Report: Quarterback Everett Golson has UCLA on transfer list

Could UCLA’s quarterback race expand from four contestants to five?

According to ESPN, former Notre Dame signal-caller Everett Golson has included the Bruins on his list of 10 potential transfer destinations, along with Florida State, Alabama and South Carolina. Arguably the most intriguing prospect on the graduate transfer market, Golson could immediately help expand a quarterback-needy offense.

After spring camp, UCLA appears likely to turn to true freshman Josh Rosen behind center over Jerry Neuheisel, Asiantii Woulard and walk-on Mike Fafaul. Only Neuheisel has any significant game experience.

But the 6-foot-1 Golson is not without his flaws. After helping the Fighting Irish to a 12-0 record in 2012 before losing in the BCS Championship, Golson served an academic suspension for all of 2013 for cheating on a test. On the field, he only completed 60.0 percent of his passes, with 29 touchdowns against 14 interceptions — 10 of which came as his team lost five of six games to end the regular season. He ran for eight touchdowns, but also lost eight fumbles.

Notre Dame has already blocked Golson from transferring to any school on its 2015 schedule, and his suspension could complicate his ability to join an SEC team.

For now, the South Carolina native seems likely to stay closer to home. Yesterday, 247Sports reported that Golson will end up at Florida State “barring a last-minute change of heart or any influence from elsewhere.” He is also set to visit Georgia later this week, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

  • Tommy B Low Us

    I am not sure what to think of this. Why would he think UCLA would be any easier academically? If he cheated at ND, who knows what would happen. Talk about lapse in judgement. Can we really trust this guy? Also I watched the ASU game and he looked like complete garbage. Maybe he I better left to SCAR OR FSU.

    • drakejr

      It’s his final year of college, he can sleep through all of his classes without much concern even at a relatively rigorous institution.

  • xtracool32

    The thing is how similar are notre dame’s and ucla’s offenses. If golson has to come in an learn a completely new offense then ucla won’t be a good fit. But if the offenses are similar then ucla could be a good fit.

    I think josh Rosen can have a VERY good career at ucla. But, i have seen so many true freshman quarterbacks struggle in college football. Having said that, I don’t think ucla has many other options right now with jerry neuheisel and Asiante woulard, who has not played in a game yet. So it’s either a true freshman or Everett Golson, if he decides to come to ucla.

    • Laker Rod

      Sure we have other options. Almost any option is better than going with a true freshman QB.

      Both Asianti Woulard and Jerry N. are better options than true frosh Josh Rosen.

      Name a true frosh that has done well. As far as players who were redshirt sophomores or redshirt juniors who didn’t have significant playing time or none at all prior to taking over…there are quite a few who went on to do well.

      Look at Matt Leinart as a redshirt sophomore in 2003. He hardly played if at all.

      Wayne Cook won the starting job as a redshirt sophomore and was doing quite well prior to being injured.

      Cardale Jones took over as a redshirt sophomore and led Ohio State to BCS championship.

      There have been a gang load of juniors also who won the starting job without much playing time in previous seasons. USC went from Booty to Sanchez. Both were juniors when they started for the first time.

      It’s stupid to put any trust in a true freshman. Rosen doesn’t even have ideal size right now. He’s like a tooth pick in this day and age at 6’4 205 at best.

      • ProbationU

        I doubt that Coach Mora is going to make his decision based upon the past failures of other freshman QBs. It is not some sort of “revolutionary” thought to warn about the readiness of a true freshman to QB a D1 program. We are ALL aware of the odds. And that is just what they are, odds.

        The coaching staff will decide which of the 3 options gives them the best chance of winning. You believe that Asianti Woulard and Jerry Neuheisel give UCLA the best chance of winning. This is your OPINION. Don’t confuse opinion with fact. I trust that Coach Mora and Staff will make the proper selection, whether it be Woulard, Neuheisel or Rosen. The QB’s are competing for the job, not against the past. What has happened in the past doesn’t guarantee what will happen in the future.

        • UCLA owns LA Football

          Rosen s/b the starter unless Woulard improves significantly. But I don’t think that will happen. Rosen is up to the challenge.

          • Laker Rod

            No. Woulard should be the starter unless Rosen can prove he can take a hit and last an entire season. He shows up at fall camp with his current twiggy 6’4 205 frame with no arm definition then I’m not feeling confident.

