Jim Mora: Lack of clarity on Brett Hundley doesn’t give UCLA edge

As he has for most of the past week, UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley practiced on Tuesday with a brace covering his left elbow — the one he injured in a 20-17 win against Texas 10 days ago.

And as he has for most of the past week, UCLA head coach Jim Mora didn’t offer many details: “He’s been limited. He’s done a few things. He’s worked a little bit.” He said again that he is relying on the team’s medical staff to determine if Hundley is ready — a decision that could stretch, naturally, as late as Thursday evening.

Mora added that the lack of clarity surrounding his star quarterback’s health doesn’t give UCLA any sort of tactical advantage heading into Thursday’s 7 p.m. kickoff at Arizona State, particularly given who the Sun Devils’ head coach is.

“Todd Graham is a tremendous defensive coach,” Mora said. “He’s been doing this a long, long time. It’s not like anyone’s trying to pull anything over on Todd Graham, because you can’t pull anything over on Todd Graham. They’re preparing for UCLA. They’re preparing schemes and plays and tendencies.

“I’m sure they’re assuming that Brett’s going to play. That’s what I’d be doing. And I’m nowhere near the coach that Todd Graham is.”

Graham said as much on a Tuesday teleconference: “There’s no doubt in my mind he’s going to play.”

  • keptycho

    I think Mora is being very coy. Hundley would not be practicing if he weren’t going to play. I expect Hundley to come out strong and have a great game.

    • VB

      We don’t know if Hundley is actually practicing because the beat reporters can’t report on what goes on in practice. All we know is that he is showing up to practice with his uniform on, but that does not mean he is actually taking snaps.

      • Moises Rosiles

        read between the lines dude…it’s a pretty safe bet that Hundley has been practicing and will suit up and will play…to what extent and how effectively he does so is another thing…so relax

        • VB

          I am relaxed. Everyone else on here is purporting that Hundley is going to play and will “have a great game.” My point was that we don’t know if he is even practicing, let alone going to play great on Thursday. You go ahead and “read between the lines.” I will stick to what I know.

          • Moises Rosiles

            when mora first started he was doling out injury reports as if this was the NFL. now he plays coy with the media, opposing coaches etc. the ASU coach is betting on hundley playing…maybe you should too…plus ASU has its own qb injuries to worry about.

          • Moises Rosiles

            Do you feel dumb now VB?

          • VB

            Why would I feel dumb?

  • Tommy B Low Us

    I think Mora kind of enjoys playing with reporters. I find it funny…

    • EncinitasBruin

      It’s no secret that if Hundley is ready to go, he’ll go. I think Mora is being honest, but as you suggest, is a bit amused at how the media over-analyzes these things. He’s got a bit of an ironic personality, so if he can mess with the reporters a little, why not do so?

      • Tommy B Low Us

        The LA times is all about drama and trying to sell a story. If they can’t get good quotes they get frustrated. Mora knows that is the case, and he plays with that fact.

  • 92104bruinfan

    “It’s not like anyone’s trying to pull anything over on Todd Graham, because you can’t pull anything over on Todd Graham.” This might be my favorite one-liner from Coach Mora since he’s been here. I suspect he was trying to be complementary towards Graham but it came out a bit weird. Hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing and paraphrasing it in certain choice contexts. Go Bruins!

    • Danny

      Yeah sounds like a Chuck Norris quote. Or from “the most interesting man in the world.”

      “There was a street named Todd Graham, but they had to change it because no one crosses Todd Graham and lives”

      “Todd Graham doesn’t call the wrong number. You answer the wrong phone”

      “Todd Graham can speak Russian…in French”

      “Todd Graham once brought a knife to a gunfight….just to even the odds”

      • bruinbiochem06

        When Alexander Bell invented the telephone, he had 3 missed calls from Todd Graham.

        • Danny

          Todd Graham doesn’t cheat death. Todd Graham wins fair and square

          Todd Graham doesn’t wear a watch. Todd Graham decides what time it is.

  • john wolcott

    Mora playing around this week with Hundley’s condition will result in the Pac-12 mandating some type of transparent injury report