UCLA baseball championship voted top 2013 Los Angeles sports moment

UCLA baseball’s first-ever College World Series title was named the top local sports moment of 2013 tonight, beating out a pair of Bruin football mentions for the honor at the L.A. Sports Awards.

Head coach John Savage led the baseball team to an unlikely championship run, sweeping through all ten postseason games and outscoring Mississippi State, 11-1, in the two final games.

The football team earned two spots on the top-ten list, which was based on online fan voting as well as a media panel. UCLA’s 35-14 win at USC, its first at the Coliseum since 1997, earned fifth place. Linebacker/running back Myles Jack took the next spot by himself for becoming the first player to win both Pac-12 Freshman Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year.

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  • The_Sports_Dude

    Who sits on the Los Angeles Sports Council? I was thrilled with our first baseball national championship, but I’m surprised Juan Uribe’s home run didn’t take the prize.

    • Jack Wang

      The UCI men’s volleyball team took the top 2012 spot, so they seem to really love any sort of championship.

      • The_Sports_Dude

        Wow that’s news to me. Do they at least throw a good party?

  • LTEfan

    Where was Andy Enfield’s first game against the team that plays slow on the list?

  • NOBSisdaMAN

    Congrats to ucla Baseball. BTW, David Simon, President of L.A. Sports is a graduate of ucla. Hmmmmmmm. Anyway, nice that a Trojan was able to manage a sad sack team to a Natty! Fight On! Savage!

    • LTEfan

      Yeah, the guy who turned down more $$$ to coach your team. See also Adrien Klemm.

      • The MacLeaner

        After seeing how a “Trojan” like Mike Gillespie was unceremoniously pushed out and how another “Trojan” Tim Floyd was forced to take the fall for the crimes of others, I’m guessing Savage committing to be a “Bruin” for the long haul was the easiest decision of his life.

        • NOBSisdaMAN

          Gillespie was ready to go. He had no fire. He had done zip. It was the best thing that ever happened to him.

          • TheMacLeaner

            What?? He made the Super Regional the year before he was shown the door. Slick move bringing in his son-in-law to soften the blow, what a joke. But you’re 100% right, it was absolutely the best thing to happen to him – he had continued success at UC Irvine while USC’s program completely cratered and has not been heard from since. But keep on telling yourself he was “ready to go” if it makes you feel better.

            That was nice of you guys to name the scoreboard after him – he was so touched he forgot to show up for the unveiling.

            Gosh, I wonder why Savage didn’t want to be a Trojan….

          • NOBSisdaMAN

            You left out the 2-3 years Mike managed in the minor leagues back East to get his fire back. He’s doing a great job at UCI. If he’d acted like that at SC in the end, he wouldn’t have been fired. BTW, SC didn’t WANT Chad. It was a power play by Mike not to make a stink and “retire”. Please know your facts before running your mouth. BTW II, Savage played ucla like a drum.

          • The MacLeaner

            Pfffff….power play?? LOL, you have NO idea what you’re talking about. You want to know why he lost his “fire”??? Meh, forget it, doesn’t matter…

            Baseball, Football, Hoops – UCLA is playing USC like a drum these days. Wear it, kook.

      • NOBSisdaMAN

        60 years…..NO NATTY

  • The MacLeaner

    A couple years as SC’s pitching coach in the 90s and SC fans are still claiming him?? Even after he stiffed you to stay at UCLA?? I guess someone forgot to tell him he’s still “a Trojan” LMFAO!

    At least you guys haven’t trotted out the “Sanctions!!” excuse on this one…..yet

  • lifetime Bruin Fan