UCLA football introduces new ‘L.A. Steel’ gray alternate uniforms

Here is UCLA football’s latest alternate look: a gray, sort-of-shiny jersey called “L.A. Steel.”

Introducing new uniforms has become a bit of an annual event for the Bruins, who unveiled “L.A. Midnight” last year and “L.A. Nights” the year before that.

UCLA’s press release called the latest iteration the first gray uniform in school history. The gloves come together to form a “UCLA” script also featured on the pants, and a print of the Los Angeles skyline appears along the compression sleeves. Its Shockweb compression technology also supposedly “clings tightly to the body, making players more difficult to tackle.”

Anyway, replicas are available to order now for $65, with your choice of Nos. 1, 17, 30 and 6. (That these happen to be the numbers of Brett Hundley, Myles Jack and Eric Kendricks is — of course — purely coincidental.)



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  • VB

    The actual uniforms looks pretty cool, but the replicas are freaking ugly. Wouldn’t be caught dead in one of those.

  • I liked the old gloves with the palm trees on it more than the new ones with just the logo

    • jameskatt

      All I see is the large “Adidas” logo on the gloves.

  • Frank Lee

    Funny. They look like kid’s pajamas.

  • Danny

    Why the guy is holding up three fingers? What could that possibly mean? Some sort of secret message?

    • jameskatt

      If you turn his hand around, you find the player is giving the “OK” sign.
      He was just too dumb to twist his wrist to show his forefinger and thumb to the camera.

  • jameskatt

    I prefer the darker Midnight Blue uniforms.
    Gray is too equivocal. It isn’t as menacing.

  • PatrickHenry949

    Yippee! UCLA introduces trendy uniforms. Did anyone stop to think how the numbers could be id’d by the crowd? How will they look on TV? At least the Surrender Whites made identifying the have nots easy.

    On the same day, ALL of college football was talking with great anticipation of a game that will not be played for 770 days when USC and Alabama play in Dallas. I think it is safe to say that neither the Trojans or Crimson Tide will have the need to add a trendy uniform to garner attention.

    Actions speak louder than words.