Brett Hundley calls fifth-round selection a ‘blessing in disguise’

Brett Hundley fell to the fifth round of the 2015 NFL draft. The UCLA quarterback is pictured here during the Bruins' 38-20 win over USC on Nov. 22, 2014 at the Rose Bowl. (Hans Gutknecht/Staff)

Brett Hundley fell to the fifth round of the 2015 NFL draft. The UCLA quarterback is pictured here during the Bruins’ 38-20 win over USC on Nov. 22, 2014 at the Rose Bowl. (Hans Gutknecht/Staff)

Brett Hundley fell all the way to the fifth round of the 2015 NFL Draft on Saturday, but ended up in a good developmental situation in Green Bay. The UCLA quarterback talked about joining the Packers on a teleconference with local reporters.

How do you feel about coming to Green Bay and sitting behind Aaron Rodgers?

It’s awesome. It’s awesome. It’s a funny thing. Johnathan Franklin, a big brother of mine, I used to ask him about Aaron Rodgers a lot. Just how he is in practice, how he is in the meeting rooms. Now I actually get a chance to be up and personal with it. it’s an awesome experience. Datone (Jones) is there as well. I’m ready to have some fun.

Are you disappointed you’re not in a place where you can start immediately

Yeah. I’m blessed to be in this position and to get picked by Green Bay. Obviously, you always have expectations of going No. 1 or going high in the draft. But you know, everything happens for a reason, and that’s how I look at it. If I’m supposed to be here, this is where I’m supposed to be, and I’m going to make the most of it.

How much pre-draft contact did you have with the Packers?

I talked to them at the combine and that’s about it.

Packers director of pro personnel Eliot Wolf said you made an impression at combine, calling you a football nerd. Is that accurate?

Yeah, very much so. I love football. It’s just who I am and what’s bred inside of me. I love being a quarterback. I love knowing everything about the game. I could sit here all day with you and just watch film and learn. I like knowledge, to put it like that. If I don’t know something, I want to know it. That’s the way I approach things. That’s the way I approach football. I think Green Bay is the perfect organization to learn as much as possible. And they have the best coaches to help me do that, and Aaron Rodgers.

How does your game fit in Green Bay and translate to the NFL?

I think it’ll translate just fine. Obviously, the questions that arose were coming from a spread offense, how well I would translate into the NFL. But I have a lot of confidence in my abilities. I know what I can do and have to work on. I think being able to translate is just knowing terminology, understanding the game a little bit more in depth, and just growing more as a quarterback. I think that’s (the case) with everyone. I have no worries about transitioning into the NFL. When I get down there, I just gotta start working. That’s about it.

What do you have to improve on the most?

I think one thing is just learning terminology. That’s a big part of the game. We call it one thing, and Green Bay calls it another thing. It’s just learning the terminology, understanding that their offense is different from what I ran. I haven’t taken many snaps under the center, so I think that’s something to get used to. I think everything they do as far as the run scheme, past scheme, it’s all new terminology. That’s the first thing I’ve got to dive into.

How beneficial is it that to get to sit and learn first?

It’s a blessing in disguise. Obviously, I have a chip on my shoulder and I’m coming in to work. That’s what it comes down to. I’m coming in, and I’ve got my opportunity. That’s the way I look at it. It’s a blessing in disguise. I’m where I’m supposed to be, and I know when I get there I’m just going to continue to work and do what I’ve always done.

After falling in the fifth round, do you think you could have improved your stock with another year in school?

No. I felt like this year was the right time for me to come out. I’ve played all the time I had — well, I had another year (of eligibility). But I think this was the right time for me to come out and leave UCLA. What we did as a team for the past couple of years that I was there was really inspiring, and really helped that organization. But it was time for me to move on, and I’m happy I did.

Have either Datone Jones or Johnathan Franklin texted you?

Johnathan was the first to text me. I still talk to him almost every day. He’s at Notre Dame now, but he’s doing well. Datone, he for sure texted me as well. I can’t wait to see hi mdown there. I talk to both of them a lot. Even in the offseason, when they were both here at UCLA, I spent a lot of time with them and talked to them a lot. I’m happy to get the chance to at least go up there with Datone now.

Are you disappointed that you’re going to a team where he can’t play immediately?

You know, Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback, one of the greatest quarterbacks. A quarterback I look up to just because of how good he is. Him and Russell Wilson are probably the two quarterbacks I’ve watched the most film on this offseason. To be able to learn from him and get that — I know he still has a lot of years to play, but my job as a quarterback is just go in there and compete. Just play football and learn as much as possible, so that’s what I’m going to do.

What can you do that other quarterbacks in this draft can’t?

Just really understanding and learning the game. i feel like I have a tremendous upside. I feel like the coaches at Green Bay can especially bring that out in me and teach me a lot. i think that’s the one thing — the learning curve and learning the game, and really developing into what people call a prototypical quarterback at the NFL level.

