Bruins’ comeback stalls in 74-69 loss at Utah

UCLA snuck back into the Associated Press poll a week ago, and will almost certainly drop out again on Monday after a loss to unranked Utah.

This is what the Bruins are now: a borderline top-25 team that followed up its first win over a ranked team with a 74-69 loss in Salt Lake City.

After beating No. 21 Colorado on Thursday, they opened the afternoon in Salt Lake City with a sloppy effort on both ends. The awful first half — 31 percent shooting, 48.3 percent allowed — sank UCLA, whose late run fell short before a crowd of 12,267 at the Huntsman Center.

After scoring a season-low six points at Colorado on Thursday, Kyle Anderson finished with a career-high 28 points, with 13 coming before halftime. He also chipped in seven rebounds and seven assists, but coughed the ball up five times.

He shot 10 of 16 from the field. His teammates were a combined 17 of 47.

Utes, which had lost four games by nine combined points, led 30-18 with less than four minutes left in the first half. UCLA had missed 11 straight field goals until Travis Wear’s jumper cut the deficit to 10.

The Bruins entered the break with a season-low 26 first-half points, then proceeded to miss six of their first seven shots. They trailed by 17 with just over 12 minutes left in the second half.

Utah turnovers opened a small window for UCLA, but the visitors couldn’t take advantage. An 11-0 run cut the Bruins’ deficit to four with 5:35 left. After Dakarai Tucker’s 3-pointer at 2:34 stretched the Utes’ lead to nine, the Utes committed back-to-back turnovers in the last 92 seconds.

Zach LaVine answered with a triple of his own, but Jordan Adams’ ensuing jumper was ruled a 2-pointer. An official review showed that his right toe had just touched the line.

Utah, which finished 15-of-17 from the line, drilled three five free throws in the final minute to maintain the cushion.

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  • FraudPatrol

    They barely beat a top 25 team that just lost their best player for the year…not much of an accomplishment Jack. This was a typical loss for an average team with an average coach.

    • gotroy22

      And all the stars think they are NBA bound….LOL!

  • Mark

    Jordan Adams blew that game. And by extension Alford blew it by not benching Adams.

  • Joseph B. Lowe

    We stink and CHOKED.

    • ProbationU

      Yes…you did. Another 20 point blowout for your Trojans.

      • Joseph B. Lowe

        SC BB sux and so do WE!

        • ProbationU

          Moderators cramping your style?

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            No, your wife is.

        • ProbationU

          Nice logo change…but Pete will go down at home to Harbaugh today…again. Maybe Jimmy goes for 2 again.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            And what’s Mora doing? Oh, right, afraid to name his DC because he’s lousy.

          • ProbationU

            10-0…..feeling the Pete Carroll choke coming on…back in your neighborhood sooner than he had hoped.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            What’s that score?

          • ProbationU

            Looks like he ended the Harbaugh curse. He doesn’t get home field at the Super Bowl.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            You’re so negative, you could take over for Wolf.


            FIGHT ON! PETE

          • ProbationU

            You calling someone else negative is just too funny.

    • Marc

      Saw some of your comments re: Kelly Thomas.

      You deserve to get your head bashed in you stupid idiot.

      You stupid pathetic loser!

      You get your rocks off by being disprepctful on the Internet.

      Go hang yourself. I’m serious.


      • Joseph B. Lowe

        Pure class, you are.

        • Marc

          I’m serious.

          You are pathetic, and you know it.

          You leave immature, snarky comments on the Internet. What a life?!?!?!

          Kelly Thomas was beat to death by six police officers, and you leave snarky, classless comments on the article. You think people won’t see that?

          One of these days, we will find out who you really are, and I hope you regret that.

          I don’t care how you do it; go step in front of a train, hang yourself, eat rat poison, use a gun, it doesn’t matter.

          You should just do everyone a favor and end it.

          You certainly won’t be missed on the Internet, I can tell you that.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            Shove it d wad.

    • LTEfan

      Yes, we will stipulate that your basketball program is a complete joke.

    • gotroy22

      No hoops in LA this year.

  • K Dapson

    Until certain players stop playing for themselves and the NBA scouts, this team will be a middle of the pack conference team that will maybe, just maybe, squeeze into the NCAA tourney.