UCLA spring football game scheduled

UCLA’s spring football game has been scheduled for Saturday, April 26 at 5 p.m. The location has not yet been announced, though the Rose Bowl is a good bet.

Last year’s “Spring Showcase” at the Rose Bowl drew an announced attendance of 20,000, and the 2012 game drew 13,000. The 2011 spring game, held at Drake Stadium on the UCLA campus, drew 6,400.

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  • Go Bruinz

    Can’t wait for the Spring game and Fall!!! #Hundley4Heisman

  • gotroy22

    How many were bussed in from local schools with the promise of a free cookie?

    • PVBruin17

      Yep, that cookie worked like a charm with those SC students.

    • anno nimus

      None, Only $UC does that.

    • The MacLeaner

      Wasn’t that how USC got the OL to attend practices this year? Post-practice cookies!!! Woo-hoo!!

      No wonder those slugs couldn’t handle Barr & Marsh coming off the edges. Maybe try orange slices this year and maybe Kessler (or whoever) won’t be running for his life the entire game…

  • anno nimus

    well, If they have it at the Rose Bowl again this year, I sure hope they don’t do it like they did last year, it was waaaaaay too long, with a bunch of stuff/constests that was completely meaningless for the fans, except for those participating in it. By the time if finished, I think half the people were already gone. They should keep it simple this time, I think the fans just want to go see the team perform, and meet the players after the practice. IMO

    • Larmz

      You sure hit the nail on the head – that was an overly long, hot, and miserable affair. WARNING: If you bring a camera, make sure your lens is less than 3″ long, or you’ll be walking back to the car, in the heat, with 3 kids in tow . . . (At least that’s what happenned to me!) Otherwise, I can’t get enough UCLA football – especially going into 2014!

    • Cheap seats

      Not only that, why don’t they sit everyone on the SHADE side instead of the side where the sun is in your eyes the entire time?

      I think the press box was completed and available for viewing during that time. I could understand the year prior where it was all metalwork and hard hats.

      • anno nimus

        I think they were still working on completion last year. I hope they keep it simple this time.

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      Way to long. Most fans don’t want to meet and sniff the players

  • Moises Rosiles

    still hoping they move it back to Drake…great excuse to make a trip back to campus!!!

  • homer

    does anyone know if fans are allowed on the field before/after game?

    • anno nimus

      Yes, after.

      • Joseph B. Lowe

        Thank you

    • Cheap seats

      BEFORE the game if coach Mora has another interactive halftime where students can catch punts and kick field goals.

      I had no idea how the kids signed up, however.

  • The EDGE

    C’mon NSD is the 1st Wednesday in February, and this is what you post?

  • JPKB

    That site is a complete farce run by trolls masquerading as Bruin fans. It’s easy to get banned-I’ve done it. All you need to do is post a postive take about some aspect of UCLA and you are a goner.

    • BN’s third-world-dictator-wannabe Anthony “Nestor” Fremont is like Joe Blow with administrator privileges.

      (Though, to be fair, Joe actually uses prepositions and articles, and Nestor doesn’t fantasize publicly about violating your womenfolk.)

      • JPKB

        Lol. Move over Juan Peron, Salavdor Allende, Franco et al and make room for Nestor and his miserable little group of fascist ass-clowns.

  • G.W

    Let’s go Alex Staff #27 GO BRUINS!!!!!