            You and others don’t seem to understand the difference between a true frosh Drew Olson at 6’2 190 vs a 6’2 220 senior Drew Olson. Olson was getting easily sacked his first two years. These sacks were arm grabbing the jersey type of sacks.

            As a senior, nobody could bring down Olson that easily. He was able to break out off potential sacks.

            I repeat…if Josh Rosen was already 6’4 225…that’s a different story. He’s not. You can’t put on 20 lbs in such a short period time and feel mobile. He’s going to feel sluggish.

            You and others just look at his passes but yet there has been times where it’s been reported that Rosen would have gotten clocked had he released the ball that late. This is the fine line between good veteran QB’;s vs young ones.

            This is why it takes time for more of a pocket passer to do well and rarely does well as a true frosh. Sure the 5 star type pocket passer usually has a rifle arm but what they often lack and what’s overlooked is the pocket presence and not being used to the speed of oncoming rushers and also the make up and closing speed of defensive backs.

            This is why a more mobile QB who may be young has an advantage. The opposing defense always has to account for the QB running. So they take their eyes of the receiver. Even a split second or less can make all the difference in a receiver getting open. All the mobile QB has to do is fake running and this frees a receiver up.

            There is no point in going for a fake from Rosen because he’s only going to run for 3 – 5 yards at best prior to sliding. You know he’s passing on 3rd and 8.

            I have no idea why Bruin fans like this. I hate it when UCLA’s defense has to defend against mobile QB’s. They usually don’t do very well. Look at what happened to UCLA against Utah last year.

        • Tommy B Low Us

          A voice of reason and logic… what a concept. Thanks keeping it real on here as always.

        • CaliGrown

          +100 Probation U. Redshirt Rod has been beating this dead horse for awhile now. As if Wouland and Jerry would greatly improve our odds towards a championship compared to Rosen. May the best QB win the job.

          • ProbationU

            Redshirt Fraud likes to elevate his opinions and call everyone else an idiot. Mirror time!

          • MPPBruin

            I’m thinking that Rod must actually be Asianti Woulard’s mom or something.

          • ProbationU

            I think he might be related to former backup QB, Scott McEwan. He rants about him and nobody else even remembers the guy. Claims that Bob Toledo got fired because he started Cory Paus over McEwan. Comical.

            Living in a parallel universe. He wold have started Brehaut or Prince over Hundley. That should say it all.

          • MPPBruin

            What I’ve learned is that on all chat boards there is one person who lives in an alternate universe and just needs to be summarily ignored. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. Rod has painted himself into that corner.

        • Laker Rod

          It’s more than an opinion. At least I have historical evidence as to why to back up my position. You and others on the other hand rely on blind hope and wishful thinking.

          There is a reason as to why Mazzone has said he has never started a freshman. There is a reason why Andrew Luck redshirted along with Mariotta and Winston. Think about it.

          • ProbationU

            Still an opinion. You may feel your opinion is more informed than some, but it is still your opinion and nothing more.

            If Mazzone has never started a true freshman before and decides to start Rosen, then that would say that he thinks Rosen is really good. Again, he may opt for Woulard or Neu. Competition is good.

          • Laker Rod

            Lame. It’s an “educated” opinion. Not an idiotic one like yourself who relies on blind hope when there is no historical evidence to back up starting a true frosh QB.

          • ProbationU

            You are so educated you would have started Prince or Brehaut and sat Hundley. That call completely kills your credibility. Mora and Mazzone chose Hundley and won the South. Rod wanted the guys that lost 50-0 to SC.

            You sir, have a dizzying intellect.

          • Laker Rod

            Quick making up lies about Hundley vs Prince or Brehaut. What I said was Prince and/or Brehaut could have produced 9-5 records also in 2012. We had Franklin and a bunch of other seniors out there. 3 freshman O line guys and a freshman QB didn’t go so well related to the number of sacks given up.

            And Cade McNown was 5-6 as a true sophomore you moron. Guys improve the next year which is something you cannot comprehend.

          • ProbationU

            Guess you didn’t read MY comments about McNown above and confused them with someone else. You really are thick in the head and if you think Prince or Brehaut would have gotten us to 9-2 with a win over SC, I think you are out of your mind.

