Report: Shabazz Muhammad’s father took loan on son’s potential earnings

The saga just never seems to end.

A year after Shabazz Muhammad finished his UCLA basketball career, the controversy he left in his wake continues to swirl. On Wednesday, BuzzFeed reported that his father, Ron Holmes, had taken out a loan based on Muhammad’s future earnings — something that could again run foul of NCAA investigators.

Three months ago, Holmes pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit federal fraud. That came nine months after the Los Angeles Times revealed that Holmes had falsified Muhammad’s age, making him a year younger with the likely hope of furthering his basketball career.

The latest revelation appears in a court document from Holmes’ legal case obtained by BuzzFeed. In it, Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel R. Schiess writes that Holmes told the FBI on March 21, 2013, that he had been “living on a loan tied to his son’s projected earnings as a top NBA prospect.”

Muhammad did not play in his final game as a Bruin until March 22, 2013, scoring 20 points in an 83-63 loss to Minnesota in the NCAA tournament.

The NCAA had cleared Muhammad after he sat out the first three games of that season, but could elect to re-investigate now that new evidence has emerged. Since Holmes admitted to benefiting from his son’s athletic ability while he was still in college, the NCAA could have grounds to retroactively rule Muhammad ineligible and potentially vacate UCLA wins.

Of course, the NCAA might also be more concerned with other matters at the moment.

  • LTEfan

    Let’s see the loan agreement and whether the lending institution relied on an unsecured promise to pay back a loan based on his son’s future earnings. That sounds implausible for many reasons, including the fact that he could claim no legal right to his son’s earnings so why would the lender rely on that.

    • Hogsman

      That’s true; however, I doubt that the loan was from a legitimate lending institution. Probably one of the reasons why Shabazz couldn’t wait to get out from under his father’s predatory control.

      • LTEfan

        You’re probably right, the reports are referring to the lender as a “marketing company”. We could be looking at a vacated 2012-13 season unless maybe Shabazz himself is cleared.

  • Charlie Bucket

    Just goes to show that you can’t trust people from Las Vegas nor can you trust Arabs.

    • Hogsman

      Transparent attempt by the fake Bucket (prob. the former Joe Blow) to stir up trouble as a troll. Best to just ignore him.

    • The MacLeaner

      Impersonating Bucket’s troll, avatar and all? Wow, he really is living in your head rent-free. LOL!

  • drakejr

    I was no fan of Shabazz’ behavior while at UCLA, but at least you can chalk it up to the toxic environment he was raised in.