Roquan Smith picks Georgia nine days after announcing for UCLA

What started as one of UCLA’s most pleasant Signing Day surprises has finally fizzled out. Four-star linebacker Roquan Smith signed with Georgia on Friday, nine days after initially announcing for the Bruins on ESPNU.

His news wasn’t exactly a shocker — not after he essentially accused the UCLA staff of lying to him in an interview with this week. The top prospect out of Montezuma (Ga.) Macon County had yet to sign his letter of intent last Wednesday when news broke that defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich was leaving the Bruins to become the Atlanta Falcons’ linebackers coach.

After the debacle became a national story, Smith decided to sign a grant-in-aid agreement instead of an NLI. That leaves him the option to change schools without penalty until he enrolls.

UCLA finishes its 2015 class at No. 13 nationally on, and No. 9 on

  • pv bruin

    wish good luck to the young man… sure coach U was important but the bottom line is that a kid should have made his decision in the 1st place based on the school reputation as a whole and not just because of one of the coaches…will face the same dilemma later on career & marriage decisions…

    • jameskatt

      I disagree. The coach is very important in how the player develops. And this determines his NFL career. With Ulbrich gone, there was no reason for Roquan Smith to stay at UCLA. He made the right decision to stay home with Georgia.

  • commentar

    Hard to go to UCLA when all your friends and family and STATE want you to go to Georgia

    • Charlie Bucket

      exactly…his HS coach and UGA got the poor kid all confused! look for the HS coach to suddenly become an Asst coach as UGA… don’t think he wanted to be out here at the beach with all the sun and girls and things to do?

      i know people here who came from GA, and believe me, they aint going back anytime soon.

      • cmwilliamsd

        In his article yesterday. He said he was 60% Georgia 40% UCLA even after he made his announcement. There was no guarantee he was ever coming

        • Charlie Bucket

          he was 60% UGA even while he was putting on the UCLA gloves??? they had the kid all CONFUSED!!

          if the gloves don’t fit….you gotta quit!!!

  • Sam C

    What’s Roquan going to do with those UCLA gloves?

    • cmwilliamsd

      Pass them on to Ryan Newsome?

      • gotroy22


    • Brian

      Burn them.

    • 8 Krap

      Take up gardening?

    • jameskatt

      Sell them on eBay.

  • ungalan

    I’m feeling like this pretty well cements “bricks” legacy at UCLA. He wasn’t ready for the DC job, as demonstrated by his body of work and exemplified by the Oregon side line face touching melt down, and didn’t put the school first in handling this recruitment (be it his recruitment of the player or his recruitment by his new employer)

    To bad, I really wanted to like the guy, but now it’s an opportunity for Mora to upgrade to a real college DC. This may prove to be a watershed moment for Mora. Three coaching carousel has pretty much stopped, so how well he “recruits” a DC may dictate hid fate for the next few years.

    • commentar

      Getting a DC now is a little late in the game however. I think Ulbrich could’ve become a good DC. It was his first year afterall. But I hope Mora gets someone seasoned so to pass the growing pains

      • cmwilliamsd

        Was a huge downgrade from Spanos. To bad Lou was such poor recruiter. He could have been special. Loved his halftime adjustments. JU was lost as the DC.

  • Mark

    It’s still a net plus for Ucla. Ulbrich leaving was the most important thing. If it costs Ucla a recuit, so be it.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      If only Mora was as smart as Bruin fans like to think he is.

      • ProbationU

        But he IS smarter than you….although that’s a pretty low bar to hurdle.

        • jameskatt

          I second and third that assertion.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          I see P’O’d you’re adopting a childish, pugnacious attitude. Obviously the hurdle is still to high for you to handle.

          Your pietistic whiny 2/13 threads on Inside SUCC a are days late and reek regurgitated Hox Box Burritos. Your penny ante “Can’t we all get along here” shtick is laughable.

          In the land of the blind Po’d, you couldn’t get a gig as a one eyed seeing eye dog.