          • Laker Rod

            UCLA ended up at 9-5 you moron. What I said was Prince and Brehaut could have produced a similar record. I didn’t say UCLA would have won the Pac-12 South that year. Maybe they wouldn’t have beaten USC either. All I said was that they were capable of producing only 5 losses…which could have meant 8-5. Brehaut or Prince would not have lost to Cal.

            The thing you need to understand that is that if UCLA went 8-5 in 2012 and Hundley started for the first time in 2013…where would they have ended up. Same for 2014. Would Hundley still be here for 2015. Think about it.

      • UCLA owns LA Football

        I believe the Ohio St. QB was freshman when he engineered the NC victory over Ore. St.

        • 8 Krap

          It was Oregon, not Oregon State…….right State, wrong school….

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Thanks for the heads up.

        • Laker Rod

          Name the year and QB. I don’t believe you are correct. We are talking true freshman? Makes a difference.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        You knew what was best for Brett, and you know what is best for Rosen.

        Rosen is not Leinart is not Cook is not Jones is not [insert the 99.999% of the population which has never won an NCAA football “championship”].

        He deserves a chance to show if he’s good enough.

        • Laker Rod

          So Andrew Luck, Marcus Mariotta, and Jameis Winston didn’t get a chance to show they were good enough as true frosh?

          I repeat…you and 90% of Bruin fans are simply relying on blind hope.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Giving every player the chance to earn playing time is not “blind hope.”

          • Laker Rod

            It is blind hope because you simply don’t understand what it takes to build a championship team.

            Arizona State won the Pac-12 South two years with a less talented but more experienced team. Majority of their guys redshirted. They had like 2 star recruits on the O line but redshirted and were redshirt juniors and seniors in 2013. UCLA lost to ASU because the shaky O line of UCLA made up of too many true frosh gave up too many sacks.

            Imagine if UCLA who usually is able to get more talent redshirted their guys more and simply built a better stronger more experienced team.

          • ProbationU

            UCLA won the PAC-12 South the year before ASU with a much younger team. BUT, UCLA had T-A-L-E-N-T. We had an OL starting about 3 FRESHMAN…2 true freshman if I recall correctly in Goines and Benenoch! A RS Freshman QB that YOU didn’t want to start. But yes…we did have Jr. running back Johnathan Franklin…who with all his experience dropped a crucial 3rd down pass in crunch time.

            Yeah…it is Santiago that doesn’t know how to build a championship team!

            What we needed was Kevin Prince or Richard Brehaut coached by Laker Rod!!

          • Laker Rod

            They were not younger. You just think that and don’t pay attention. Johnathan Franklin was a redshirt senior. Leader rusher. Shaq Evans was the leading receiver in catches and yards and was a redshirt junior since he was a transfer from ND. Joseph Fauria was a redshirt senior also and had the most TD receptions. Darius Bell was a redshirt junior. Jerry Johnson was a redshirt senior. We had Jeff Baca and XSF on the O line. Sure we had 3 frosh at times but they were obviously the weakest link.

            We also had David Allen at fullback who was a walk on RSr.

            The defense was mainly junior and seniors also in 2012. You don’t pay attention.

            RDE – Marsh Jr, Owa Jr
            NT – Epenesa Jr, Donovan Carter RSr
            LDE – Jones RSr, Keenan Graham RSr, McCarthy Fr

            OLB – Barr Jr
            ILB – Kendricks RSo
            ILB – Zumwalt Jr, Dalton Hilliard Sr minibacker
            OLB – Damien Holmes RSr

            CB – Hester RSr
            CB – Price Sr
            FS – Tevin McDonald RSo

            SS – Andrew Abbott RSr

            Get your facts right. You just make stupid blanket statements while I present the detail evidence for you.

            And I didn’t say Hundley shouldn’t start back then. I said ease him into the rotation. You forget Hundley had that horrible game up at Cal. Hundley had a few other pick sixes also. Some of the issues he never got rid of and you know it.

          • ProbationU

            By the way, it is Mariota, with one t. Nice backpedal on Hundley

          • Laker Rod

            No backpedaling it’s the truth. Quit making up lies to cover yourself and to mask your idiotic statements. I just proved to you the 2012 team was much older than you thought you moron. Pointing out spelling mistakes. What a loser.

          • ProbationU

            Hundley was so much better than Prince or Brehaut it was a joke. And you didn’t want to start Hundley. Now you say you wanted to “ease’ him in. Either way you were wrong. It wasn’t even close. Whether or not the Mazzone’s are great, they are better than you. And by the way, we had RS Freshman Center and a Freshman Torian White playing RT. It was a patchwork line and our RS FR QB was sacked all year and still put up huge numbers and won the South. You would have started the guys that lost 50-0 to SC. MOE RON.

