Jim Mora: No plans to redshirt UCLA’s new defensive linemen

UCLA head coach Jim Mora said Thursday that the team doesn’t plan to redshirt its three freshman defensive linemen: nose tackle Ainuu Taua, and defensive ends Matt Dickerson and Jacob Tuioti-Mariner.

All three were four-star recruits who were ranked among the top 35 Californian prospects in 2014.

“The plan is to play all three, and play them a lot,” Mora said. “In this conference, you have to be able to rotate guys through. They’re all good football players. That could change, but right now, we’re planning on playing them all.”

Mora also talked to reporters (VIDEO ABOVE) about the Bruins’ transition from training camp to game prep, the running back depth chart, and the development of Y-receiver Thomas Duarte.

  • MPPBruin

    This has to be one of the big bonuses to recruits. You will get a chance to play here.