UCLA introduces ‘Made in March’ postseason alternate jerseys

UCLA "Made in March" jerseys

The latest UCLA basketball jerseys — complete with sleeves and collar accents — either at the on-campus student store or online. Like last year, the Bruins will debut these alternates in the Pac-12 Tournament. Unlike last year, these won’t become the laughingstock of college basketball.

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  • Leo

    They look better than last year, but the sleeves remind me of the sleeved unis that NBA players had a problem with. I hope the players get a chance to practice in them. The last thing we need is anything as subtle as sleeves affecting our play.

  • NOBSisdaMAN


  • The Big Woof!

    They’re ugly and just another money making marketing thing. If people refuse to buy them they may stop this crap. Wearing regular unis worked fine for decades.

  • Scott

    What adidas has done to the Bruins is embarrassing. I strongly suspect the head of design at adidas is USC-affiliated. There is no other explanation.