          • Laker Rod

            I never once heard you deny Brehaut or Prince or a combo of both could have produced just 5 losses which is what Hundley did. Hundley lost the Cal game. You have never denied this nor has anybody else. Even Mr. Jack Wang knows true frosh have the 0 TD or 1 TD and 3 interception type games. These often equates to a loss.

            And where is Torian White now you moron. You always think it’s good to play freshman but yet often times it doesn’t work out very well.

            Out of the freshman, UCLA started in 2012…only Jake Brendel has worked out. Simon Goines has kept getting injured and his progress has slowed dramatically. Torian White isn’t even on the team anymore. Probably because he felt “entitled”.

            I don’t see fans having much confidence in Redmond, Benenoch, and Quessenberry as individuals. Heck…greyshirt and redshirt Connor McDermott looks to be the second best O line guy after Brendel. Both these guys were 2 and 3 star recruits respectively also.

            And yes…I’m the same guys that started 5-6 Cade McNown you idiot. Rick N. was more responsible for 50-0 than Kevin Prince.

            So if Josh Rosen faulters what true frosh you’re going to promote next? You’re so stupid.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            You think that not playing the best player is “what it takes to build a championship team.”

            You imagine all you want. I want the best players to play.

          • Laker Rod

            And how often is the best player a true freshman? And if that best player is a true freshman then what can one expect out of that position of team. Come on man.

          • ProbationU

            Then you have nothing to worry about. If he’s not the best player, he wont win the job.

            If Mora thinks he is the best player, are you going to call him an idiot?

          • Laker Rod

            I’ll put it to you this way. If Rosen ends up the best as a true frosh then you better start to seriously question our coaching staff of the flying Mazzones. Both the dad and the son. If you can’t get a 4 star QB like Woulard ready for basically 3 years and you have to go with a true frosh then it doesn’t add much to their credibility which is dwindling in light of where Hundley ended up and how he didn’t improve much over the years.

            You and others need to realize that playing a QB too early can have damaging effects also. It isn’t always beneficial.

            In addition, how many years was Mazzone at ASU. He leaves and then only a year later ASU beats UCLA and wins the Pac-12 south. Both the starting QB and the backup did well. What does this say about Mazzone.

            I’m not saying he’s a bad coach but you’re only fooling yourself if you believe all Bruin fans are happy with him. I sense Mora is frustrated with Mazzone’s finesse offense and wants the QB under center at times and to play a little more power football. The offense has bogged down too many times against the better D’s or in critical games. You truly expect true frosh Rosen to come through? Again…blind wishful thinking who has to beat the odds.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            So, don’t play the best player, even if he’s a freshman?

            That’s a winning strategy.

          • Laker Rod

            Well…Winston, Mariota, and Luck redshirted so the supposed best player didn’t play. I’ll trust those winning coaches over idiots like yourself.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Name-calling is an admission of the inadequacy of your position.

            And other things.

          • Laker Rod

            You didn’t answer the question. Luck, Mariotta, and Winston redshirted. Why?

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Don’t be absurd, Rod.

          • Laker Rod

            You don’t do enough research. Read up on how Andrew Luck ended up redshirting. It’s obvious you have not.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            If you’re going to mock someone for not doing enough research, you ought to be sure that the research will support both your position and the mockery.

            It turns out someone did think that Andrew Luck wasn’t the best at his position: Andrew Luck. Harbaugh wanted to play him because he was the best at his position and would have helped the team most:

            In the week before the fifth game of the season, a road trip to Washington, Harbaugh called Luck into his office.

            “Andrew, I’m thinking about starting you in this game,” Harbaugh remembers saying.

            “I would really be excited to do that,” Luck replied, “but I
            don’t feel like I beat anybody out. I don’t feel like I deserve it.”

            “Well, you really haven’t been in that position,” Harbaugh
            said. “The competition’s been between those other three [quarterbacks]. You’ve shown enough in practice. I think you’re ready and you’re the best thing for the team.”

            “I’d be excited and I’d do anything for the team,” Luck said, “but I don’t feel like I’ve earned the job.”

