UCLA announces Tom Bradley as new defensive coordinator

UCLA has announced the hiring of former Penn State assistant Tom Bradley as the Bruins’ new defensive coordinator, officially ending a search the began almost three weeks ago.

“To bring a coach of Tom Bradley’s caliber to UCLA is very exciting,” head coach Jim Mora said in a statement. “His knowledge of the game, extensive experience, level of intensity and attention to detail all make him one of the best defensive teachers in college football.

“Combine that with the fact that he has strong national recruiting ties and is one of the most well respected coaches in the game — it all adds up to Tom being a tremendous addition to our staff.”

Bradley was once named the top defensive coordinator in college football by both the Associated Press (2005) and Rivals.com (2008), and helped make the Nittany Lions a perennial top-10 defense for much of the 2000s. He has coached 18 All-Americans, 43 all-conference players and 51 eventual NFL players.

UCLA has also promoted Scott White to linebackers/special teams coach. He replaces Mike Tuiasosopo, who was not retained by the Bruins after his lone season at the position.

White was a former linebacker at Washington who recorded 278 career tackles and 11 sacks in 45 games. He has been on the UCLA staff for four seasons, mostly assisting with linebackers — a position he has also helped recruit.

Defensive backs coach Demetrice Martin has also been promoted to assistant head coach, a title held last year by former defensive coordinator Jeff Ulbrich.

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  • UCLA owns LA Football


    • Is that sarcasm, Owns? I thought you were decidedly against the hire.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        Not so. If you take the time to review my posts regarding Coach Bradley, it shows I’ve been solidly in favor of his hire.

        I’m also in favor learning Mora’s side in the Smith debacle. But spring FB approaches and UCLA has an experienced DC on staff – outstanding!

        • EncinitasBruin

          It’s fun to hear you excited, Owns! That’s what being a fan is all about, after all. Let Spring Practice commence.

        • “Review [your[ posts.”– What a knucklehead you are ‘Blown LA Football.’

  • MPPBruin

    Nice promotion for Coach Martin as well. He’s been a great recruiter.

    • 92104bruinfan

      Arguably, the most underrated recruiter on the staff. AKA “Meat”. Go Bruins!

  • EncinitasBruin

    Does any Pac-12 school have a better coaching staff than UCLA now? I say no. And also, I believe the Bruins now have one of the best staffs in the nation, top to bottom. Very exciting! (This is what Carroll did at SC to build national championship teams–all starts with coaches and recruiters.)

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Yowza! The coaching staff is very impressive. It will be a very interesting new season. I predict dominace…

    • Mark

      Excuse me, we have no QB

      • Tommy B Low Us

        No we have 3 possible starters. Little neu, woulard, and Rosen.

        • jameskatt

          If Ohio State can win the championship with its third-string quarterback, then I’d say we have a good chance particularly with the experience of Neuheisel and the talent of Rosen. Woulard is a wait and see. Last I heard, it did not sound great. But I wish him well.

          • Laker Rod

            All of them are a wait and see and I don’t believe UCLA can win the same way as Ohio State did. UCLA is not winning any conference title with a “true frosh” QB.

            Arizona’s “redshirt” frosh QB was exposed in the Pac-12 championship game.

            Redshirt frosh QB’s have proven some championships can be won. The last true frosh QB to win a national title and he might be the only one is Jamiel Hollaway and that was him running the wishbone which was a totally different era. No “passing” true frosh QB has even come close. Oklahoma has some really good defenses also under Switzer and some even felt those guys were on steroids and their walk on program was huge and not limited back then. College was not as expensive back then and many chose to walk on.

            Rosen is not as mobile as you think also. I would prefer Rosen to redshirt. No point in messing up his career like UCLA has done with so many freshmen QB’s.

            I say we go with Woulard and Neuheisel. What we have seen so far from Woulard doesn’t represent what the future holds. In addition, we have not even seen Rosen perform against college D1 level talent.

            We will know a lot more after spring practice but unfortunately I don’t believe a winner will emerge. This will go on into the fall and all I can say is that if Rosen is indeed the best which he very well could be…then all I can say is that UCLA is not going to win any conference title. Rosen will make enough mistakes as any true frosh would which will prevent UCLA from winning any title.

            It’s also hard for a true frosh to lead also.

