Tony Parker scores career high against Stanford. Key? Anger.

UCLA’s 91-74 win over Stanford saw forward Tony Parker pour in a career-high 22 points — far beyond the 5.6 he had averaged against five previous Pac-12 opponents.

The key might have been a well-placed barb.

“You’ve got to get Tony mad,” said head coach Steve Alford. “It’s kind of hard to make him mad because everybody he sees, he’s friends with. It’s difficult to make him mad.

“Sometimes if you crack on his outfit — he had a really ugly outfit on (this morning). He wore red into our office. That’s just something you don’t do. Making fun of his outfit a lot, that bothers him. … Maybe he got fired up because of that.”

Parker’s response? “I’m one of the most well-dressed players Coach Alford has ever had.”

The 6-foot-9 sophomore said that Alford, being a 49-year-old Indiana native, must be behind the trends: “The fashion world’s a little slow there.”

On another note, should Alford really make fun of anyone else for wearing red?

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  • Scott

    So awesome to see Tony have a good game.

    “Anger is a gift” ~RATM

  • gotroy22

    Can’t wait for the meltdown when you lose to Cal Sunday.

    • LTEfan

      Enjoy your great basketball program.

    • neil kaufman

      are you responding or reacting?

      • LTEfan

        If your question is directed to me, I was commenting on the absurdity of a USC fan putting down the UCLA basketball program.

        • neil kaufman

          the question was for gottroy22
          i am with you bro.

          • neil kaufman

            Say Nestor, you want me to save you a seat on the bandwagon?

    • anno nimus

      I can’t wait for the next beat down we’re gonna hand you at the GayLand Center.

    • “meltdown”?

      You must be thinking of the anthropophages at BN.

  • inhonorofpooh

    Seems to me the key is coach probably asked him to step up – with twins ailing from flu symptoms, we needed TP a lot. His game has really improved this year, and this is what he’s capable of, doing his share as part of the team. Very impressive to see the sharing, unselfish attitude this team puts out, all year Alford has been giving them props.

  • Mark

    Not convinced. Let’s see it a few games in a row…starting vs Cal.

    • maze949

      Convinced of what? That he had himself a career game? I didn’t read anything up there re “turning a corner”, “emerging superstar”, etc. Did you?