            Luck’s response made Harbaugh think it over for another day
            before he made his final decision: Luck would redshirt, and Pritchard would keep his job.

          • Laker Rod

            Why are you posting what I already know. I’m the one who told you to look it up.

            You claimed that the reason why Luck redshirted was perhaps he wasn’t the best at his position his true frosh year. Read in our own quotes what you put in bold face. So you were WRONG in your original comment about how perhaps Luck wasn’t the best his true frosh year.

            Luck actually declined because he has the smarts and patience to defer. Good things come to those who wait. That’s what I have been stating. NONE of you want to hear this because you have no PATIENCE.

            There are reasons as to why all of Luck, Mariota, and Winston redshirted. It all ended up well for them because they were prepared but yet you and others continually want to play true frosh QB”s despite the historical evidence of how bad they have played and how the teams performed poorly record wise and/or never won any type of championship.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Luck actually declined because he has the smarts and patience to defer. Good things come to those who wait. That’s what I have been stating. NONE of you want to hear this because you have no PATIENCE.

            Clearly, you didn’t know why Luck redshirted, or you wouldn’t have pointed to an obliteration of your ungracious ranting and raving.

            Luck didn’t decline because of “smarts and patience,” but integrity. (Something you neither possess nor understand, apparently.) He didn’t feel that he had earned the job.

            Harbaugh thought that he was ready and that his playing would be best for the team, which is a final refutation to your mendacity.

            Again, no one is saying that true freshmen ought to start. We’re saying only that the best player at each position should play.

            Stop with the absurd straw men, Rod.

          • Laker Rod

            Lame. You keep saying the best player at each position should play but the point is how often is it a true freshman? Duh!!

            And Harbaugh or any coach has any overriding decision vs that of a player. Harbaugh chose to stick to redshirting Luck. End of story.

            Quit with your lame responses also about how Luck declined because of integrity. Oh brother. So if Josh Rosen doesn’t decline he lacks integrity? Listen to yourself.

            You cannot even argue the concept of PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Good things do come to those who wait. All you idiots do is rush rush rush. Play this true frosh play that true frosh. Idiots are now saying Chris Clark will be the main 3rd down receiver. Oh brother. Similar to how last year people were saying Zach Whitley is for sure a starter from day one. LOL!!!

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Speaking of “lame,” you keep doubling down on nescient and rude, an unattractive combination.

            Harbaugh wanted to play Luck because he was ready and gave the team the best chance to play.

            Rant, rave, foam at the mouth all you want; none of your absurd straw men, non sequiturs, or name calling change that fact.

          • Laker Rod

            Wrong. Harbaugh only wanted Luck to play his true frosh year after things were already looking pretty bad for that season. Nobody was convinced at the very start of that season. Get your facts straight and quit trying to distort the truth to support your position.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            You’re still not reading, Rod.

          • Laker Rod

            Sure I am. You’re not. You can’t even disagree with what I just stated because you know it’s the truth.

            Harbaugh already had Pritchard as his starter at the start of the season. All the time during fall the coaches liked what they saw from Andrew Luck but none of them was going to elevate Luck to the starter at the start of the season. He didn’t even play in any games so the plan was to redshirt. Only after Luck kept doing very well on the scout team and Stanford’s season was already going nowhere did they think about playing Luck.

            Each coach and player had reasons as to why they redshirted. Mariota, Luck, and Winston. All successful coaches and programs and they don’t play true frosh.

            In the mean time I see all these lousy/mediocre coaches/programs playing true frosh in the past. WSU, Cal, Colorado and UCLA in the past. Same with Stanford and Trent Edwards the No 1 QB recruit in the nation. How about Michigan with Robinson? They could never develop any consistency.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            Go back and read Harbaugh’s own words. He wanted to play Luck because he gave them the best chance to win.

            As long as you refuse to acknowledge basic fact, you have no credibility.

  • VB

    Jack, have you heard anything re: Ellis McCarthy. Do you think he is going to walk-on to an NFL team or is his career in football over? Pretty sad that he didn’t decide to stay at UCLA one more year.

    • Konapie

      I believe he was taken as an undrafted free agent by the Miami Dolphins.

  • Romeo

    Golson is not an upgrade over Rosen. He has academic issues and inconsistency issues. Sure he MIGHT be better than Rosen for the first few games but once Rosen gets the hang of the college game, he will be far better. So the better long term option is to just start Rosen this year and hope he’s a fast learner.

