Stanford 83, UCLA 74: Tony Parker on Bruins’ ‘huge loss’

Tony Parker didn’t mince words Saturday evening. Still smarting from an 83-74 loss at Stanford, the UCLA forward lamented the fact that his team look ready to play.

The Bruins allowed the Cardinal to shoot 62 percent from the field, easily the highest of any team they’ve faced. For the third time this season, they lost the tail end of a Pac-12 road trip.

“This one is exactly the same thing,” said Parker, who had 13 points and three rebounds. “It’s a huge loss for us. It’s a huge loss. … We’ve got to learn. This is the third time this has happened. We’ve got to pick it up and learn from it. These are big losses. We’re taking hits for these.

“It’s tournament time. It’s February. We’ve got to turn it up. It’s actually time for us to be turning it up and going, but we take two steps back.”

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  • SUCC de trop

    Parker is virtually useless. Just three stinking rebounds,missed free throws, zero blocked shots while watching Stanford, STANFORD, score inside at will. Parker please transfer to a school that will appreciate meager skills.

    • maze949

      Nice attitude…go back to trolling the $C blog.

  • daldigle

    At one point Parker was having his way inside the paint and the UCLA guards quit going to him. They should have kept dumping the ball into him because Stanford couldn’t stop him.

    • Oz

      That is something I’ve noticed from Anderson, he consistently has no interest in looking inside.

      • esf

        you couldn’t be further from the truth most of Parkers points come off assist from Anderson. If you paid attention to the game Alford sat Kyle from the 8.35 minute mark to the 3:37 point at which time Parker had no touches. There was no point guard on the floor. Alford tends to forget that neither bryce or Zach are point guards and can not run the show.