Clancy Pendergast officially hired by San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have officially hired longtime defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast, striking one potential name off the list of candidates for UCLA defensive coordinator.

The Bruins officially announced Jeff Ulbrich’s departure for the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, although the offer was first reported last Tuesday.

Pendergast’s name had been tossed around as a potential replacement for Ulbrich, even though he had reportedly been hired by the 49ers. With the hire not yet finalized until today, the door remained open to the possibility that the 47-year-old might opt for the college ranks despite his distaste for recruiting. He had mentioned for defensive coordinator openings at both LSU and Utah last month.

He had been a defensive coordinator for the Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs for over half a decade before taking the same position at Cal (2010-12) and USC (2013). Pendergast is about as bland as Ulbrich is charismatic, but is a football lifer with well-regarded knowledge of the Xs and Os.

UCLA could still opt for someone with a similar background — with the most popular name now being Jim Haslett, who worked with Bruin head coach Jim Mora on the New Orleans Saints staff in 1995 and 1996. Haslett mutually parted ways with Washington at the end of 2014, and is currently without a job.

An NFL-type hire would make sense for a few reasons. It would fit Mora’s pattern for hiring assistants, and could be used as a selling point with recruits — even if the candidate himself doesn’t turn out to be a stud recruiter. It also might be harder to lure a NCAA assistant away at this time of year, at least without a significant pay raise or other extenuating factors.

  • Leo

    Does anyone know what DeWayne Walker is up to? Wikipedia says that he’s DB coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Would he be up for a return to college?

    • Insomnia333

      I hope not. While he did well against pro style offenses, the spread teams seemed to just eat him up. I also hope Haslett remains just a rumor. He’s one of the worst DC’s in NFL history and has next to no college experience.

      • gotroy22

        You mean like the way Oregon has destroyed you the last 3 years? Walker couldn’t be any worse.

  • xtracool32

    When is the daily news going to get wang off the ucla beat. He never reports anything enlightening. We have known this a long time that clancy Pendergast was going to the niners. I miss the days of dohn, and gold when they would tell us what was going on with ucla athletics. I rarely come here anymore because there is nothing interesting to read. It’s time for a change!

    • Aero93

      I remember reading the same complaint about Gold when he was here.

      • xtracool32

        Gold was very informative. He was always telling us the latest news with recruits in both basketball, and football. Wang is just straight up lazy, it seems.

        • Aero93

          The thing I liked about Gold was that he seemed to inject more of his personality into his reporting. He seemed to have a very good sense of humor and we needed all we could get during those tough years.

          • jameskatt

            Gold was primarily personality. I liked him too. But it was more personality than news.

            However, as people get really good, they go up in the world. And Gold moved up.

            The news industry isn’t very healthy. Reporters are very underpaid. And photographers have lost their jobs.
            So be thankful for what you have.

        • ScottWolfSniffsHisOwnFarts

          Serious question for you. Would you prefer Scott Wolf? IMO. He redefines lazy. I can’t think of one professional redeeming quality about him. Its ironic that these blogs are titled, “Inside…” yet they never have any inside information. Maybe there is no good answer to my question.

          • gotroy22

            Lazy? He posts 10 stories for every Wang blog entry. Why do you even post here? You should go to wearesc where you can argue with the other rah rahs who is the biggest suck up.

    • Steve W

      That’s just crazy talk. Find me another source that’s more informative than jack.

      • jameskatt

        I second that opinion.

    • JPKB

      Brian Dohn was the gold standard, pardon the pun. Gold wasn’t at his level but also did a really good job.

      Ryan Kartje does a great job at the OC Register if you can get past the firewall and also posts good stuff on Twitter.

      • jameskatt

        You mean if you pay for your news you get good information. People forget that.

        At ESPN, you get the better stories if you PAY for them.

        • JPKB

          I understand your point and you are probably correct in general terms regarding paid sites but I think ESPN is a bad example when it comes to actual news so forgive me for going off-topic.

          ESPN has almost zero credibility as a news organization because of the ceaseless cross-promoting they do of their brands, e.g. SEC Networks, Texas Longhorns, southern Cal, etc; across all their properties including their radio and TV networks, websites, etc.

          Does anyone really believe that SEC schools recruited 120 of the top 300 players in the country or that the SEC West had 3 of the top 5 teams in the country last year? It won’t be long before they will put last season behind us and the drum roll regarding SEC supremacy will begin anew and we will be treated to a bunch of over-hyped, overrated SEC teams climbing up the rankings thanks to ESPN’s non-stop hype of their broadcast partners and the SEC’s weak opponents.

          We would have heard a lot more about Ohio State during the regular season if ESPN owned the Big 10 network instead of Fox.

    • jameskatt

      I like Jack Wang. He gets stories when there are no stories. He digs and digs for gold. He even keeps us up to date with Twitter feeds. He has maintained a good balance between news and opinion. He has done a fantastic job on a shoe-string budget. We’ve gotten a lot of info for free.

      If you don’t like it, you are too hard to please. And if you want more information, please donate $100,000 to Jack Wang. Give him a real budget.

      • PUSC

        Agree! I’d like to see Dohn back but he’s not coming back.
        Bring back Miguel Melendez

    • DarrenSPQR

      What information are you aware of that Jack is failing to report?

      If, as I suspect, the answer is ‘none’ then I think you ought to reconsider your position.

      • xtracool32

        Where the weekly q and a’s that dohn and gold provided us. It seems like wang has his defenders because you guys are still here everyday, while so many people have bailed from this blog.

  • JPKB

    Not sure why JW felt a need to post a story on Pendergast, a Southern Cal, Northern Cal-Berkeley retread. He was never seriously in the discussion unless you give any credence to the laughable trolls on hater nation who are also pimping a DC from Appalachian State, wherever that is.

    Imagine the howling from those imposters after the D gives up their first TD no matter who it winds up being let alone if it were Pendergast or Billy Bob from Appalachia.