  • 92104bruinfan

    Had Golson graduated from ND in December and been able to participate in spring practices in Westwood, he would have been an intriguing option IMO given the number of returning starters on both sides of the ball. At this stage, I’m fine with Rosen as the apparent leader in the QB race tho I do hope Woulard keeps working and improving to compete with Rosen as part of a healthy QB competition. Go Bruins!

  • MPPBruin

    It’s hard for me to imagine this realistically working out, but who knows. I’m still a little skeptical of Rosen being able to step in and lead us to a championship in his first year. At least Golson will be used to the speed of the college game, even if he doesn’t have mastery of the playbook. Tough to say right now.

    • UCLA owns LA Football

      MPP, Mr. Rosen is quite capable of handing off to UCLA’s bevy of RB’s. UCLA has the OLine to run downhill all year. They don’t need to throw that much.

      Rosen can attempt 12 to 16 high percentage passes a game with reasonable skill. Rosen is as capable as Cade McNown, who started and did quite well as a freshman.

      • MPPBruin

        The bar for championship is going to be higher than just handing off to a running back 3 out of every 4 plays. We’re going to need more balance to compete with teams like Ohio State and Alabama. Also, McNown didn’t win a championship in the first year.

        • ProbationU

          McNown didn’t even start his freshman year until later in the season and was mediocre until his junior year. No matter who plays QB, they won’t have much experience and will need to limit turnovers.

          With an improved defense we still can win 10 games or more if we limit our mistakes.

          • MPPBruin

            My guess is that UCLA will win 8-10 games next season. We can get to 10 if we play cleaner football and don’t flub a couple of big games like we did last season. We’re fortunate for not having to play Oregon and we get Cal at home (compared to playing at Berkeley which always seems to give us problems). Can’t afford any traps at Oregon State or Utah though.

          • ProbationU

            It will be interesting to see if we can cut down on the stupid penalties and mistakes this year. We are now a more veteran team with a well respected Defensive Coordinator. We can’t turn the corner without greatly reducing those mistakes, especially with an inexperienced QB.

          • MPPBruin

            I was listening to Jim Mora talk on the Bruin Report Online podcast and he finally started talking about reducing penalties.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Stopping the stupid penalties is priority number 1. I believe we blew those games against Stanford because of those untimely penalties. Rosen will surprise many as a true freshman stater regardless of what red shirt rod says.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Disagree. I saw McNown when he entered his first game. Even on TV you had the feeling Cade was the guy – and he was.

            Rosen is in my opinion is better than Cade as a freshman based on Rosen’s Jr and Sr. years at SJB. He engineered a State Championship in his Jr. Year and was a CIF champion in his Sr. year.

            Rosen is quite capable of managing UCLA’s offense as a Freshman.

            Rosen doesn’t have Cade’s leadership charisma, but Rosen is much better technically than Cade. And Rosen is heavy enough to run for 1st downs when all else fails. UCLA’s has the horses to run downhill all year and wear out opposing defenses.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            I recall Cade telling a story about a project that he had to do in elementary school. The teacher asked him about his name, and he said it meant, “Football.”

            I loved his intensity.

          • ProbationU

            I also remember Cade being heavily criticized during his sophomore year. I was listening to a radio talk show and Cade actually called in to defend himself and his teammates. He was very fiery.

            But, Cade clearly had to learn on the job. I think Rosen is further along than Cade and has a better supporting cast. However, if Rosen starts (or Woulard) there will be a learning curve.

        • Santiago Matamoros

          Defense wins championships.

          • MPPBruin

            It’s tough for me to accept that argument knowing that you have to be almost perfect to get to the playoffs. You can only really slip one game at most. It’s hard for me to assume that given we haven’t seen Rosen take a snap in a real game yet. The margin of error is just so slim at the top levels.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            A great defense and running game and solid game manager imply very few errors.

            (And even redshirted, experienced, super-talented Brett couldn’t get us to the playoff.)

          • MPPBruin

            Yet true freshman starting quarterback implies errors. Game manager usually refers to veteran with limited athletic potential. I’m optimistic about Rosen, but its tough for me to say that there won’t be any bumps in the road in his first year.

          • Santiago Matamoros

            A freshman will experience growing pains, but if the rest of team is as solid as we hope and expect it to be, then all Rosen needs to do is hand the ball off most of the time.