Did any teams lead you to believe that you would be their second- or third-round draft pick?

I did believe, in the second or third (round), or on the second day that I would be taken off the board. But like I said, things happen for a reason. I didn’t go, and I’m blessed now to be taken by Green Bay.

At what point did the draft wait start to become difficult?

I think after the second day, obviously not hearing your name called on the second day — it’s not to say you get disappointed, but your expectations are hurt. You expect to go then, at least. And you don’t. Then to sit in a room today and have to just wait and look, and see quarterback after quarterback taken, it really puts a chip on my shoulder. I’m coming in to work and just be the best quarterback that I can be.

After a while, I came in the room and started watching some Family Guy. Other than that, that’s the only thing I had. I had a ping pong table as well.

Did you have a little of hope that you’d go in the first round?

Yeah. I wanted to be the No. 1 pick. Obviously, that’s always everybody’s expectations. I had a hope, or at least an expectation to maybe go the first day. Obviously, that didn’t come true, or the second day. But like I said, I’m here, I got my opportunity, and that’s all I ask for.

  • UCLA owns LA Football

    Green Bay is best for Hundley. The Packers care about FB first and profit last. BH will be ready when his time comes.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      His time will come in the CFL…

      • Sandy Underpants

        Please. His best hope is to ride the pine on the LA Kiss, after GB cuts him this summer.

  • gotroy22

    With that gift of spin he should take Marie Harf’s place when she goes on maternity leave as a spokesman for the Obama Administration.

    • ProbationU

      Drafting position only matters on your first contract. The organization you get drafted into and how well you progress has to do with your next contract and your career. I am sure it was a huge disappointment, but his life is far from over.

    • TheMacLeaner

      The “gift of spin” – something Trojans have been giving each other in November for 3 years straight… #Sanctions!!! lol

  • Laker Rod

    Everything happens for a reason. should have stayed one more year Brett.

    Had you won a conference championship or even gone to a BCS bowl game then perhaps many scouts would have evaluated you differently.

    Your measurables are there and you proved in the combine that you’re faster than Winston. Winston even has a checkered past with the law but yet is still taken No. 1 because despite all that he is…he led his team to the national championship one year and he got them back to the BCS playoff series his second.

    What did you do. All you did was lead UCLA to two double digit win seasons and another 9 win season. All of this I commend you for as they are certainly great accomplishments….FOR UCLA. They are NOT however great accomplishments to the college world and NFL draft scouts.

    If you were leaving a team early that had many graduating seniors and your O line was gone or the coaching staff was leaving…that’s one thing but as your teammate Jordan Payton said…whoever takes over the QB spot has been given the keys to a Ferrari.

    Paul Perkins back but more importantly pretty much entire O line back. Top receivers back. Many returning starters back on defense. Coaching staff pretty much back.

    It was all there for the taking. UCLA possibly pre-season No 1 ranking with your return. Sorry but you deserved to be taken in the 5th round.

    Now…don’t mistake this. I would be shocked if you do not succeed in the NFL. However…success only means so much in comparison to money. MoDrew has had a way more successful career in the NFL than Reggie Brush but MoDrew’s NFL earnings are way less even after all these years.

    Now…knowing you…I know “money” isn’t a priority from your own personal standpoint but we are aware of your sister’s condition and in that regard being able to get/earn as much money as possible to fight for her cause I know is very important.

    I always say …good things come to those who wait. I hope this is a learning lesson for future Bruins. The bar must be set higher for UCLA football where 10 win seasons are not big accomplishments.

    We are on the right track. Coach Jim Mora is still at UCLA. Same for Mazzone. Let’s hope Bradley stays awhile too.

    And let’s keep in mind that Mora doesn’t give many freshmen many big roles unless he has to. Each year those have become less and less. However…each time he has…it’s easy to see where are weakness have been. The O line has played the most freshmen in recent years and this is where UCLA has struggled the most.

    • Hogsman

      Laker Rod,

      Sometimes you make informative posts, but this diatribe makes you sound petty and envious. Just what exactly have you accomplished that allows you to condescend to Brett – did you lead your college to a major college conference title or a New Year’s bowl? Perhaps his teams didn’t win championships, but he didn’t exactly have the best offensive line every year, nor did he have a strong running game to help him during his sophomore season, nor has he had a kicker who could hit consistently from 40+. What he did do was stick around and honor his commitment when he could have transferred to a more stable program when Neuheisel was replaced with an unproven Mora, not to mention help revive enthusiasm for Bruin football after some forgettable seasons. Do I wish he would’ve stayed another year? Of course, but he had already graduated, and after that injury last season, who can blame him for wanting to move on and start the next stage of his career?

      • ProbationU

        Thou shalt not disagree with Laker Rod. Look at all his Super Bowl Rings!

      • Tommy B Low Us

        Thanks for writing these questions. I think we would all like to see if he can truly answer these questions.

