NBA Mock Draft roundup: Where will LaVine, Anderson and Adams go?

Thursday could mark a new milestone for UCLA basketball.

Guards Zach LaVine, Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams each have a chance to go in the first round — setting up what could be the program’s largest draft class in more than three decades.

The last time three Bruins were taken in the first round was 1979, when David Greenwood, Roy Hamilton and Brad Holland went second, tenth and 14th, respectively. UCLA came close to matching that in 2008; Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love went off the board at fourth and fifth on their way to All-NBA resumes, but Luc Richard Mbah a Moute slipped into the second round at 37th overall.

Here’s a roundup of where LaVine, Anderson and Adams are projected to go on various NBA mock drafts, in this order: ESPN’s Jay Bilas, Draft Express, ESPN’s Chad Ford, Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, USA Today, Sports Illustrated, Sporting News, CBS, and Dick Vitale.

Bilas DX Ford Y! USA SI SN CBS Vitale
Zach LaVine 10 13 18 21 10 18 14 17 11
Kyle Anderson 24 25 21 17 15 27 18 14 26
Jordan Adams n/a 24 29 24 n/a 29 n/a 21 27

Average draft positions: LaVine — 14.67; Anderson — 20.78; Adams — 25.67 (out of six mocks)

  • Brrrrruins

    Very little chance they all go in the first round, unless the talent in this draft is awful overall. All three are total projects, with no sure success guaranteed for any of them. This is nothing like the 2008 draft that had two potential all-stars in Love and Westbrook. I’d say that this is a step up from watching Lee and Honeycutt leave early (D League anyone?) but not much of a step. Time will tell, but there’s no reason to think this is anywhere near as big of a deal as 2008. They all need a year or two more in college to be able to better predict whether they will play their careers in Europe or the US, and they decided to not make that investment in their futures. Such is the plight of college hoops these days. So long guys, we hardly knew ya.