            I suspect he’s talented enough — especially with an offensive line that protects him, a luxury Brett rarely enjoyed — to make plays when necessary.

          • MPPBruin

            A key word in your post is “if”.

            Anyway, I hope that you’re right and I’m wrong.

          • UCLA owns LA Football

            Right on the money Santiago.

      • Santiago Matamoros

        Love Cade.

  • MPPBruin

    Anyone know what the process is in getting him admitted to a graduate program? I don’t want to water down any academic standards just to get him to play one year. UCLA does have a bigger reputation to think about beyond our football team.

    • VB

      (sigh) who cares dude.

      • MPPBruin

        Maybe you should be a USC fan. They stopped pretending about being an academic institution a long time ago.

      • maze949

        Says the “dude” who didn’t get into UCLA (not even with his Daddy as an alum)

        • SB

          Says the clown that sounds like a trogan. Pretty sure its not a prerequisite that you have to go there to be a fan. My brother went there and I’m a fan, is that not OK? I chose to go into Law Enforcement instead of a University.. guess I shouldn’t weigh in either..

        • VB

          maze949 Go take a slow walk across the 405 freeway.

        • VB

          Maze, are you the dude we tailgated with a couple seasons ago? Were you the one who bought our extra tickets off Craigslist?

  • TYtrueBRUIN300

    go get him MORA!!! and let josh redshirt please!!!

    • VB

      Why would you want Rosen to redshirt? So we can have him start for us for 2 years instead of 3? Makes no sense.

  • ProbationU

    According to the same ESPN article, UCLA has not reached out to Golson. I think the staff is wise to be cautious on a number of fronts. First, how good is he? He certainly isn’t Braxton Miller. Is it worth the possible upset to the team’s chemistry to bring someone in at the last minute? Personally, I don’t think he is worth it. Second, would he be qualified academically? He has had academic issues and we lost a potential basketball player when he was not admitted into graduate school. It just isn’t worth the distraction that he would provide.

    We have some good QB candidates. Both Rosen and Woulard have talent but not experience. Let the competition play out. I prefer having Bruins play at UCLA, for better or worse.

  • Joe Bonanno

    H’e not an upgrade over our current top 3. Better off somewhere else.

  • cmwilliamsd

    Didn’t we learn anything from last year? We brought in a Miami O line castoff. He was a back up there, He was a back up at UCLA. This program has out grown this kind of desperation. Go with Rosen and never look back.

    • Laker Rod

      Oh the irony. Going with a true frosh QB is an act of desperation. Hasn’t this program out grown this kind of desperation?

  • Laker Rod

    This thread right here shows the stupidity of UCLA Bruin fans. How on earth would one root for a true frosh where there is such historical lack of success from true frosh QB’s…especially the Rosen types. Nobody addresses his skinny frame issue. Just rely on blind wishful thinking.

    Explain to me why the majority of Bruin fans wouldn’t want to root for Woulard to start.

    I repeat…there is only around 10% of Bruin fans who are rooting for Woulard and know the reasons why.

    • ProbationU

      According to reports, Woulard is 6’3″ and 210 lbs. Rosen is reported to be 6’4″ and 205. Hardly a huge difference.

      Did you actually conduct a poll or did you just pull that 10% number out of your rear end? I see no evidence of that at all. What I see are fans hoping for a good year and reading reports that state Rosen has been better so far. But I doubt there are very many here, including you and me, that have been out to all the practices to see these guys in person. Most of us fans just want a fair competition and for the best guy to be selected. We don’t root for a particular person to win ANY particular position battle. We root for the TEAM.

      Basically, Mora/Mazzone > Laker Rod in evaluating talent.

      History may assist you in forming your opinion but it does not change the fact that it is an opinion. If you are attempting to persuade people to your viewpoint, calling them “stupid” or “idiots” isn’t an effective tool. However, it is illustrative of some other deeper need on your part.

      • MPPBruin

        You just can’t help yourself, can you? Haha.

        • ProbationU


      • Tommy B Low Us

        I wish red shirt rod would practice what he preaches and take a red shirt from this blog. Maybe then, he could have an argument that makes sense.

      • Laker Rod

        There you go again arguing for Josh Rosen but yet in another post you said you never said Josh Rosen should start. Make up your mind.

        And Woulard is more like 215 and solidly built. Have you seen the two? There is no comparison. Rosen has these twiggy arms where as Woulard is yoked.

