Quarterback Josh Rosen makes spring camp debut for UCLA

Josh Rosen won’t be available to the media until the end of UCLA’s spring camp, but the freshman will be the dominant storyline this month no matter how little fans get to hear him speak.

After enrolling in January, Rosen represents the Bruins’ future at quarterback — regardless of whether or not he can win the starting job by the end of April. At about 6-foot-4 and 210 pounds, he actually looked slightly taller than redshirt sophomore Asiantii Woulard.

Woulard took most of the second-team reps on the first day of camp, while returning backup Jerry Neuheisel guided the first team. Rosen didn’t do much on in terms outside of individual and one-on-one drills. However, head coach Jim Mora explained later that UCLA will structure its spring to focus on two quarterbacks each day; Tuesday morning simply wasn’t Rosen’s turn.

What he was able to do is already impressive. During one-on-one drills, Rosen uncorked a perfect pass that fell right over the shoulder and into the hands of Thomas Duarte. The ball was placed where no one but Duarte could have gotten it, and was easily the best throw of the day.

Rosen later missed receiver Jordan Payton badly due to a miscommunication, but considering that he should still be in high school right now, harping on such mistakes seems like nitpicking.

“He didn’t seem overwhelmed,” Mora said.

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  • commentar

    No, Jack. Nitpick. Bring Rosen down a notch. Lower our expectations. Give us the bad footwork, slow receiver progressions, lack of pocket presence, and shortage of leadership. Give us the bad news first!

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Honest, regular spring FB updates will do Jack.

    • Jack Wang

      Doesn’t mean he’s a world-beater, but he honestly looks like the biggest QB talent on the field.

  • thehumancentipede

    What did you think about Woulard with your eye test? Nothing’s ever really written about him, but he had a lot of hype coming in

    • Jack Wang

      He looked OK on Tuesday. Not sure if he’s a significantly different player, but lots of spring left.