UCLA likely out of NCAA Tournament after loss to Arizona

Heading into last night’s game between UCLA and Arizona in the Pac-12 Tournament semifinal, ESPN’s Joe Lunardi had the Bruins as one of his first four teams out of the Big Dance. Their eventual 70-64 loss at the MGM Grand Garden Arena likely seals that fate.

Here’s a roundup of our coverage from Las Vegas on Friday night:

— UCLA will probably miss March Madness for the third time in six years, but one or two possessions could have changed all that.
— Mark Whicker’s column on the fight the Bruins showed at Arizona, even if they fell just short.
— The game story from UCLA’s loss to the Wildcats, the second team this season that the team faded late in a close contest against its conference rival.

  • http://www.ocstyle.com/ OCBrewin

    ESPN? Not really unbiased jack, they’ve been saying ucla is out since week 3. Duke vitale has duke as a# 1 seed…even though they just lost. It’s not east coast bias it’s espn’s bias…whomever is in a “ESPN” network conference they will pimp as much as they can…that’s a fact!

  • CaliGrown

    It’s a shame we’re out of the tourney considering UCLA is definitely not the 70th or worse team in the nation. Maybe we can sneak in as a 11th-13th seed? Also Jack what is your opinion on Looney and declaring or staying for another year. That decision could greatly impact next year’s team as depth won’t be an issue.

    • Jack Wang

      I’d be shocked if he stayed.

    • drakejr

      “UCLA is definitely not the 70th or worse team in the nation. ”

      If that is the current state of UCLA basketball, we have every reason to fire this coach now. This is a blue blood program and we look terrible. The raw talent is there to be better than this, but there has been little improvement and the game planning has sucked.

  • j metaphor

    So, Wang your call is NO tourney for UCLA.
    I guess we find out tomorrow if Wang is wrong. I agree with Cali we are better than 70th.

    • Jack Wang

      I think UCLA deserves to get in based on how it’s currently playing. I don’t think it’ll get in based on its resume.

      Also, there are only 36 at-large bids, so it’s not really a matter of whether or not UCLA is a top-70 team.

  • Cliff Sakata

    With Powell and Looney gone, doesn’t look good for next year either.

  • fromela

    Considering how it was almost a home game for arizona, I was in attendance & lets just say all of Tucson is in vegas, those who didn’t make it into the stadium watch the game outside or another casino because these fools came out in force. Well I say ucla home record plus the way we played the last 15 games or so playing a supposedly #1 team @ home and here in vegas tough we shall get in. how many @ large teams would play arizona like we did ?