Pac-12 will review penalty on UCLA’s Eddie Vanderdoes

A penalty against UCLA defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes in the second quarter will be reviewed further by the conference, said Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

Vanderdoes appeared to throw a punch at Oregon running back Thomas Tyner on the bottom of a pileup. He drew a 15-yard penalty — giving the Ducks an automatic first down on what would have been third-and-3 just past midfield — but was not ejected.

Oregon scored five plays later, when Marcus Mariota threw a screen pass to Tyner for a 21-yard gain and a 15-3 lead. After the play, UCLA defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich also got into a heated argument with head coach Jim Mora, handing over his headset.

Scott said at halftime that he already has a video clip of what happened on Vanderdoes’ penalty.

“Anything that could possibly be a fighting act is reviewed by the conference office,” he said. “That’s something we’ll certainly take a look at on Monday.”

  • George Valbuena III

    …another underachieving bonehead UCLA player…

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Takes one to know one. I bet you did not even go to college. Losers like you make the world a swill. Go back to your trollgan hole. Little beeeach!!

  • Sandy Underpants

    What’s the big deal? That’s Bruin football. Assault and Battery in a meaningless blowout loss. I hope they let it go so he can really injure somebody badly in an even more meaningless game next weekend, so he get suspended for the least meaningful game in Colorado. Wake me up when we play a team that doesn’t completely stink. #hybernation.

  • Schnotts88

    At the stadium I saw two plays in which a Bruin player clearly landed on the fumble. When the dogpile cleared, Oregon recovered. What Vanderdoes did on the bottom of the pile is no different that the eye gouging or whatever Oregon apparently did in those dogpiles. Before suspending Vanderdoes, Larry Scott should clarify the rule–either anything goes (as apparently is the case now in every conference in America) or carefully consider Oregon’s sordid history of bad sportsmanship running up scores on the road with starters against hapless opponents, accepting ill-begotten Asian sweatshop money from their billionaire outsourcer sugar daddy, and keep a watchful eye on those miserable pretenders. BTW, that goofy Donald Duck knockoff needs to get in shape. Those non-pushups are embarrasing and really crack me up. Hey Goofy Duck: keep you body rigid, lock your elbows at the top and touch your chest on the ground–on every rep. That’s a real pushup. I’ll bet you couldn’t even make it to 7 of those.

    • James Rothstein

      Your mascot should show us how it’s done! You only have to do half as many, so it shouldn’t be a problem.