Here’s all the bulletin board material UCLA needs for NCAAs

UCLA’s bid in the NCAA Tournament as a No. 11 seed was arguably the biggest surprise on Selection Sunday. And plenty of analysts weren’t exactly happy about the pick …

CBS’ Doug Gottlieb:

“There’s not a reasonable person in America that believes, based upon numbers, UCLA belongs in the field of 68. … UCLA safely in is a joke to me. It makes absolutely no sense.”

ESPN’s Jay Bilas:

“The end of the line, I didn’t think there was a whole lot to complain about. The ones left out — Temple, Miami can complain about UCLA and Boise State. Outside of that I think the committee got everything right. … I think Miami might be looking at UCLA in the field and saying, ‘what, excuse me?'”

ESPN’s Seth Greenberg:

“I’m shocked about UCLA. I know they have a Utah win and an Oregon win, but I’m shocked about UCLA. If I’m Temple, and I understand I lost in my conference tournament, but you have a quality win against Kansas. More importantly, your record with Jesse Morgan who got eligible mid-year, is a NCAA tournament type of record.”

So, Steve Alford will have plenty to help motivate his team this week. UCLA tips off against SMU at approximately 12:10 p.m. PT Thursday on truTV.