Kyle Anderson misses triple-double in blowout of Weber St.

Kyle Anderson scored a career-high 23 points in UCLA’s 83-60 blowout of Weber State, but missed out on the second triple-double of his career.

The sophomore had 19 points, 9 rebounds and six assists with 13:30 left in the game, but sat on the bench late as the Bruins’ lead swelled to as much as 30. He finished with 10 rebounds and six assists.

“I don’t worry about that stuff,” Anderson said. “If I do everything I’m supposed to do and play as hard as I can, and help my team, that’s going to come by itself.”

He entered Sunday as one of six Division I players to notch a triple-double this season, having reached the mark in a Nov. 22 win over Morehead State. He would have been the first in the country to get his second, as well as the only player in UCLA history with multiple triple-doubles.

Most would have missed the bulk of the milestone anyway. The Pac-12 Networks feed from Pauley Pavilion died for most of the second half, though the stadium did draw a season-high attendance of 7,013.

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  • Marc

    Blowout wins against garbage competition means nothing when losing by 17 to fairly good teams.

    Yes, Duke and Missouri are fairly good teams. They aren’t the best UCLA will face this year, and if they lose to these teams by 17, one can only wonder how barley they’ll lose when competition gets tougher.

    I listened to some of the post game on the radio, and I have to say I’m not encouraged.

    The kids were thrilled with the win and were talking like everything is golden.

    How about some real talk? How about recognizing that the team can easily beat weak competition but can’t compete with top-25 teams.

    Wichita State is playing real good this year. As that’s the coach I wanted, I am now following their action more closely than this ragtag team.

  • Mark

    This “pre-season” has been largely pointless. Ucla has proved it can put up a lot of points against bad teams and crumble against quality teams. Second halves have been a disaster. Overall Ucla has no defense or rebounding or any offensive cohesion. I was most excited upon Alford’s hire but now I’m quite nervous. I haven’t seen any evidence of him having done any real coaching yet.

    • LTEfan

      Alford’s roster has the same severe flaws it had last year — poor interior offense and defense. Alford needs better players at power forward and center, hopefully he will be getting that from his top two recruits next season.