Arizona 70, UCLA 64: Norman Powell on Bruins’ tourney chances

UCLA fell short against Arizona in a game that could have clinched the Bruins an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. With that future looking uncertain, Norman Powell and his teammates will be in for a nerve-wracking Selection Sunday.

“A lot of anticipation,” said the senior guard. “We’re waiting to see if we get a bid to get in there. This team believes we should be in there. Hopefully, we did a great job passing the eye test today … I can’t see another team out there who’s on the bubble that we (shouldn’t beat out).”

  • 92104bruinfan

    Great effort but too many bad road losses earlier in the season will probably doom NCAA hopes. Hope I’m wrong but we’re probably looking at an NIT bid. I don’t like the wait-until-next-year mantra, but the Bruins are definitely a much better team than they were a couple of months ago. Powell became a much more dynamic offensive force and became the face of this squad. Bryce cut down on the number of ill-advised shots and looked to distribute the ball a bit more. Hamilton found his legs and improved as a scorer as well as a man-on-man defender. Parker was taken off the MIA list and actually became a physical presence in the paint that most thought he could be though still need to see it more consistently. Tho likely 1 and done, Looney was a consistent glass eater throughout the season and probably could have looked for his shot a bit more. Walsh and The Goloman evolved as projects and are 10-15 lbs of off-season muscle from becoming legit forces on the floor. Noah Allen started to show glimpses of becoming a solid player off the bench. Losing NP and KL will hurt but with Holiday and Ali coming aboard next year, there is much to like about the potential in the 2015-16 season. Go Bruins!