VIDEO: Steve Alford talks about UCLA’s win over USC

UCLA’s sloppy start in 83-73 win over USC on Saturday reminded head coach Steve Alford of their collapse against Oregon State last weekend. The Bruins shot 37.1 percent in the first half, while allowing 59.3 to the Trojans.

“I didn’t like the looks on (our) faces,” he said.

Alford chewed out the team in the locker room, specifically harping on Jordan Adams, Norman Powell and Kyle Anderson — the team leadership — for their lack of defensive effort.

“We don’t get chewed out much, but we felt it,” Adams said.

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  • inhonorofpooh

    trojans earned a moral victory tonight – just like football.

    • Joseph B. Lowe

      Only difference is your BB team can win a NC, you FB team never will.

      • ProbationU

        Currently our FB team is closer to winning a NC than our BB team. I am not sure if it is an endorsement of our FB team or more of an indictment of our BB team.

        BB team is slightly above average. SC BB needs a serious infusion of talent. The one kid shot the ball well in the 1st half when the Bruins didn’t guard him and at least the unabrow is big. Enfield inherited an empty cabinet.

        • Joseph B. Lowe

          I actually disagree. BB is #2 in Pac 12 and will probably stay there. ucla FB is 2 or 3 in the Southern Division of FB. LONG way from the big stage. Oregon, Stanford, ASU and, yes, maybe even SC with Sark here as well as having to go to UW next season. Don’t see it.

          • LTEfan

            UCLA’s schedule is much more favorable next season. Home games against Oregon and Stanford, unlike in 2013. At UW, sure, but we’ll take that tradeoff any day.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            Don’t disagree on the schedule. I just honestly thing O & S are the top two teams and will be hard to beat anywhere.

          • gotroy22

            Disagree, Chip Kelly magic is gone at Oregon and Stanford is a poor road team. This year the ruins have no excuses for not winning the Pac 12.

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            Disagree. bRuins are overrated. Mora overrated. We shall see.

          • maze949

            And yet, you spend your entire weekend talking about them. Drunk loser…

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            Spent part of the weekend with your mommy.

          • ProbationU

            BB team will be lucky to see the 2nd weekend this year and no point guard recruited for next year. Easier to win a FB championship. Less teams than in BB.

            I think we have a better shot at making 4 team playoff in FB than we do making Sweet 16 this year. Alford has a lot of work to do.

  • FreeShabazz

    Let’s just hope that Bill Walton doesn’t find out Alford chewed the players out. Not that it would matter to him that they played better after it happened.

  • Harley Stark

    Its about time they got chewed out, they have been playing ,horrible lately, and they need to know it. They need to play more like a team, and stop giving up such easy baskets on defense.