Weekly Q&A — 8/23/14

Just one week left until UCLA starts its third season under Jim Mora. Drop any questions in the comments by Sunday afternoon/evening, and I’ll post answers on Monday. Thanks in advance.

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  • alex

    Awesome work, Jack.

    So far you’ve done interviews and previews and the like, but what’s your personal opinion on just how far the Bruins’ can go this year? I value your opinion because A) you’re unbiased and B) you followed the Bruins closely last year so you’re definitely qualified to compare.


  • Tommy B Low Us

    Hey jack. Do you think Starks will play this year? Is he going to have a red shirt year?

  • jungleland

    So who is the backup QB at this point?

  • jungleland

    How is the kicking game looking?

  • Aero93

    1)Has anybody ever interviewed Sal Alosi? He seems to be an important part in the transformation of these players but you never read anything about him.

    2)Where do you think the Bruins will end up at the end of the year? I’m thinking two loss max during the regular season.

    3)As long as Mora is there, don’t you think the Bruins will be a top 20 team every year? Do you see Ulbrich, Klemm or Mazzone bolting anytime soon?

    4)My favorite interviews are those with the offensive linemen(Toran, Benenoch, Redmond). Who have been the best interviews for you?

  • Jack: i think the Bruins are loaded this year, i only really have two concerns. the first is running back, but we have options and someone will break out, i’m sure so im not really worried about that.

    my real concern is Hundley’s ability to throw the ball down the field against nickle/prevent packages. he is ok when he has a guy break open and he is the primary option, but the problem seems to be when the first option is not available and he now has to make the progression to his 2nd or 3rd option down field (he’s fine on the short routes). usually, he depends on his legs and obviously that has worked most of the time. but to get us to the next level (Champeenship) he has to be able to do this in a big game.

    so my question to you is, do you think Hundley A) has problems reading defenses, or B) the coaches stress with him to not take chances with the ball or C) he is too quick to start running cause that feels safer to him than throwing deep?

  • Front seven is good: a little stronger, a little weaker, same as last year?

  • Fitts going to Utah…..in the old days, if i recall correctly, transfers within the same conference had to sit TWO years. still a rule?

  • 92104bruinfan

    Jack, thanks for helping us get geared up for the 2014 season. It’s been a while since the Bruins have had these type of expectations and am curious how they handle themselves on a weekly basis with the proverbial target on their backs.

    1. Has Assanti Woulard made any significant progress during the fall camp?

    2. ESPN posted a bit earlier this week about beer sales slowly returning to some college venues as a large potential source of revenue. While the RB already offers beer & wine in certain areas of the stadium, have you heard of any discussion of broadening sales to the general public?

    3. What would be the most noticeable difference between the D that Spanos ran the last two years and what Ulbrich is installing for this season?

    Thanks for the word as always and look forward to the season. Go Bruins!

  • RepuBruin

    Appreciate these Q&As, Jack!

    What’s the status on the new football facility? Any speculation on when they’ll be breaking ground?

  • EncinitasBruin

    I’m not so concerned with our Fairbairn and FGs, but I am quite concerned about the punting, with the loss of Covington. Who is looking better, Juco transfer Mengel, or frosh Searl?

  • more Jumbo backfield packages with D-line as fullbacks and Jack running this year?? fans and players love this….on the flip side, opponents are looking for this….but Hundley can go play action and throw deep when the defenses stack the line against this formation…..

    my question: have then run this in summer camp or will they wait for closed practice in game week to work in?

  • VB

    You can buy stock today for any one of the freshmen. Whose stock are you buying?

  • Sam C

    Seems like all the stars are aligned for a special season. Can we realistically beat out Oregon for the PAC 12 title this year?

  • U Got Bruined

    What have you seen that is
    different from this year compared to last year? What have you seen that has improved
    and why? In what areas have you seen us regress in, if any and why? Do you think we will see Jack in as a RB in the
    UV game, if not by what game would you guess we would see him in that role?

  • Dan Weeks

    Since Jonathon Franklin, we haven’t had a go to running back. Jordan James, Paul Perkins! Steven Manfro are solid, but not “The man”. Who do you think has the best chance too step into that role? Any chance Craig Lee or Adarius Pickett can jump to the top? Are we destined for another year of running back by committee? How will Myles Jack fit in?