      • Laker Rod

        Has nothing to do with being petty or envious. Just looking out what’s best for him and other Bruins and wanting a championship for UCLA. Don’t you want to win one also? if yes…how can UCLA get there. Oh…you probably think Josh Rosen is going to do it as a true frosh like the idiot Tommy B Low Us

        • Hogsman

          Frankly, I don’t expect them to contend for a championship until the offensive line is no longer a question mark, as it still is this year, regardless of how many starters are returning. The entire team needs to continue improving (as I think it is), but no championships will come until all areas are at least solid. Jameis Winston was an outstanding player, but he didn’t win a title all by himself – FSU had lots of playmakers on both sides of the ball, and they had excellent special teams. Look at Mariota – he was the best QB in the nation IMO, and he didn’t win a title, even with all that talent at Oregon (and support from Uncle Phil).

          As for Mora playing freshman on the O-line – he really didn’t have a choice in the past, because the upperclassmen available just weren’t getting the job done.

          I do think there’s reason for enthusiasm based on all the new talent, but I don’t expect UCLA to be a serious national title contender until at least next season, and I hope last year’s experience will cause fans to temper their expectations until they see the on-field product during conference play. I agree that Rosen won’t win the Heisman and lead them to a national title in his freshman season, but I don’t think Woulard, Neuheisel, or Fafaul would, either. I do wish Mora would’ve played the backups more last season.

          • MPPBruin

            I was pretty surprised that Neuheisel or Woulard didn’t get more time in the ASU game. It was a blowout for a long time. Some other guys could have gotten a little more experience.

          • Hogsman

            I think Mora was allowing Brett to try to prove to everyone (including himself) that he was back from the elbow injury. However, I think Mora should’ve saved the last couple of series for the backups.

          • Laker Rod

            For the record, I wasn’t talking about “national” championships. I was referring to “conference” championships or how about even winning the South Division which UCLA can’t seem to do lately either.

            It’s easier to scheme against a drop back QB like Rosen unless he’s very fast with his release and won’t throw picks. This usually doesn’t happen for true frosh or even redshirt frosh. I hear you about the O line also. Same goes for the D line.

            And for the record, I feel Woulard gives UCLA the best chance to win in 2015.

          • ProbationU

            What do you know, an actual answer!

            I assume that means you think Woulard is better than Rosen. We will see if the staff agrees. I watched the Spring Showcase and to me it was Rosen, Woulard and then Neuheisel. Woulard looked better than I thought he would but Rosen had great velocity and accuracy on his throws, particularly over the middle and the back shoulder throw for the TD. Woulard made some nice throws, some of which were dropped.

            Hopefully, both will be ready to play. One never knows when an injury will strike.

          • Laker Rod

            As I said before…you’re only looking at throws in practice. Rosen would have gotten sacked/clocked in some live plays. Your amateur eyes see what they want with Rosen.

            Woulard can run and take it to the house at any time. We don’t fear QB’s like Kessler because he’s not mobile. Think about it. UCLA has always been much more dangerous with a mobile QB vs one who’s drop back.

            Rosen is not ready as a true frosh. If he had better speed and was built like 6’4 225 or 230 that’s a different story but he’s not. Wake up and smell the coffee.

          • ProbationU

            Jim Mora makes the call. Perhaps you should send him your analysis. I am sure it is better than his own lying eyes as well as those of the Mazzones.

            Apparently Mora already erred in starting Hundley in his RS Frosh year. If he decides to start Rosen, I am not sure what that means about your educated eyes and Mora’s set of amateur eyes.

            You are right, UCLA has always been better with mobile QB’s like Tom Ramsey, Rick Neuheisel, Troy Aikman, Steve Bono, Matt Stevens, Wayne Cook. Even Cade McNown was not a running QB, although he could move. Why don’t you name one mobile QB that won a major bowl game for UCLA? John Sciarra perhaps? Gary Beban? They were still primarily passers.

            Study up…your knowledge is not what you think it is.

          • Laker Rod

            Man. You don’t get it. There is nothing wrong with a drop back QB so long as he’s been in the program for awhile. Do you not notice that UCLA’s best run in the 80’s was with all Jr or Sr QB’s? What happened when they went with a redshirt frosh in 1989? 3-7-1 FAIL.

            Cook was RJr when UCLA went to the Rose Bowl.

            McNown could run….what have you been watching?

            And UCLA doesn’t win very many major bowl games.

            Get with the times also. This is 2015. Programs are running the spread and it’s easy to see the value of mobile QB’s.

          • ProbationU

            McNown had 500 career rushing yards. He was more of a pocket passer. We had QB depth in the 80s, so there was a pipeline. Kids don’t wait anymore. Times have changed. Rosen is mobile. Woulard more mobile. Look at the draft. Pocket passers went higher except for Mariota. By the way, where was McEwen drafted?