            Again in my opinion, I think Woulard gives UCLA the best chance to win more games. Wouldard can run the ball. With Perkins already rushing for over 1,500 yards last year with a make shift O line you have to believe that with 5 OL starters back with more experienced depth and with Perkins and Starks and Jomabo…UCLA should be more of a potent rushing team. Woulard is built too and can take the punishment. Rosen looks like he needs at least a year in the weight room.

            And Woulard needs to do is learn how to throw on the run like the Ohio State QB was doing or Russell Wilson. Hundley could never throw on the run.

          • Oregon “exposed” everyone except Ohio State last season.

            A great defense and a good offensive line means that a game manager can win, and Neu can do that.

          • Laker Rod

            Yes. Good point. So both Neu and Woulard can probably manage this. There is no point in rushing Josh Rosen. Patience is a virtue. There is a reason Jim Harbaugh redshirted Andrew Luck. Same with Hundley being redshirted. It’s amazing how some folks cannot understand this growth and maturity process. Mariota redshirted also. Same with Jameis Winston.

          • I’m pretty sure everyone’s hoping that Rosen will be the exception.

            The circumstances look to be right; does he have the composure to pull it off?

          • Laker Rod

            Unfortunately, this is how it works. Let’s say Rosen does get the nod…it will only take a few bad games where practically everybody turns their back on him. Happened to Drew Olson. By the time he was entering his senior year nobody wanted him to start…it was all about freshman Ben Olson. Everybody wanted Brehaut to start as a true frosh…nobody wanted him to start as a senior. After Brett Johnson’s frosh year in 1989 nobody wanted him to start. After Kevin Craft, everybody wanted redshirt frosh Kevin Prince to start. Nobody after Prince to start after a few years also.

            How many of UCLA’s freshmen QB’s got injured also.

            I recall Rob Walker RFr getting hurt. Ryan Fein true frosh injured. Cory Paus RFr, Ryan McCann RFr, Matt Moore true frosh got hurt. Drew Olson Fr got hurt. Chris Forcier didn’t get hurt but he played terrible. Kevin Prince RFr got hurt. Hundley tweaked his ankle his RFr year.

          • You’re equating a lack of development (poor coaching) versus a potential lack of ability.

            There’s no guarantee that Rosen won’t flourish under Mora and Co.

          • CaliGrown

            I know you’re down on Rosen starting because of being a true frosh but I think you’re wrong in this case Laker Rod. Brad Kaaya for example did very well for Miami. He’s from CA and was rated lower then Rosen and looks like the real deal on a less talented team. Kyle Allen also did well for TA&M coming in mid-season and starting in the SEC. Rosen looks to be better then both of these guys. With the surrounding talent and familiarity with the offense this isn’t your standard freshman QB situation.

          • Laker Rod

            Miami went 6-7 with a 4 game losing streak to end the season in a not very good conference. You just proved my point.

            Am I saying, UCLA will go 6-7 with Rosen? No. UCLA will probably go 9-4 or 10-3 again and fall short yet again of any short of “championship”.

            Feel free to name me a true freshmen Qb like Rosen who can’t really run who guided his team to a conference championship.

            You and certain others over estimate the talent coming out of high school. Happens every single year.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Rosen is ranked the #1 QB in the nation for a reason. I bet we will be surprised by his play. Just wait on it…

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Rosen was pretty dominant at the opening. Regardless of what dilfer was saying about him.

          • Laker Rod

            Brett Johnson was the No 1 QB in the nation also. Ben Olsen? Trent Edwards?

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        UCLA will run down hill 65-75% of the time and pass the ball responsibly. Nueheisal and Rosen can do that.

      • maze949

        You’re excused.

  • Sam C

    Good day for Bruin football.

  • j metaphor

    Do you think we would have beaten Utah with Bradley as DC?
    I do.
    The Mora Machine gets stronger and the bar is raised again.
    Go Bruins!

    • MPPBruin

      The Utah game had me feeling a lot shakier about the OL than the defense. 11 sacks was unreal.

      • Tommy B Low Us

        The o line looked great in the Alamo bowl. If they continue that performance all is well in bruin land. The secondary was shaky in the bowl game.

        • MPPBruin

          Such a weird year. Even at the last game of the season we still didn’t know who this team really was.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            They will find their way. It is just about position depth, which Mora has really improved. With a d genius like Bradley the d schemes will be pretty salty. I watch some old penn state d schemes and they were interesting.

          • MPPBruin

            Is it September yet?

          • EncinitasBruin

            I’ll take March 31, when Spring Practice begins. Will Rosen win the job? Would be a trip if Mora was to name a starter after Spring camp–probably won’t happen til Bakersfield… Can’t wait for this season!

