Four-star running back Nathan Starks commits to Bruins

UCLA’s backfield got a little deeper Saturday night, with four-star tailback Nathan Starks giving a verbal commitment to the Bruins.

The 5-foot-11, 200-pound back is rated No. 17 at his position by If his destination holds until National Signing Day next month, the U.S. Army All-American will be the Bruins’ second running back recruit since Jim Mora arrived. Position coach Steve Broussard was let go late last year and replaced with former USC assistant Kennedy Polamalu.

The Bruins only return three full-time tailbacks with game experience: junior Jordon James, redshirt freshman Paul Perkins and sophomore Steve Manfro. Linebacker Myles Jack also rushed for seven touchdowns and 267 yards in his last five games. Freshman Craig Lee, a four-star signee in 2013, redshirted.

Starks transferred from Las Vegas Bishop Gorman after a violation of team rules, and played this past season at Colorado’s Cherry Creek High.

Five-star tailback Joe Mixon picked Oklahoma earlier today over UCLA, Cal and Wisconsin, though he could certainly change his mind again before faxing in his letter of intent on Feb. 5.

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  • HeySuxx

    Outstanding. A solid commitment instead of the Mixon parade.

  • Bruin 34

    Boom! #8clap!

  • Cheap seats

    “Violation of team rules”?? Does he have baggage?

    • ProbationU

      I hope so. He needs clothes to go to class.

  • Joe Blow

    Another thug.

    • ProbationU

      So sweet to hear a Trojan complain about thugs. The tough “little boys” in powder blue hit back and the bullies from the bad neighborhood just couldn’t handle it. There is nothing quite as useless as a soft Trojan.

      The “great Trojan”, Eddie O said they were going to
      “let the little boys from Westwood into the Coliseum and lock the gates behind them.” Well, that didn’t work out too well for him and he ended up in the office of “Tarmac” Pat Haden and found out he didn’t get the job of Head Coach. He started crying, exposed his soft, little Trojan vag under his fighting skirt, and waddled off to the bayou in shame.

      And now, sweet Joseph B. Lowe complains about “thugs”. The gifts just keep coming our way. Can’t wait for our Bruin “thugs” in powder blue to send the limp Trojans back to their campus in defeat again next November.

      • Joe Blow

        We’ll see “renter”. Just remember this, all you’ve done is beat a so so USC team (with one arm tied behind their back) twice. That’s it. Period. No team awards, no individual major awards. NOTHING. Enjoy.

        • ProbationU

          Love the “renter” line. Reminds me of Richard Crenna in the movie Summer Rental with John Candy.

          Didn’t say we did win anything yet. Just find it amusing to complain about “thugs”. We will see what the future brings…and as I isn’t SC that we are worried about…it’s reversing the curse of Edgerrin James!

          • Joe Blow

            Or the Curse of 1954

          • ProbationU

            Being a Bruin football fan is not for the faint of heart. It requires eternal optimism and a sense of humor.

          • gotroy22

            Like being a Cubs fan?

          • ProbationU

            Cubs pain goes back a LOT longer than Bruin pain. And Melsby’s knee was down but there was no instant replay in 1998. Between that call and Edgerrin James, a painful loss. We are about to emerge from the darkness.

          • gotroy22

            Or Brad Melsby, who fumbled away the ruins last chance for a BCS title against Miami in 1998.

          • That wasn’t a fumble.

          • Bruin 34

            Love ya Joe! Big hug! šŸ˜‰

          • inhonorofpooh

            Ha ha – renter. I have clients who pay my commercial rental property’s mortgage. They are trogans – I never wear bruin blue when showing to the tenants, I love them sooooo much. They will never know a portion of their rent money goes to making UCLA a stronger football power. It is to laugh! I love renters! Go trogan renters – pave the way for my bruins!

      • gotroy22

        Powder blue? Your jersey’s looked black in the Sun Bowl.

    • The Living Legend

      you probably don’t want to go around calling kids thugs with you supporting sc

  • 92104bruinfan

    That makes 6 verbals that played in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. Always dicey until NSD but not a bad haul. I can’t believe I was worried about recruiting a couple of months ago. With news that Hundley is reportedly returning for his junior year, the 2014 season is looking extremely promising. Go Bruins!

  • The Living Legend

    oh and Brett Hundley is coming back

    • gotroy22

      No excuses next year. You have all your coaches returning and a 3 year starter at quarterback. Oregon is going downhill without Chip Kelly and Stanford was exposed by Michigan State. If you lose to those two next year you will go down in Pac 12 history as chokers. You should be undefeated and #1 when we play you next year.

      • IIWIICUB

        three in a row will be fun.

        • jameskatt

          Rose Bowl would be great.

  • chris

    Thug ??? I don’t think the gloves fit.

  • Catdaddy

    What do you know Joe Blow! Your SCUm basketball team sucks as much as you and your boyfriend do!

    • jameskatt

      Don’t speculate about Joe. For all we know, he is a 40 year old virgin and alone.

  • BruinInSD

    Means nothing until he signs on the line that is dotted. And even then, isn’t concrete (SEE: Vanderdoes, Eddie)