Zach LaVine’s dunks light up Seattle Pro-Am

A reminder that Zach LaVine is still very, very good at dunking.

One pre-draft comparison lobbed about for UCLA’s one-and-done guard was Gerald Green, who a former dunk contest champ who finally turned himself into a serviceable NBA player this past season.

LaVine might not become a superstar, but he’s going to earn a ticket to All-Star weekend on hops alone.

  • Mark

    Why is this covered in the Ucla blog?

    • sophiya wright

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

      • VB

        Love how Jack is getting spam posts on his blog now. ROFL

    • jameskatt

      Obviously, Zach played for UCLA last year.

    • VB

      Wang is scrounging for material to post. He has to embed a YouTube video of one-and-done basketball players who aren’t even beloved by the fans.

      Can’t wait till Fall Camp starts so we can at least get maybe 2 quality posts out of him per day. I doubt he even goes to to Fall Camp this year. Probably will send JIll Painter out to cover it. Fine by me, Jill does a way better job than Wang anyway.

  • jameskatt

    Hops don’t determine if you are a good NBA player.

  • VB

    Jack’s Twitter feed has more comprehensive coverage of the Sterling trial than it does about UCLA.