there any big name silent commits? Do we land a top 5 recruiting class?

  • LTEfan

    Even if the start date for construction is still unknown, is there an estimate on how long it will take to build the football facility once they put shovels in the ground?

  • NonAlumBruin

    Do you know the attendance at the Coliseum (UCLA vs USC)? How many were there for UCLA?

  • CaliGrown

    What is the updated status on Torian White? Is it any closer to being resolved?

  • amontem

    Should Hundley decide to bolt for the NFL, who do you see as starting QB next year? Do you see a big dropoff from Hundley to the next QB?

  • onecoolfig

    Can you explain what happens with the school’s footballs after a turnover and when the game is over?

  • Cliff Sakata

    Given Hundley’s recent comments on how he’s ready for the NFL and speculation that his family spoke with Jay Z, is he leaning toward leaving?

  • 92104bruinfan

    A ton of questions whether Hundley comes back but does Mariota’s announcement that he’s returning for his junior year at Oregon affect BH’s decision to the extent there is one less draft-eligible QB that share similar size, traits, skills, etc.?