        Woulard would slaughter Rosen in every physical weight lifting category.

        1. Faster and quicker
        2. Stronger in every aspect

        And Rosen has not been better. Says who? The biased recruiting sites? I watched enough on youtube to show Rosen is not the best.

        GO WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEOS. One can argue Jerrry Neuheisel is the best passer at this point.

        Woulard is the best runner that’s for sure. It’s difficult to highlight this in practice which 90% of you idiots fail and/or refuse to admit.

        And this is why I use the term “idiot”. There is a difference between and “educated” or “researched” opinion/guess vs that of just of an opinion/guess. Correct? You’re just digging yourself into a bigger hole.

        Here is something for you. If you’re playing 7 card stud poker and each player has 5 cards facing up and one player has 6, 7, 8, 10 showing but yet you are holding 2 9’s and another pair and there is 1 other 9 out there on the board from another player….isn’t it easy to form an educating opinion/guess that the player doesn’t have a straight.

        I repeat….the historical “odds” are not in Rosen’s favor as a true frosh. You and other Bruin fans are too blind and stubborn to admit this. You might want to again think about why Luck, Mariotta, and Winston redshirted. I guarantee you. There were pretty close to the existing competition but yet those coaches knew better.

        • ProbationU

          You can’t read and understand. Where did I argue for Rosen? Quote the line where I said Rosen should be the starter. You are way too stupid to figure out the simple stuff.

          Now if you care to read what is written on the various sites, you will read that OTHERS have stated Rosen is better. I looked at the YouTube from the Spring Showcase and thought Rosen was better. BUT, I never stated that he should start. I trust the coaches.

          You are an effing moron that cannot read English…so go back and read what I wrote and what I have said all along. I trust Mora and Staff to make the right decision.

          I root for the team and will root for Woulard or Rosen or Jerry. Should Rosen actually win the job, you will probably root for him to fail so you can try to convince everyone that you are smarter than the coaches. The fact is, you can’t even comprehend what I have simply written for your 2nd grade mind.

          • Laker Rod

            You’re trying to say there isn’t much difference between 6’4 205 and 6’3 210. Why do you even try to argue with these uneducated comments. You can’t even argue for Rosen when I pointed out the strength difference between the two.

            All you fall back on is that you trust Mora and staff to make the right decision. Well…quit with your stupid arguments then!

          • ProbationU

            I would say there is 1 inch and 5 pounds difference. Is that math too hard for you?

            You are basing your opinion on odds and not on talent. It isn’t a poker game. Talent is evaluated daily in practices and meetings. If you aren’t present then you do not have any way to make an educated decision. Saying that a true freshman should not start is easy, because the vast majority of the time, that is the right call. It doesn’t take any special insight to look at the past and see that. Again, everyone is aware of those odds. The question is, if Rosen wins the job, can he beat those odds. If he gets the job, we will find out.

            If Woulard gets the job, then we will find out if he can overcome his odds of no experience as well. Jerry will need to overcome a weak arm and he is not a runner.

          • Laker Rod

            You’re so stupid. You totally ignore the strength portion. Woulard would destroy Rosen and you know it. It’s stupid of you to argue for a true frosh. Shows what a true idiot you are.

            All you’re doing is just wishful thinking. “Beat the odds”.

            I repeat…what you don’t understand is that there have been other redshirt sophomores who didn’t have any playing experience previously and went on to do well. I named a few for you like Matt Leinart. There is no evidence of a true frosh like a Rosen type doing well. Wake up man.

            Rosen has to over come:

            1. His no experience
            2. His size concern and not strong enough 6’4 205 with a gangly upper body with no arm definition.
            3. Not a runner either
            4. History of true frosh

            And let me lay this out for you. Let’s say Rosen does play. What if he gets hurt or sucks and loses confidence. What do we do for 2016? As usual you and the 90% of Bruin fans and stupid recruiting sites would have moved on to the new hot shot recruit. This is what you guys have historically done. Repeat same cycle over and over.

  • j metaphor

    I don’t see the need but I love the concept.
    UCLA is starting to stockpile weapons. Everyone wants to be a Bruin, even if it’s only for their last year. Throughout the land UCLA football is recognized as the place to be.
    This is a rare case of demand creating supply.
    Go Bruins!

  • Sam C

    Thanks but no thanks

  • ProbationU

    Don’t confuse people with facts.