          So from now on PO’d, your stagnant, soap opera fat chick threads are fair game.

          • ProbationU

            Somebody needs a Snickers. Is that you, Marcia?

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            You still need the trampoline pubie.

            Sounds like your still into late 60’s and 70’s bubble gum family TV. Bad childhood uh Beaver.

            Pubie check your local cable listing, maybe there’s a “Petticoat Junction” marathon running. Sounds like your intellectual all day SUCCker. Here – Lick this.

          • ProbationU

            Up at 3am posting with the maturity of a pre-teen. What a life!

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Five day old dead SUCC Mackerel. We’re done Pubie, I don’t speak Klown enquish.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Aren’t you thrilled to have him on your side, doing such a great job representing UCLA?

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            A straight 2015 SB commercial rip off. Very clever Pubie.

    • gotroy22

      LOL. One smart ruin in a sea of rah rahs.

  • VB

    F this kid dude. We don’t need a headcase.

    • Laker Rod

      Really? Just brush aside all the misleading done by the UCLA coaches related to him.

      And let this be a learning lesson to the coaches who try to go after these out of state kids only to come up empty. We are pretty thin at ILB and perhaps UCLA needs to go after these types of players when they have more quality players at these spots.

      UCLA can’t afford to miss too many times. It’s not that easy to get transfers. This is why UCLA ends up playing too freshmen and this is why the program continually falls short of any sort of championship.

    • jameskatt

      He wasn’t being fickle. He was being prudent. With Ulbrich gone, there was no reason to go all the way across the country, away from family, to play for UCLA. He did the best for himself by choosing Georgia.

  • Tommy B Low Us

    What has happened to this blog? It is starting to look like that deeply pathetic clown college blog. Seriously, go back to that wolf rag and spew the pathetic comments. That is the perfect for blog for morons.

  • Laker Rod

    Here is the deal on missing out on this prospect. I don’t necessarily care about Smith individually. The point is that he was penciled in as an inside linebacker in which the only underclassman UCLA has at that spot is Kenny Young as a true sophomore. There is no redshirt freshman and there will not even be a true freshman for 2015.

    It’s amazing that this type of irresponsible recruiting exists. I’m so sick of hearing that a true freshman gem can step in at one or two of the inside linebacker spots.

    I’m also sick of hearing how this supposed true freshmen is already better than certain existing players on the team. Here is how the illogical and ignorant thinking exists. Players like Asianti Woulard came in two years ago and based on what amateur idiots see they don’t think he’s very good. Just remember that almost every college player was a star at their high school and looked great against “high school” competition. Same with Woulard.

    So what makes people think Josh Rosen is going to excel in his first year against college D1 competition. It would be different if people wait until spring practice starts.

    If UCLA wants to be a better football program then it needs to have more educated fans behind it. Not a bunch of idiots who think true freshmen each year are going to take over.

    Good thing Mora hasn’t even fallen into this trap like idiot Karl Dorrell and Rick Nueheisel did. Mora knew guys like embattered Sheldon Price and Aaron Hester and Jerry Johnson as seniors were better than true frosh guys in 2012.

    • EncinitasBruin

      Kenny Young is our best ILB. Behind him we also have Jayon Brown, Cameron Judge, and Cameron Griffin. Let’s not forget we lost ILBs Zach Whitley and Aaron Porter, who both transferred. I’ve already expressed my frustration in how the Roquan Smith situation was bungled, so will not revist that here. We also missed on Floridian Victor Alexander. Since Mora took the helm in Dec 11, he’s landed 5 ILB recruits. Next year I’d like to see us land some SoCal guys like Toailoa, rather than chasing guys like Smith and Alexander out of the South.

  • Sandy Underpants

    So sad, that UCLA lost another player to lying and cheating. I hope this great group of recruits can get a win against either Oregon or Stanford during their 4 or 6 years at Westwood, because the last 8 or so classes couldn’t do that just once.