          • Laker Rod

            Are you seriously this dumb? McNown was mainly a roll out QB. How often did we see him roll out left to throw a bomb to Danny Farmer. Cade often rolled out left and came back with the screen pass to the right side hitting Skip Hicks or later DeShaun Foster.

            Cade often took off running also and picked up key 1st downs to keep drives alive.

            Rosen is a mobile “high school” QB. Did you even watch any of his highlight films. Rosen is simply trying to run through smaller LB’s and defensive backs. That’s how he got extra yards. I did not like what I saw. It works like this. In high school, Rosen can get 15 yards on a certain running play. He got 10 of those extra yards in high school because he decided to try and split two defenders by continuing to run instead of sliding.

            I’ve already seen it in the Bruin practices when Rosen isn’t stupid enough to try this. He’s already sliding after only a 4 or 5 yard gain. This doesn’t help when it’s 3rd and 8 or 9. As a defense you don’t have to fear Rosen taking off and running to get a first down when it’s 3rd and long. With Hundley you did and the same goes for Woulard.

            If you cannot understand how this helps the offense overall…then you don’t know anything about college football. Think about how UCLA was dominating Utah at the beginning of the game when Utah had their immobile QB in there to start. Look what happened when the replacement QB started to take off and run.

            In addition, this is how usually a player gets hurt or makes turnovers. They get hurt or fumble when their team is often behind because they tend to over extend and try to do more than what they should.

            Think about it. Josh Rosen is sliding at the beginning but only gets 4 yards. The time will come when UCLA needs 8 yards. He tries to split two defenders and underestimates the speed of a closing LB and BOOM…shoulder injury. This type of injury happens because a true frosh isn’t used to this type of speed and often doesn’t have the maturity and “patience” to avoid going for those extra yards.

            He who runs away today lives to fight for another day.

            Do you know the story of Andrew Luck? Harbaugh came real close to burning his redshirt year. Luck actually declined and said he felt he didn’t deserve it at that particular point. Earning the true trust and his teammates first was very important. This type of long term thinking and “patience” shows and tells you the maturity and mental make up of Luck.

            What I seen from Josh Rosen doesn’t encourage me fully. He’s pretty mature in interviews. Way better than Matt Moore. Remember him?

            However…Rosen seems to be rushing to me. He’s trying to grasp everything too quickly and fast. I felt the same with Brett Hundley.

            Mora needs to be more patient also. He’s used some true freshmen he didn’t have to. Some have gotten that extra year back but some players’ progress have been slowed also.

          • ProbationU

            Sorry, Rod. I don’t have time to read all your great opinions. McNown ran a different offense and was a mobile QB, not a running QB like Hundley. Not even close. He ran a different offense and was mostly under center. Yes, he did roll out and throw quite a bit and ran a lot less. I was around things a lot more in those days and travelled on the team plane a number of times, including the 66-3 win in Austin. I got to know Bob Toledo a little bit and knew some of the staff as well. Your version of things does not square with what I saw first hand.

            I am done with the debate. You seem a bit frustrated with the decisions made by the coaching staffs at UCLA. Apparently you don’t believe Toledo can select a QB as well as you and Mora erred in starting Hundley as a RS Freshman. On the surface, it sounds like you think you are smarter than the coaching staff. And, IF Mora does select Rosen, he will be wrong again in your eyes. It may be time for you to get up off the sofa and enter the coaching profession. Stop debating me. Stop complaining about who the coaches select to be the QB and start doing it yourself.

            Hope you have a great weekend. And, go Bruins…no matter who lines up behind center.

          • Laker Rod

            Once again you are incorrect and change your position. First you said Cade was a drop back QB. He was not. You then changed what you said and said Cade was a “mobile” QB…not running QB. Basically what you do is typical of anybody who cannot admit he was wrong. What you do is switch what was originally being debated about and make up new accusations which was never there to begin with.

            I’m not at all frustrated with this coaching staff. I’m frustrated with the majority of the UCLA fan base like yourself who try to defend and justify the play and starting of true freshmen.

            And it works like this. I have my strong opinions as to what I think UCLA needs to do to win a conference and national championship. One of those main things is to get to a point where UCLA is not playing very many true freshmen. The redshirt year is important. It’s easier to win with older more mature 22 to 23 year olds vs that of 17 and 18 year olds.

            Do you even realize Winston was almost 21 years old as a redshirt frosh when FSU won the national title. Do you realize Kenny Orjioke barely turned 17 when he played his true frosh year.

            Do you not see the success BYU and Utah often have by having guys go on 2 year missions and simply having older more mature players. Look at our own XSF. Look at grey shirt Connor McDermott.

            Keep in mind UCLA is an “academic” school. It cannot win by just getting 4 or 5 star recruits and hoping they remain eligible. Do you not remember what happened to Bob Toledo when he tried to get these 4 and 5 star type recruits where many of them eventually flunked out?

