Nick Pasquale’s brother, A.J., to become football intern

A.J. Pasquale, brother of deceased UCLA receiver Nick Pasquale, will join the Bruins as a full-time intern. Nick died in September when he was struck by a car in San Clemente.

Since Nick’s death, head coach Jim Mora has reiterated that he would continue to support the Pasquale family and to keep them close to the program.

A.J. tweeted Tuesday night that he accepted the internship offer.

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  • Joseph B. Lowe

    The tradition continues.

    • jameskatt

      Yep. The Bruins have a heart.
      Go Bruins! Go Bruins!

      • Joseph B. Lowe


        • maze949

          What an odd fascination you have with alcohol (read: meaningless existence), Mario Danelo (RIP)

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            Looks like Mora does too.

          • Bruin 34

            Still haven’t answered my question of whether or not you have the better coaching staff? Lol

          • Joseph B. Lowe

            We have a better coaching staff.

        • OJ

    • SUCC de trop

      You’re right Joey, SUCC is # 2 in LA.

  • Bruin 34

    The longer Mora is either us the more I love him as our HC! #PAQ

  • Thomas J. Gray

    Nice to see that some people in CFB still have class.

    Hopefully, Coach Mora finds complete fulfillment and contentment as HC of UCLA, and doesn’t ever want to go anywhere. He’s going to have a tough time keeping his staff as the program gets more and more successful, but again, hopefully they decide that the intangibles (satisfaction and happiness) outweigh the tangibles (bigger salaries) of the draw to either the NFL or HC positions at other schools.

    Of course, pay raises like the one Coach Klemm just got don’t hurt, either.

  • Cheap seats

    That’s cool.

    I glanced at the TV while working out a few weeks ago and noticed they had a segment on ESPN on Patrick Larimore (sp?) — the LB who had too many concussions playing football and decided to walk away from the game.

    Too bad I didn’t have audio. I’ve been trying to find a YouTube video of the segment.