UCLA dismantles USC with 107-73 blowout

At the halftime buzzer, Jordan Adams soared up next to the basket and tipped in a wayward 3-point attempt — giving UCLA a commanding 24-point lead at the break.

Some 30 seconds later, officials waved off the two points after a review. It was about the only break USC caught all Sunday afternoon, as the Bruins thoroughly dismantled them 107-73 at Pauley Pavilion.

The scoring total was UCLA’s largest this season, and tied for its highest total ever against the Trojans as well as the second-highest margin of victory.

The crosstown basketball rivalry has not carried much fire in recent years, given that UCLA had won five of their last six meetings. For just the fourth time ever, however, both schools were debuting first-year head coaches.

Andy Enfield landed the USC job off of Florida Gulf Coast’s marvelous Sweet Sixteen run, one that anchored an otherwise light resume. He nevertheless captured plenty of headlines: first in October, when he remarked in practice that UCLA played “slow,” then a month later when he joked that he had the same number of Sweet Sixteen berths as Steve Alford, but in far less time.

Alford had said those comments had “zero” effect on how the Bruins would prepare for the game, but the team’s actual performance spoke to at least a small measure of extra motivation. After giving up the first bucket of the game, UCLA unleashed an 11-0 run and never trailed again.

When sophomore Kyle Anderson tied a career-high 23 points with a contested layup midway through the second half, Alford gave him an uncharacteristic chest bump.

The point guard added 12 rebounds and five assists on his way to his seventh double-double of the season.
Freshman Bryce Alford led the team with 15 points in the first half, and ended up with a career-high 20 points.

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  • ProbationU

    107 points for a mediocre team that plays slow isn’t too bad. Not much to get excited about, it’s just SC and Arizona is our real BB rival and that one isn’t looking so good.

    Enfield has a big mouth, but so far it has landed him a fat contract and a hot wife. Not feeling to sorry for old Andy Enfield.

    • Joe Blow

      He probably doesn’t care either. She’s a heck of a lot better to come home to than filthy Woodie’s Nellie Belle.

      • ProbationU

        You need to get over picking on dead people. You may be there soon…and I will no longer be picking on you. Besides, she is hotter than most living women…no need to compare her to a dead one.

        • Joe Blow


          • ProbationU

            I prefer FUPU. It’s a family thing.

  • Aero93

    As Joe Blow would say … “everyone knows SC sucks at football and basketball. BTW, Hundley came back because nobody wanted him.”

    • Joe Blow

      At least you’re getting a little smarter.

  • Mark

    How did we allow 73 points? That’s too many


      it was a tempo thing. trojans wanted to run and we obliged b/c we knew they couldn’t keep up. weird complaint.

      • Bigwoof1

        All of Mark’s complaints are weird,

  • FreeShabazz

    Haden, a save the program get anyone you want guy hires Enfield and Sarkiffin. Wow.

  • Scott Wolf said it best when he asked Enfield why his team quit. Enfield looked like he wanted to cry.

    Quiters. Just like football! Chant of the year!!