            The Bob Toledo of 1996 thru mid-way 1998 was totally different. There were no more smiles from Toledo during the latter half of 1998 even when the team was barely winning and the defense really started to collapse.

            Do you even realize the 1998 defense had too many true freshman playing. Robert Thomas, the No 1 LB recruit in 1998 couldn’t help. Same with guys like Ken Kocher and Anthony Fletcher who were true frosh in 1998.

            The great thing about 2015 is that not many true freshman need to play at all. Heck…even Josh Rosen could redshirt so long as Woulard can continue to improve. There are idiot Bruin fans who think Kesian Lucier South will start at one OLB spot. The guy is like a basketball player build right now. He’s like 6’5 215. He can’t win a starting OLB spot at that size. Get real.

            And as for Soso Jomabo I’m not counting on him for anything until he gets his legal matters settled.

            Same idiot Bruin fans were claiming Jeremy Castro was going to start from Day 1. He couldn’t even get academically qualified!! Do you even remember him?

          • ProbationU

            You need to find a woman!

            Hundley rushed for more yards last year than McNown did in his career. McNown dropped back. McNown rolled out. Al Borges had a great offense but McNown was not a “running” qb ala Brett Hundley or Marcus Mariota. McNown moved well in and out of the pocket, but he did not have many designed runs, if any. He was more of a Steve Young type after Young took over for Montana.

            Like I said, I am fine with either QB starting if that is Mora’s decision. You are the one closed off to anyone other than Woulard, based upon your YouTube evaluations. I trust the coaching staff that sees these players live during practice more than I trust you. As I said, get a coaching job to prove yourself.

        • ProbationU

          There goes Red Shirt Rod with the condescension again. And by the way, Rod, that means talking down to someone….just want to make sure you understand.

          I haven’t read anyone say that UCLA was going to win a championship this year starting a true freshman. What I will say is that I like the odds with the true freshman over the other guys if they can’t beat him out. Play the best player. I haven’t seen anyone say anything other than that? And you refuse to answer the question of who you think should start…the 2nd best QB if he is older? What is your actual thought process? We all know that starting a true freshman is not the ideal scenario. So, bless us with your wisdom and your alternative. Don’t just wait for the Monday Morning QB analysis.

          What you do is regurgitate stats which does not require insight or knowledge. Most of us are already familiar with them. Would it be better if we had someone with more experience than Rosen? Sure…if he was better.

          But hey, go ahead and insult Bruin fans on here. Lecture them on what should be and how smart you are, but the fact is, most of your points are nothing new or original. You haven’t discovered the Holy Grail.

          • Laker Rod

            Where your position is flawed is where you believe a guy who’s NEVER played or even been present for a live Div 1A football game is better than existing guys on the team.

            Don’t be fooled by reports coming from fan sites. Every year they tout true freshmen. Have you not noticed this pattern? Look at all the other examples where they have been wrong. Do you not visits other Bruin websites like Bruin Gold or Bruin Zone or Bruin Nation.

            Did you even watch the Youtube vids out there between Jerry N., Woulard, and Rosen? JN was the best and IMO Rosen was the worst. There are a few fans who’ve made the same comments.

            Also…how people have been evaluating Rosen is off a pure “passing” ability. They totally ignore Woulard’s running ability. All the bias leans towards Josh Rosen. Why? A true frosh gives us the least chance for success. Rosen is like 6’4 205 and a stick. He’s going to get hurt. I’ve said this all before.

            Have you visited the other boards? 95% of Bruin fans want Josh Rosen despite all the obstacles.

            Woulard is a solid 6’3 215 and is a threat to take it to the house any time. His passing looks good enough to me. All QB’s grow at different rates. I hope this is good enough for you. It’s no different than what I’ve stated in the past.

          • ProbationU

            “Never been present for a D1 game”? Are you crazy? How many games do you think Rosen has been to at the Rose Bowl?

            What obstacles for Rosen? His youth and inexperience? That’s a given. What are the other obstacles? I don’t want Rosen unless he is the best. Simple. Best guy plays.

            And yes, I visit many sites. Show me one that states Jerry or Woulard has looked better than Rosen. Because every single one that I have visited says Rosen looks the best of the bunch. If they had stated one of the others looks the best or in the Fall state that one of the other looks the best, then my opinion will change.

            What has been the common theme on all the sites that I have read is that Rosen has the best arm, reads the field the best and can make all the throws. Neuheisel is the smartest but his arm is not strong enough to make all the throws. Woulard has made a lot of improvement but is very inconsistent, is not particularly accurate and is the weakest of the three in reading the field.

            But then again, I guess that Mora should make up his mind on the Laker Rod You Tube evaluation method.

            Fall camp will be illuminating. But no, you still haven’t answered the simple question. Should the best QB start, regardless of whether it is Rosen, Woulard or Neuheisel? Or should Rosen just redshirt, even if the coaching staff thinks he is the best?