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Any idea why Kylie Fitts transferred to Utah? My guess is that he could not handle the academics at ucla.

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Who do you think will be the next big 5 star recruit the bruins will land?

  • Amir Navabpour

    Our 4 star RB verbal commit from Florida blew out his knee last night. Given the staff’s challenges in landing a top tier RB the last few years, what do you think Mora’s strategy will be to make sure this class lands a sure fire RB?

    • Hogsman

      FWIW, he broke his fibula instead of blowing out his knee. Hope that means a quicker and more complete recovery.

  • Amir Navabpour

    2 out of the 3 guys on ESPN college gameday picked the Bruins to win the national title today. How realistic do you think this is? If we get past Oregon, would you agree to road to a NT becomes significantly more realistic?

  • Cliff Sakata

    Kind of off topic but is UCLA planning to do anything for Jim Harrick and 20th anniversary of the basketball championship?

  • Bernie

    ESPN recently published an article entitled “Mora On The Recruiting Hot Seat”, stating there is a faction of the UCLA family concerned regarding Coach Mora’s recruiting prowess. I can’t for the life of me comprehend why anyone would assume such a position when the evidence against it is so overwhelming. Just look at the upgrade in talent on the team in first and second year players. Just last season 18 true freshman played. Next years class is full of Mora’s type of players too. Can you explain their viewpoint to me?

    • Jack Wang

      I really don’t know why he would be on the recruiting hot seat.

  • Scott

    Has Brett Hundley’s long ball gotten better?

  • JPKB

    Idea for a column: How about doing an expose on the anonymous trolls who masquerade as UCLA fans and moderate the boards on the venom-spewing hater website, BN.

    I know lots of Bruin fans who would loved to see those clowns exposed.

  • dnaka19

    seing how fast our 2015 football class is filling up and how quite a few big recruits are still considering UCLA how many scholarships do we have open next year total and left?

  • Josephine Bruin

    what does Jim Mora’s hashtag #SOP mean? HE’s been tweeting that a lot for the past couple of months.

  • Josephine Bruin

    Vinci on DL was being talked about my the media during spring. how was his san berdo camp? and will eli ankou get playing time this year????

  • Danny

    Has Jim Mora made any comment on him leaving? I seems to be a topic that keeps coming up in the national media, but I have not seen any statements from him to suggest that. What is your take on his long term tenure

  • Laker Rod

    Can anybody please clarify on who the 18 true frosh were who played last year. It appears there were only 17. 1. Andrews 2. Brown 3. Duarte 4. Goodman 5. Clark 6. Hollins 7. Jack 8. Judge 9. Benenoch 10. Redmond 11. Quessenberry 12. Savaiinaea 13. Vanderdoes 14. Ortiz 15. Willis 16. Fitts 17. Covington. Official roster shows Tyler Foreman redshirted. Interesting playing so many true frosh in that so far 2 are no longer in the program in Kylie Fitts and Sean Covington. Another is unavailable in Darren Andrews who got hurt while playing last year. Kind of like how Kenny Walker got hurt his true frosh year. Ian Taubler played as a true frosh also and has now had to medically retire. Simon Goines played as a true frosh and has been battling injuries his whole career. Are young players who have yet to physically mature being put at risk? It’s understood some are ready to contribute but can they handle the academic load (Covington?) and also the physical punishment. What about getting the sense of entitlement if things come too easy for some by playing so early in Torian White.

    • Jack Wang

      I think 18 is counting true freshman walk-on Charles Dawson.

  • Bruin 34

    If you guys had a BRO account. Most of your questions would be answered. Lol.

  • Aero93

    Is Zumwalt going to make the cut for the Steelers? What about Shaq Evans? How is he doing?

  • Aero93

    If the Bruins somehow make it to the final four after just 3 years under Mora(as some experts have predicted), wouldn’t you consider that one of the greatest turnarounds in college football history?

  • Peter Lay

    With regard to the 2015 recruiting class, isn’t this the year that we are short on scholarships? What other positions do you think fill out the rest of the available spots?

  • Harold Martinez

    Will a 2 loss PAC-12 Champion be given a berth in the four team playoff?

    • Laker Rod

      No way. Not even sure a 1 loss team will get in.