UCLA falls four spots to No. 11 in AP poll, USA Today coaches poll

So much for that top-ten billing.

UCLA fell four spots to No. 11 in both the Associated Press and USA Today coaches polls, its 28-20 win at Virginia not nearly matching up to wide expectations of a blowout. Although the Bruins’ defense looked elite in returning touchdowns on two interceptions and a fumble, the offense rarely found its rhythm.

There’s still time for UCLA to fix itself up before Pac-12 play begins, but mustering just one offensive touchdown against the Cavaliers on ESPN dispelled a lot of the national title hype of recent weeks.

Oregon remains the highest-ranked team in the conference at No. 3, while Stanford, USC and Arizona State follow the Bruins at 13th, 14th and 17th, respectively.

See the full AP poll below:

1. Florida State (46), 1-0
2. Alabama (1), 1-0
3. Oregon (5), 1-0
4. Oklahoma (2), 1-0
5. Auburn, 1-0
6. Georgia (2), 1-0
7. Michigan State, 1-0
8. Ohio State, 1-0
9. Texas A&M (2), 1-0
10. Baylor, 1-0
11. UCLA, 1-0
12. LSU (1), 1-0
13. Stanford, 1-0
14. USC, 1-0
15. Ole Miss, 1-0
16. Notre Dame, 1-0
17. Arizona State, 1-0
18. Wisconsin, 0-1
19. Nebraska, 1-0
20. Kansas State, 1-0
21-tie. South Carolina, 0-1
21-tie. North Carolina, 1-0
23. Clemson, 0-1
24. Missouri, 1-0
25. Louisville 1-0

  • 5-Hole

    wow. Florida State and Alabama both struggled against even crappier opponents (and at home I’m sure) yet they remain 1-2. OK.

    • facescar

      1. Neither was at home. Both played on neutral fields.

      2. Virginia was 2-10 last year. Oklahoma State and West Virginia both had better records. Even if you want to argue that Virginia has improved dramatically and is now far better, there is no reason that that could not also be true of the other two teams.

      3. Alabama and Florida State were challenged, but responded with good showings on both sides. Our defense was certainly up to the task, but our offense was woefully inept. The fact that the majority of our points came off of returns for touchdowns (likely viewed as fluky by outside observers) only serves to make this worse for us.

      As much as it sucks, we deserved the small drop in the polls. I’m sure we’ll earn back those spots once we shape up, but our performance saturday was worse than FSU and Bama’s.

  • EncinitasBruin

    On the one hand, I’m a bit relieved we dropped out of the Top 10–might be the wake-up call our team needs. On the other hand, it’s ridiculous how both FSU and Alabama struggled equally with lesser opponents, yet did not fall at all. East Coast bias?

    • facescar

      Replied to this elsewhere, but basically WVU and OKST are not worse than UVA, and FSU/Bama did better in their games than we did in ours. Full stop.

      • EncinitasBruin

        I see your point. However, FSU won by 6, we won by 8. By “better” I assume you mean offensively. Still, one team wins by 8 and falls 4 spots, and the nation’s–supposed–best team wins by 6 and doesn’t fall at all? For me, that’s illogical.

        • facescar

          That’s not how football works. You can’t just look at the box score and say, “well that’s that.”

          Florida State had a shaky day, their Heisman QB had two interceptions and things weren’t quite perfect at first. And then they worked things out in the end. They won their game. Oklahoma State scored at the last second to make it look more competitive, but FSU decisively won that game midway through the 4th.

          UCLA’s offense never gave that same feeling of, “oh right, *that’s* how we do this.”

          We got a burst of 21 points in the 2nd quarter from some fantastic defensive plays, and then held on for dear life as our opponents clawed their way back into the game. If not for the UVA coaching staff forgetting how to call pass plays in the 4th quarter, we might not be 1-0.

          We were never truly in control of the game. Even when we finally scored on offense, it didn’t feel like we’d really figured it all out.

          • EncinitasBruin

            Good points. We need to get to that “oh right, *that’s* how we do this” place against Memphis–or our trip to the Lone Star State could get ugly.

  • Tommy B Low Us

    These early season polls are ridiculous. They should not even start the rankings till at least after week 7 to have a better idea. They are about as useful as the player star rankings.

  • 92104bruinfan

    We didn’t play like a top 10 team so I have no issue being dropped to #11 for the time being. The polls are a snapshot at a particular point in the season so after 1 week, I’ll take this with a gigantic boulder of salt. So long as the Bruins take care of biz on the field, the poll rankings will take care of themselves. I trust Klemm and Mora will solve the O-line issues and the performance against UVA will be looked back upon as an aberration. Go Bruins!


      Well, I mean, the O-line has made vast improvements over the off-season, so they should have no problem shoring it up over the course of 4 days, right?

  • Bruwins

    How badly do Stanford need to beat UC Davis? Beating them by 45 points apparently is not enough to keep their #11 ranking.