          • Laker Rod

            I already told you Rosen’s other obstacles. He’s like a twig right now at 6’4 205. He’s not fast as a runner and he’s going to get hurt. If he was 225 or 230 that’s a different story.

            And let me put it to you this way. Andrew Luck redshirted. Was he the best his true freshman year over junior Pritchard? Winston redshirted and same with Mariotta.

            Every true frosh needs to keep up with his academics also.

            And yeah…the best QB should start and in my opinion that’s not going to be Josh Rosen this year. We have a redshirt sophomore 4 star QB who’s more athletic than Josh Rosen and has ideal size and strength at 6’3 215. You ever see Woulard? The dude is all muscle. Rosen is like a toothpick.

            I repeat…what do idiots like yourselves continue to argue and push for a true freshman QB to start when historically 99% don’t do very well. Can you answer? All you hope for is wishful thinking which 99% of the time you end wrong year after year.

            Think about the true freshmen you were hyping up last year or the years before. Zach Whitley? Malcom Jones? Kylie Fitts? Tahaan Goodman? Aaron Porter? Isaako Saviaena? Johnnie Johnson? Craig Lee? Some idiots thought Craig Lee was going to be the starter as a true frosh. Some were saying Nate Starks or Pickett was going to be the starting running back. You ever think it would end up being Perkins? I doubt it.

          • ProbationU

            OH…resorting to call someone an idiot. You may want to actually read what I wrote. I didn’t push for Rosen. I didn’t push for Woulard. I said the best player should start, regardless of his class. Right now it looks as if Rosen is the better player according to virtually everyone that has been going to the practices, including Jack Wang.

            However, Fall practice has not started. If Woulard is indeed better, then I hope he gets the nod. Just because Woulard is athletic and runs well doesn’t mean he can run the offense better…or worse for that matter. I trust Jim Mora and his staff to make the right decision, not Redshirt Rod who couldn’t even figure out that Hundley was better than Richard Brehaut or Kevin Prince. Stevie Wonder could see that one. Oh, and we won the South that year.

            And Barkley’s record as a true Freshman was better than his record as a Senior. See, it is all about the player. It isn’t a one size fits all situation.

            The vast majority of Freshmen should indeed redshirt. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that out, but there are those that are special enough to be able to play immediately. We will see if Rosen is one of those. People with closed minds, such as yourself, have already decided. Luckily we don’t have people like that on the coaching staff.

            And by the way, plenty of people who post here have more informed opinions than you do. And, they aren’t idiots. They just see things differently than the self-exalted Laker Rod.

          • Laker Rod

            You don’t even address the point of how Rosen is like a twig right now.

            Barkley starting as a true frosh broke USC’s streak of conference championships. Get with the program. And Barkley as a senior was under Kiffin which explains it all.

            It’s stupid of you to try and argue for a true frosh QB. Wishful thinking on your part as usual. Provide some historical facts or measures where true frosh QB’s like Rosen has had success. You can’t.

          • ProbationU

            First, show me where I have advocated for a true Freshman. I have advocated for the best player, regardless of class. Whatever the coach chooses is fine with me.

            It is you that is fixated on a particular QB. Personally, I trust the judgment of Jim Mora, Noel Mazzone and Taylor Mazzone over that of Laker Rod. But hey, maybe you can join the staff. After all, you are the champion of mediocrity…Kevin Prince, Richard Brehaut and Scott McEwan. They were all Bruin greats!

          • Laker Rod

            Show you where? You’re doing it right now. I’m not fixated on a particular QB….the majority of Bruin fans are fixated with true frosh Josh Rosen. The majority of Bruin writers are fixated on Josh Rosen…especially those which are recruiting websites.

            And I certainly trust Mora and the coaching staff more than do the writers. Mora and the staff have not shown any indication that Rosen is the leader but yet certain fans and writers certainly want to insist Rosen is. Can you even argue against this? I doubt it.

            In addition, there are YouTube videos out there which don’t even show Rosen is the best QB out there. You or others still can’t even defend or have an answer to his thin build of 6’4 205 at best.

            And you and others are so stupid. When Kevin Prince was a freshman or redshirt frosh…he had plenty of fans. Same with Richard Brehaut. I recall at the Rose Bowl dumb Bruin fans would be chanting for Brehaut to be inserted as a true frosh. Those same fans as usual turned their backs on them when they actually saw them play and how they ended up performing. You disagree with any of this?

            Same pattern happens over and over. Dumb Bruin fans brag about how Zach Whitley will start from day one. Where is he? Same thing happened for Craig Lee when he signed with UCLA. Same thing for Randall Carroll. Morrell Pressley. Anthony Barr. Ellis McCarthy. Malcolm Jones. Kylie Fitts. List goes on and on.

            What you and others need to realize that it takes time to play at a high college level. Not everybody is a Myles Jack.

            All of you are the same. You know what I say has lots of credibility but simply can’t get yourself to admit it.