        • Richard

          Decent performances in a few games last yr cannot gainsay the obvious inferiority of our OL; before, then, and maybe even now. U don’t win big boy ball w/ an interior 3 that AVERAGES 280lbs and no 260lb BLOCKING TE. McDermott, Wariboko, Ulu-Perry, Tevita, Caleb + Chris Clark. Redmond is first in at OG; Bateman, Caleb & Goines r essentially co-equal. We gain c.60 more lbs + Clark’s added 260lbs. U can run inside all day and run the clock while scoring. #Offense adds 4-5 more pts a gm. (Our OL gave up a record c. 123 saks in BH’s career). #Let the games begin.

      • j metaphor

        That’s true. I guess I was focused on that last Utah drive. We not only knew they would run, we knew who would run. Still they marched 80 yards to score.

        • MPPBruin

          Oh man. I almost forgot about that. They probably didn’t throw the ball more than a handful of times in the 2nd half.

        • Laker Rod

          Actually Utah went 63 yards on 10 plays and kicked a 29 yard FG to go ahead by 2 points. Every single play was a rush. Not a single pass but yet UCLA’s D couldn’t stop them. This to me is more of a problem with the D-Line. It can also be the coach in that…if we knew they were going to try to run…it’s the coach’s responsibility to get the right personnel in there. 4 man D line? EV, KC, Ellis McCarthy and Owa? More run blitz?

          This is not necessarily why UCLA lost though. Xavier Sua Filo still being on the team could have prevented 11 sacks. Fairbain could have simply just made the field goal.

          UCLA has lost quite a few games prior to the Oregon game. Looking ahead?

          This all would have been irrelevant had UCLA beat Stanford.

      • “were” unreal Big Brain

    • Why don’t you give us some clever metaphor, you bore.

  • j metaphor

    Still no follow up from Whiner Nation on the Bradley hire. Anger, disgust, outrage from three of the greek geeks before the hire but nothing since. The damage control meeting must be taking longer than normal on this subject. They are probably voting on who gets banned after all of the back talk from their band of lackeys some of whom dared to disagree.
    In the meantime, Dan Guerrero’s Athletic Department is undefeated in this academic season against SC in any men’s sport.
    Do you ever tire of being wrong Whiner Nation?

    • JPKB

      Actually, shouldn’t Bellerphony get banned? After all, she vowed to actively root against every UCLA team in every sport if Bradley was hired.

      Hater Nation is no place for someone who roots against every UCLA team is it?!?

      • maze949

        I was curious about that as well…(pretty quiet on that front, since the hire) looks like she removed herself from the masthead. Woman of her word maybe (?)…

        • j metaphor

          I won’t miss her. At least her cats still love her.

  • jameskatt

    Fantastic hire for UCLA football. I love that he has the INTENSITY that Jim Mora likes. He has been the top defensive coordinator in all of NCAA football in recent years. He is a fantastic recruiter. This is an immediate and substantial upgrade for the Bruins! Boo yah! Defense wins championships. Boo yah!

    Now the job of administration is locking him up for the Bruins for years to come so we can build UCLA into a consistent top five team by building a pipeline of talented players.

  • bruinbiochem06


  • Steve W

    He could potentially be the next head coach when Mora eventually leaves for the NFL some years later.

  • Danny

    By all accounts, Bradley is hybrid of Lou Spanos (who was a great game time coach but an apathetic recruiter) and Jeff Ulbrick (who was a great recruiter, but seemed to be learning on the job on how to coach college defenses)

  • Danny

    Tom Bradley…same name as the former Mayor of LA. Wonder how that is going play out in the press

  • Forgettabout it SUCLAs– you have a mediocre team that is going nowhere.

    You had your chance in 1967, but OJ knifed you to death. And then a mere 31 years later you ‘coulda been a contenda’ but Miami’s James ran thru you like a hot knife thru butter. One of my alltime favorite games.

    Now it is 17 years later and y’all are still dreamin.’ Get real. You are punks and your team will get punked– as usual.

    • Does anyone know where Nobs went??

      someone let him know Wolcott’s adult diaper needs changing.

      • Nobs? Joe Blow? Joseph Way B. Lowe Normal?

        Jack B?

        He’s probably fantasizing about harming someone’s mother or daughters.

    • OJ knifed you to death.

      Words a Trojan should never utter.