Notes and quotes: Norman Powell scores season-high 21 at USC

Norman Powell scored a season-high 21 points in UCLA’s 83-73 win at USC last night, 10 of which came in the first 7:08 of the second half as part of his team’s 27-6 run.

It’s not the first time the junior has played the spark plug role this season. In a 70-68 win at Oregon, he scored eight of UCLA’s first 10 points of the second half. In a 69-56 win at Colorado, he scored 19 and forced Buffs guard Askia Booker into early foul trouble.

What made his latest outing a bit different was the return of his shooting stroke. He entered the game shooting 18.4 percent from beyond the arc, but made 2-of-4 against the Trojans. It was the second time this season that he drained multiple 3-pointers.

His eight field goals on Saturday were also a single-game record for a UCLA player in the Galen Center, which was built before the 2006-07 season.

Powell’s improved play has come with increased playing time — though why that uptick hadn’t come earlier is still a pertinent question. The guard has played at least 30 minutes in three of his past four games. He had only cleared that mark in two other games: the first two of the season, against Drexel and Oakland.

— UCLA’s halftime turnaround, summed up by Powell, Steve Alford and Jordan Adams:

— As usual, Kyle Anderson flirted with a triple-double by putting up 15 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists. He is now the first UCLA player to have at least 200 rebounds and 100 assists since Charles O’Bannon did so in 1995. O’Bannon finished that title season with 201 rebounds and 101 assists, while Anderson already has 201 and 153.

The 6-foot-9 point guard had his first career triple-double in November, which was just the third ever recorded in UCLA history. The way he’s played this season, it’d be a shame if he doesn’t become the first Bruin to have two official career triple-doubles.

— Freshman point guard Bryce Alford only played 16 minutes, his shortest appearance yet. He missed all four shots, but made four free throws and had three assists.

His right ankle was heavily wrapped in ice after the game, due to a sprained tendon that had forced him to miss the last two practices of the week.

— Saturday’s UCLA win marked the first time since 2009-10 that either UCLA or USC has swept the other in football and men’s basketball. The Trojans won all three meetings that season, while the Bruins had last completed the sweep in 2006-07.

— The Trojans made just 11 of 21 free throws in their 10-point loss, and rank 11th in the conference at 66.0 percent on the season. This is supremely ironic given that coach Andy Enfield holds the NCAA career record at 92.5 percent, and once sold a method for improving free throws.

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  • christophertwood

    The following is an excerpt from “Bruins Nation, a UCLA Bruins community” (that actually disallows the greater UCLA community to disagree with Reichsführer Nestor and his pseudo-Greek sycophants).

    The lead article about the recent UCLA win USC Trojans had 36 unique commenters discussing their hatred of the UCLA Athletic Director and the Men’s basketball coach with far greater vitriol than the opposing LA team.

    The Reichsführer’s 7 posts was only outdone by the “community’s” den mother “Fox71” with 9, and Nestor’s Ball Boys…Tydides and Bellerophone ran neck and neck with two other dweebs.

    One of the community’s inner circle noted:

    “The majority of UCLA fanbase online are inline w sentiment of BN. Its (sic) refelected (sic) in our traffic stats as we just posted another recod (sic) month making this the no (sic) 1 blog in the pac12 by overwhelming margin and one of the top5 in sbn college network. {If true, a horrible reflection on the Pac-12 blogosphere} We average two or three times the visitors than the dead crowd who shows (sic) up tp (sic) watch Chianti garbage at
    Pauley. (The average attendance at Pauley for this season’s games is 7,869 unique visitors…so we are to believe that Bullcrap Nation has 16k to 24k unique visitors each month???) That says something. Keep on hating and calling us Trojans. We know who is w (sic) us.”

    Besides horrible spelling and grammar, this Nestor Circle Jerker, who apparently does not attend the home games, is content to revile UCLA sports due to his/her hatred of those people the Reichsführer has targeted.

    My issue is not that they are a small band of circle jerkers, but that they have the audacity to claim they represent the UCLA Bruins community.

    • ProbationU

      I wonder how many visits they might get if they actually stopped banning everyone with a different viewpoint on things.

      Coach Wooden would be ashamed of their antics. They are an embarrassment to his legacy.

      • EncinitasBruin

        I wonder if there’s a way to oust the oligarchy and get fresh site managment in there. I agree, Prob, that Coach Wooden would whack Goebells, Himmler, Goring, and Hit*ler at Nazi*Nation over the head with the Pyramid of Success if he had the chance.

    • LTEfan

      Yeah, BN offers one ideologically driven and extreme viewpoint. Some of the postings do have factual information that is not always found elsewhere, but the opinion pieces and most of the comments are in line with BN dogma.

  • homer

    The most disturbing fact of BN is they wrap themselves in the legacy of Coach Wooden, while calling people they disagree with “losers” or “rape apologists”. They refer to Coach Wooden as “Coach” as if they were on a first name basis with the man. Show the man that you supposedly cherish “Coach Wooden” he at least deserves that much.

    It should be said that Nestor’s name is Mursheed Zaheed if he is going to post disrespectful and vile comments to the people he disagrees with his name should be known by the supporters of UCLA.

    • ProbationU

      And Tydides? He is a bigger jack wagon than Nestor.

  • EncinitasBruin

    I say this, hopefully, with humility, and without arrogance: I did know John Wooden, and had the pleasure of working with him on a book project in ’03. He was just a man, but he was one of the most polite, quietly witty, intelligent men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I can say with confidence that he would be hard pressed to find any of the 15 center segments or 10 side blocks of the Pyramid on display at BruinsNation.