      • Tommy B Low Us

        I find it hard to believe that this idiot red shirt rod is even a Bruins fan. I hope he is not a ucla alumni because that is just a straight up disgrace. He just likes to come on here and stir it up like bucket I am guessing.

      • SouthBayBruin

        What part of “Hundley left early and got drafted in the 5th round” do you people not get??? I bleed UCLA blue and I totally agree with Laker Rod. I’m sorry but go pop in the film of Hundley against Oregon and Stanford like the NFL coaches/scouts did… The “keys to the Ferrari” analogy says it best. Hundley might not ever be able to afford one. Had he come back and actually performed at preseason hype levels he’d be able to buy one before ever playing an NFL game… He got caught up in the UCLA hype and nonsense that some of you are preaching. Whether you all agree or not is irrelevant because the whole of the NFL does. Dude he got drafted after Sean Mannion… Lastly, he’s right that this will be a lesson to future Bruins. Every single player, every single one of them in our locker room is looking at Brett and realizing he made a giant mistake… He made the wrong choice for the right reasons. If you think that if he were given the chance to go back and change his mind that he wouldn’t you are out of your mind.

        • ProbationU

          Frankly, it is a moot point because Hundley had decided at the beginning of the year that it was his last year. It is easy to look back on it now and critique it. I was only slightly surprised by what happened as I figured 3rd possibly but 4th round most likely. BUT, he was gone all along.

          I don’t know if his stock would have improved or not. Bryce Petty went in the 4th round as a spread QB. Much of the NFL just doesn’t trust spread QBs. The draft might be deeper next year than this year. A lot of things could have happened.

          It doesn’t matter if he would go back and change his mind. What’s done is done and time to move on. He graduated and now we are all hoping for the best for Brett. He carried the program for 3 years and is a great Bruin. The NFL may or may not work out. It happens in all sports. Just think, Ed O’Bannon did not make it in the NBA and Matt Barnes did. Who was the greater Bruin?

    • Santiago Matamoros

      Too bad Brett didn’t redshirt.

      You have no right to talk about his sister.

      Brett owes you nothing.

      • ThaiMex

        Well……two out of three ain’t bad…

        • Santiago Matamoros

          What do you mean, Thai? Which is false?

          • ProbationU

            Brett did redshirt his Freshman year.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Yes; I was being sarcastic.

          • ThaiMex

            I believe Brett did REDSHIRT his first season… He left as a Redshirt Junior…(Not to be confused with Thaksin and his Redshirt buddies…but that’s a whole ‘nother story)

          • Santiago Matamoros

            I was referring sarcastically to Rod’s pathological preoccupation with redshirting.

          • ProbationU

            Laker Rod knows best.

          • Santiago Matamoros


      • Laker Rod

        Basically just a nonsense response. Come on Santiago. You can do better. You may not have liked the way I said it…but what I said has a lot of validity to it.

        I was saying all this “before” he made the decision. Where are all the idiots who said he was a for sure first rounder. Shows you how stupid the majority of the UCLA football fan base is.

        • Santiago Matamoros

          You’re really endearing yourself to your peers.

  • Triple Double

    He did the right thing to leave. He really should have left after last year. He has a much better chance to develop in the NFL with a superior offensive coordinator and qb coach.

  • ProbationU

    Now Hundley played too early?

    Who were you going to play, Prince or Brehaut? They had already proven to be .500 QB’s at best. UCLA won the South that year with Hundley. It doesn’t happen with either of the other choices.

    Hundley clearly was better than Prince or Brehaut. I guess you don’t believe in playing the best player. Laker Rod’s new motto, “the best should rest.”

    Mora can start telling recruits…come to UCLA, compete for the job, but if you are the best player but a Freshman, we will redshirt you anyway. Now, THAT’s a selling point.

    • MPPBruin

      You’re fighting a losing battle. Rod’s got some fictitious scenario in his head about Brehaut/Prince becoming the QB we always wanted. You can’t prove a counterfactual, so the whole conversation becomes self-defeating.

      • ProbationU

        Yes…and his arguments continually contradict themselves. He uses Barkley as an example and SC’s record with Barkley as a Freshman was better than their record when he was a Senior. Many factors go into this stuff.

        I am thinking that he has never played sports in his life or been on a team. Any coach that doesn’t play the best players will have no credibility.

    • Laker Rod

      That’s where you’re wrong just like every other idiot Bruin fan out there. I’m sure you didn’t want Drew Olson to start as a senior in 2005…right? Idiots like yourselves were all pulling for Ben Olson to start.

      Past performance isn’t indicative of future results. Scott McEwan…do you even remember him…turned out to be UCLA’s best QB in 2001 as a redshirt senior.

      We were better of sticking with Kevin Craft in 2009 instead of stupid Rick Neuheisel trying to go with redshirt frosh Kevin Prince and true frosh Richard Brehaut which ruined both of them early on. Both were capable as seniors. Hundley produced 5 losses…remember that.

