Four-star running back T.J. Simmons commits to UCLA

For the first time in years, UCLA could sign multiple running backs to the same recruiting class.

Four-star running back T.J. Simmons announced his commitment to the Bruins on Monday, choosing them over Florida, Ohio State and LSU. ranks him as the 21st-best 2015 prospect at his position.

The 6-foot, 195-pound Lakeland, Fla., native joins 5-foot-10, 216-pound Bolu Olorunfunmi — a three-star recruit — in UCLA’s 2015 class. If both sign letters of intent next February, their arrival will mark the first time since 2010 that the program added two tailbacks at once.

That year, Malcolm Jones and Jordon James became Bruins. The former had a unspectacular UCLA career, while the latter will likely be the team’s lead back this fall.

UCLA technically signed Paul Perkins and Fabian Moreau in 2012, but the latter quickly converted to cornerback and could be an all-conference talent there.

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  • Blue section 6

    Speaking of M. Jones, he was always an odd one. With his body, I expected him to be more like D. Coleman and run people over.

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Dude is a beast looks like D Foster back in the day. I look forward to him running through some sissy skirt pUSC losers.

  • Brrrrruins

    Really Jack? What about Miles Jack and so many others? Sure he wanted to play LB but he obviously brings RB skills and will be used as such occasionally. There are generally any number of players who played running back in HS that sign and get a shot at playing that position but end up playing a different position (Anthony Barr for one) or off the team (Malcolm, etc.). I’d check your stats closer. I bet you’ll see that every year there are a few. And some years 4-5. But I am thinking of over the last 30-40 years and you seem to be only going “way back” to 2010. What the team really seems to not recruiting successfully is a stud tight end every year. That is sorely needed. Just think if Hundley and Rosen had a big TE target to throw to. We’d actually have a decent passing game if we did.

    • Bruin 34

      You obviously don’t follow Ucla football much cause if you did you might know. I dunno……Thomas Duarte and Nate Iese. But then again. I’m sure you know that right?

      • Tommy B Low Us

        UMMM what about Alize Jones? The top ranked TE coming in….

        • Bruin 34

          That’s a given. Ucla doesn’t have a TE position anymore. Y is a role. Duarte, Iese, will play both, as will Jones when he arrives.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Agreed, i think that guy has zero clue.

          • Bruin 34

            I’m sure it was a simple oversight lol

      • Brrrrruins

        Last year Iese had ONE catch for three yards. That’s a tight end? Brett Hundley had a catch for SEVEN yards last year. Duarte, 16 catches for about 200 yards. That’ a pretty meager tight end total. What I mean is that they need a highly skilled TE and they need to throw the damn ball 10-12 yards to him. Repeatedly. Relying on Hundley to pretend he’s RGIII is a mistake. He needs to develop a midrange passing game, with slants by WRs and outs by TEs. Until they do, it’s going to be the same old thing. Making gimmick play like Myles Jack running the ball. Don’t get me wrong, LOVE Myles, and love seeing him on both sides. But gimmicks don’t win BCS bowls or Heismans.

        • Bruin 34

          If you subscribed to BRO you would understand what our scouts that cover ucla and watch their practices every day are saying about Duarte and Iese. There’s a reason Iese hasn’t been talked about much. As for Hundley. He can improve a bit yes. But in big games against better teams he looked bad because we had three starting o line freshman. Hundley had to do everything while running for his life at times.

    • Blue section 6

      Does Mazonne even like throwing to the TE? When Fauria was here, he really had to adjust his offense to suit him and it was mostly on 3rd down or redzone.

  • Neuweasal

    Yawwwnnnn. Wake me when we get to National Signing Day and Lebron “I’m-taking-my-talents-to-UCLA” Simmons actually signs on the (polka) dotted Bruin line. If he does join the Bruins he’ll have a steep learning curve — handbag thieving, stealing handicapped parking tags and hit-and-run drunk driving take a lot of practice.

    • Tommy B Low Us

      Ok so, we did not ask for you to describe your college experience. If you even had one….

      We are talking about TJ Simmons. Go back to your dead nobody cares blog and cry on!!!

    • The MacLeaner

      “Yawwwnnnn” is right – weak smack. 35-14, oh I know, USC only dressed like 12 guys that day. LOL, wear it kook. “Excuses are for losers” – Justin Williams

  • Tommy B Low Us

    This just in. Extra Extra…
    pUSC to get McDonald’s endorsement. They will wear Ronald McDonald shoes for the 2014 season. They will be specially designed to match the ketchup and mustard unis. Seems fitting, as most will end up behind the Mc D’s counter after leaving pUSC anyway.

    • Santiago Matamoros

      It is the University of Silly Clowns.

      (I hope they can make the poofy orange hair stick to the helmets.)

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Has Jon Gold returned?