Paul Perkins on verge of becoming UCLA’s 13th 1,000-yard rusher

Paul Perkins runs past cornerback Kenneth Crawley for a 92-yard touchdown in the first quarter of UCLA's 40-37 win at Colorado on Oct. 25. (Getty Images)

Paul Perkins runs past cornerback Kenneth Crawley for a 92-yard touchdown in the first quarter of UCLA’s 40-37 win at Colorado on Oct. 25. (Getty Images)

Paul Perkins might not be the flashiest running back around, but the redshirt sophomore is just four yards away from becoming UCLA’s 13th 1,000-yard rusher.

He’ll likely hit that mark on his very first carry at the Rose Bowl this Saturday. The last two Bruins to reach the milestone were all-time leading rusher Johnathan Franklin (in both 2012 and 2010) and Chris Markey (2006).

Perkins is currently second in the Pac-12 with 124.5 yards per game, which puts him on pace to rush for 1,618 yards through the regular season plus a bowl game. That would be the second-best single-season mark in school history, behind Franklin’s 1,734.

See the full list of UCLA’s all-time 1,000-yard seasons below:

Johnathan Franklin20122821,734
Karim Abdul-Jabbar19952961,571
Gaston Green19862531,405
Freeman McNeil19792711,396
Wendell Tyler19752081,388
Theotis Brown19782111,283
Skip Hicks19972581,282
Karim Abdul-Jabbar19942101,227
Kevin Williams19911911,141
Kermit Johnson19731501,129
Johnathan Franklin20102141,127
DeShaun Foster20012161,109
Chris Markey20062271,107
Freeman McNeil19802031,105
Gaston Green19872061,098
Theotis Brown19762001,092
DeShaun Foster20002691,037
Skip Hicks19962241,034
Maurice Jones-Drew20041601,007
Wendell Tyler19761811,003
  • 92104bruinfan

    Thanks for highlighting the most consistent offensive player the Bruins have this year and of course, much of his success is attributable to blocking that has improved game by game as the season has gone on. Go Bruins!

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  • VB

    Perkins has been very good this year. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him beat Franklin’s all-time rushing record in a couple years. That, coupled with Josh Rosen’s monster arm should give us a formidable offense for the next few years. Better times are ahead, my friends.

    • Hogsman

      UCLA needs a more experienced QB coach. Hundley hasn’t made substantial improvement since 2012 (watch the 2012 game vs. Southern Cal and compare it to any game this season). I think Rosen needs someone with a proven track record to help him with his footwork and touch. Otherwise, he might just turn out to be another strong-armed thrower like Ben Olson.

      • VB

        When I was in high school basketball I had a coach who would bring his teenage son to practice after school because the kid had nothing else to do. After a while, the kid, who was our age, would start barking orders at us and assist his dad with the drills. Eventually he started coming to the games and “coached” from the bench. His dad eventually labeled him assistant coach, even though he had no credentials or experience coaching, but was there because his dad was there.

        That is what the Noel/Taylor Mazzone situation reminds me of.

        • WEB_Dupree

          So did the teenager coach you up, or not?

          • VB

            Nah. He was an moron.

          • WEB_Dupree

            That’s too bad. You should just lie and embellish your story so that it ends with, “And that kid’s name was Erik Spoelstra.”

          • commentar

            “And that kid became Lane Kiffin”

          • WEB_Dupree

            Ha, somewhere out there a few ex-NFL players probably have that exact story.

      • 92104bruinfan

        Noel certainly has the track record as current and ex NFL QBs such as Philip Rivers do seek him out in the off-season. However, he seems to delegate a lot of the QB work to Taylor and while I’m sure Taylor has learned quite a bit from his father, I wonder if all might be better served if he cut his teeth elsewhere and perhaps return in the future after he’s had a chance to hone his craft. Go Bruins!

    • Laker Rod

      To rely on a true frosh in Josh Rosen or any true frosh is simply asking for trouble. Hundley redshirted and still hasn’t gotten rid of his bad habits. Same with the O line guys like Redmond and Benenoch and every other player who started as freshmen. Same thing happened with Brehaut and Prince. Where has starting Ellis McCarthy in 2012 helped UCLA? 2 years later and he mainly comes off the bench. Oh brother. Vanderdoes yet another 5 star and is not doing much his 2nd year starting. Owa another 5 star did very little his true frosh year. Look at Eric Kendricks…he’s UCLA’s best D player and he redshirted and then played as a reserve as a redshirt frosh and only started from his redshirt soph year. This is the right way to do things. This is how Stanford does it and also ASU for the most part. Utah and Byu use older players to win. Look at how XSF worked out. He went on a two year mission and was just so much more mature than others. Look at Connor McDermott a 2 star recruit but grey shirted redshirted. He’s 22 years old as a redshirt sophomore! What has Orjioke done at this point? He’s already a true junior at 19 years old. He’s now hurt. Franklin was a fumble machine in his early years.

  • j metaphor

    I want to thank UCLA for once again, enriching my life and making me a better person. Born a Bruin, married a Bruin and my Dad graduated from UCLA in 1940. My sister is a graduate and my son is at UCLA now. I have followed UCLA sports my entire life and until the second half of the Colorado game never missed a minute of any game I could attend or watch. UCLA (football) taught me yet another life lesson last weekend I will never forget. Get a life.
    I love this coaching staff, the effort of the players of this team and their dedication to each other and my school. My head exploded just before halftime when Hundley fumbled and we once again played down to the level of an “inferior” opponent.
    Thank you UCLA football for teaching me to depend upon my own victories for my sense of worth and well being. I will forever more treat UCLA sports as what it is: excellent competition between young men and women with other excellent schools, and not reality.
    I will continue to celebrate that UCLA runs an outstanding and more importantly clean program and values the well being of it’s athletes above all else.
    The outcome of the game is secondary.
    That is, except for the SC game……

    • MPPBruin

      A dose of perspective. How refreshing.