      The record for UCLA would have been the same at 9-5 with Prince or Brehaut under Mora. The benefit would have been Hundley had another year to learn and would have possibly stayed this 2015 year had he not started 3 previous years. Think about it.

      • ProbationU

        I did. You are smarter than Mora and the entire coaching staff. Send them your resume’. The program would be much better off in your hands.

        • Laker Rod

          McEwan turned out to be the best which is one of the reasons why Toledo got fired dummy.

          • ProbationU

            Toledo got fired because he lost control of the team. Paus drunk driving. DeShaun Foster with the car. Handicapped parking scandal. Are you related to Scott McEwen?

          • Laker Rod

            Dumb. How exactly did Toledo lose control of the team? You lose control and/or start to lose credibility when you make dumb decisions and stick with them. Sticking with Cory Paus and even going with him as a redshirt freshman and even putting himself into that stupid position in the first place is where it starts to go down hill.

            Toledo took over in 1996 and was the OC in 1995. He had Cade McNown for 4 years. Do you even remember any of the QB’s who UCLA recruited and got for 1996 and 1997?

            And let me warn you of something. In 1999, UCLA was preseason ranked No 6 and coming off back to back 10 win seasons. They returned DeShaun Foster, Freddie Mitchell, Danny Farmer, Robert Thomas, Kenyon Coleman, and had a supposed No 1 recruiting class from 1998 and a No 5 class of 1999 which included Mike Seidman and Ricky Manning. Same old stupid Bruin fans were saying oh….sure let’s go with Cory Paus as a redshir frosh he has that Cade McNown swagger blah blah blah.

            So what happened? Mike Seidman was in no way ready as a true frosh. He was terrible and couldn’t even block. Foster as a true sophomore showed he couldn’t get it done when defenses keyed on him running the ball. Cory Paus as a redshirt frosh couldn’t understand the speed of incoming rushers. A receiver isn’t very effective if the QB can’t throw you the ball. When your offense struggles…your defense tends to struggle. This has always been UCLA.

            I have no idea what to expect from this 2015 season based on the historical collapses by UCLA. I certainly don’t expect a 4-7 season but it wouldn’t be a surprise if we fell into 8-5 in 2015.

            And I don’t see UCLA winning 10 games with true frosh Josh Rosen. No way. Here is more the important reason as to why no way.

            If you have a coaching staff that has had a player like Brett Hundley for 3 years and you’ve seen how much he has developed and you also have seen how UCLA has had Asianti Woulard for 2 plus years…kind of makes you wonder…no?

            If Josh Rosen is indeed the best QB by the end of fall camp…what the heck does this tell you about the coaching staff?

            All Jim Mora has proven is that he’s a Del Harris. He can take a crummy team which UCLA certainly was under Rick Neuheisel and Karl Dorrell and Mora can take them to 10 win seasons and middle tier bowl games.

            The challenge for Mora and the staff is to reach the next level which is obviously a BCS bowl game. IMO, he’s not getting there if he goes with true frosh Josh Rosen in 2015.

            The best thing for 2015 is to go with Woulard.

            Josh Rosen has to at least physically fit the part. At 6’4 205…that’s not the part. Adding 15 pounds by fall and keeping it on isn’t realistic either without making some sacrifices which can impact Rosen’s performance as a true frosh.

            The goal for Rosen is to be a solid 220 or 225 by 2016 as a redshirt freshman. If redshirt frosh Andrew Luck can beat out returning senior QB Tavita Pritchard then Rosen can do the same with Woulard if that’s what happens.

            Bruin fans never have any patience.

  • Santiago Matamoros

    So, Brett should have redshirted twice?

    Rod, you’re doubling down not only elevating yourself above your peers (arrogant and inapt), but also on the absurd notion that you know better than Brett Hundley what Brett himself thinks, feels, and should do.

    The First Rule of Holes is: Stop digging.

    • Laker Rod

      Come on Santiago. Is it so wrong not to have a true frosh or redshirt frosh wait a bit? Poasi Moala and Kenny Lacy and John Lopez have hardly played their first two years. Is this a bad thing? I don’t think so. Connor McDermott really didn’t start seeing action until his redshirt sophomore year and they guy is a grey shirt also. He’s one of UCLA’s better O line guys.

      Matt Leinart never really saw any action at USC until his redshirt sophomore year.

      Paul Perkins saw some action as a redshirt freshman and blossomed as a redshirt sophomore.

      Get with the program man.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        Get with the program man.

        Ironic, because this isn’t about redshirting.

        (That’s a sad bait-and-switch.)

        • ProbationU

          Time to fire the entire staff and replace them with Red Shirt Rod!!

          What escapes this brainiac is that you can’t redshirt players if you don’t have depth. Mora inherited no depth, so a lot of Freshmen played at first. Less and less have played as the depth improved. But, hey…get with the program, Santiago!!