Quarterback Brett Hundley announces return to UCLA

Quarterback Brett Hundley announced Monday morning his decision to return to UCLA for his redshirt junior season, turning down the 2014 NFL draft. “What we have built for next year, all the stars are aligned,” he said. Story here.

  • Joe Blow

    Good for Brett. Be sure to insure those legs. I did think you’d want to compete in the NFL, but guess not.

    • gotroy22

      You think he would have learned from Matt Barkley’s folly. Take the money and run.

      • maze949

        Barkley can’t even grip a fully-inflated football…no comparison. Cheat on!

      • ProbationU

        Or Sanchez’s example that he went too soon. Barkley should have gone earlier and cashed in because he was overrated and will never be better than a backup. Luck waited and it worked out well. Tough decision but if he wants to be the best QB he can be, he made the right decision. If he just wanted to secure a lot of cash, then he made the wrong one.

      • UCLA Owns the Rose Bowl

        Unfortunately for SC and the P12, he didn’t. Fortunately for UCLA, he realized that he is still raw.

  • ProbationU

    Sounds like Hundley has compared how things worked out for Andrew Luck in comparison to others like Mark Sanchez who should have stayed at SC another year. Looking at long-term gain vs. short-term profit. Welcome back, Brett. Looking forward to another year with you behind center.

  • Mark

    I hope people, starting with Mora & Hundley, tone down the expectations. First of all, you can’t really plan to win a Heisman. How many pre-season front-runners have won in recent years? Probably 0 when thinking about Luck, Barkeley, and Bradford, etc.

    Don’t even mention national championship. Even though the playoff is coming, college football isn’t really set up for a lot of teams to have a legitimate shot. Second of all Ucla was still miles behind Oregon & Stanford this year – not to mention the elite teams of other major conferences. I think a nice evolution would be to win the PAC 10. That’s realistic. Then take it from there if a national championship opportunity presents itself.

    • Moises Rosiles

      Mark, I for one am glad Mora & Co. have raised everyone’s expection level. Where before we were content competing for the “city championship” we now want to compete on the national stage. Get with the program man!!!

  • chris

    You think. you also said Mora would be toast of the Bruins town too?