What does it take to succeed as a true freshman quarterback?

UCLA will likely turn to Josh Rosen this season, making the St. John Bosco product the latest true freshman to start at quarterback. (Scott Varley/Staff)

UCLA will likely turn to Josh Rosen this season, making the St. John Bosco product the latest true freshman to start at quarterback. (Scott Varley/Staff)

Josh Rosen will almost certainly be UCLA’s starting quarterback this season. How successful he’ll be as a true freshman is another question. To try and answer that, I asked a few players who had started games their first year on campus — from Ohio State’s Terrelle Pryor to Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg.

The story is part of our college football preview package, which comes out in magazine form as part of all LANG newspaper editions this Sunday. You can check out some of that content online, including (too early) USC-UCLA predictions and games to watch each week.

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  • ProbationU

    It promises to be interesting this year. Hard to predict what Rosen will do this year. Will he make the typical freshman mistakes or is he truly a special QB talent that defies the odds? He has all the supporting pieces on the offense to succeed. If he can minimize his mistakes this could be an excellent season. If not, it can turn on a dime in a difficult division. I can’t wait for the 1st game.

    • Tommy B Low Us

      I think he will do fine. He has played on the big stage on nationally televised games. He does not seem to get rattled, and he has a very competitive drive. Paul Perkins will help him just like jet did for Hundley.

      • ProbationU

        Certainly that is my hope. He also needs to stay healthy for the team to succeed.

    • Laker Rod

      You don’t seem to express much confidence in Rosen but how can you when he is only a true freshman.

      However..one thing for sure is this..it doesn’t matter now that he’s only a true freshman when measuring success. You and certain others follow a motto of “play the best players regardless of class”.

      If you follow this motto then measure the player for their success regardless of class.

      In addition, you would need to define what success is. I for one don’t care for “individual” success. For some, Brad Kaaya over at Miami had a “successful” season. Almost 3,000 yards and 25 TD’s and 11 interceptions. Not bad for a “true frosh”. Oh wait.. Miami went 6-7 and 3-5 in ACC. The year before they went 9-4 and 5-3 and the year before that 7-5 and 5-3. Stephen Morris a low 3 star rank QB was a senior when they went 9-4.

      Based on the above, I would say Miami and their coaches failed not necessarily Kaaya.

      And make no mistake. UCLA has gone 9-5 in 2012 and back to back 10-3 seasons. Failure to even get 9 wins in 2015 is a failure for the coaches and team not necessarily Josh Rosen. I’m being lenient too.

      The UCLA team is supposedly built in a way where the QB shouldn’t have to do much this particular season. All the cards are in place. UCLA has a supposed veteran O line now and the defense should be much improved by all accounts and it returns many players in the two deep.

      There are holes and weaknesses though. People like to brag about the number of starts the Bruin O line has. These are “individuals” though. What good is all the starts if they came at right tackle for Benenoch and he now projects at right guard. How good are the starts if its from a player who is coming off a redshirt year Simon Goines. What good are the starts if Scott Quessenberry doesn’t even play this year.

      On defense, UCLA has again lost it’s top tackle for loss/sack guy. There are no excuses though.

      People thought last year’s D was going to be better in 2014 vs 2013. Too many Bruin fans were fooled though. Too many Bruin fans were expecting too much from guys like Kenny Young and Zach Whitley. In addition, last year, there were too many true frosh guys from 2013 UCLA was relying upon to have big seasons as true sophomores and it didn’t happen. Kenneth Clark. He failed to get a single sack. Eddie Vanderdoes. Myles Jack, Priest Willis, Tahaan Goodman, and Deon Hollins. Hollins came on at the end of last season. None of these guys lived up to the hype in my opinion. Ellis McCarthy never developed either. Ulbrich showed what a rookie DC he was also. This is why the UCLA defense dropped off in 2014 vs 2013.

      In my opinion, Jim Mora and staff have already failed to some extent in not having a better option at QB other than a true frosh. This is totally on them. It’s their fault they didn’t recruit properly and it’s their fault they didn’t develop Asianti Woulard. It’s their fault for not being able to keep Hundley one more year. Leaves early to be a 5th rounder. Oh brother.

      This 2015 UCLA team had the potential of winning the BCS title if Hundley stayed. This team had the potential of at least winning a conference championship had they developed redshirt sophomore Asianti Woulard. Pete Caroll won a national championship in 2003 with redshirt sophomore Matt Leinart.

      This UCLA football isn’t winning any championships. Too many red flags. Unable to recruit and develop QB’s to a championship level. Brett Hundley 5 star QB and 3 year starter and no championships. Relying on true frosh QB. Ellis McCarthy 5 star leaves early undrafted. Priest Willis 5 star. Transfers out.

      Jim Mora is a Del Harris. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I expect more 8 to 10 win type seasons but it’s hard to expect more at this point. Perhaps the defense will make a meteoric rise with Bradley. If the UCLA D can become a top 15 defense in the nation then there is some possibility. If Stanford can have a good D then why not UCLA. However…UCLA always seems to have trouble getting top D linemen and getting them to play up to their potential.

      And please no personal attacks. Just deal with the topic.

      • ProbationU

        It’s interesting you would say no personal attacks. Remember, I said that you shouldn’t be banned for calling us Bruin fans morons and idiots. Glad to see you refrained from that here.

        My general point is that Rosen is an unknown. Where I agree with you is that the staff has failed in recruiting enough QB depth in addition to Woulard who didn’t pan out for whatever reason, i.e. the staff’s failings or his own shortcomings. There should have been a Plan B. I disagree about Hundley staying as we have debated previously. I don’t think that was ever an option. It was much more likely that Hundley left prior to last year.

        I don’t agree with the Del Harris analogy simply because Del Harris inherited a talented squad and underachieved. Mora has rebuilt a moribund program. If the analogy is that he cannot get UCLA over the top, that remains to be seen.

        I like our chances of winning the division as much as any other team in the South. It is a deep division and I think it will come down to the Arizona schools and the L.A. schools. There is a lot riding on the young man’s shoulders. Brad Kaaya performed pretty well but did not have the supporting cast for the team to be successful. Usually that is the case when starting a true freshman, i.e. Jared Goff. Rosen’s situation is unique in that 18 starters return. We will soon find out if he is as good as advertised.

        • Laker Rod

          Actually Del Harris didn’t inherit a talented squad. Prior to Del arriving in 1995, the Lakers were pretty bad from 1992 through 1994. In 1995, the team over achieved with guys like Cedric Ceballos and Nick Van Excel at that time playing beyond their expectations.

          The problem for Del Harris was when he inherited Shaq and Kobe and then even got Glen Rice, etc. From 1996 through 1999 those years were failures despite the Lakers making the playoffs each year.

          While Jim Mora has revived a moribound program…this was mainly due to absolutely poor coaching from Karl Dorrell and Rick Neuheisel. The talent on the team was always there. The easy part was taking a 4-8 or 6-7 type team to 9 or 10 winis. The hard part is actually winning a conference championship or even getting there.

          I don’t like our chances of winning the Pac-12 south. UCLA plays the AZ schools first and then Stanford in their first 3 conference games. I wouldn’t be surprised if UCLA lost all 3 and will most likely lose 2 of 3 with Rosen starting.

          Let’s hope the UCLA D is better than advertised. We need to see this defense shutting down the Arizona schools to a mere 7 to 10 points. We also need to see the UCLA O line play run the ball at will. These rarely occur at UCLA. UCLA has been always more finesse. What this means is that for the rushing attack it usually doesn’t do well against the better defenses unless it has a good passing attack also or a QB which can run. This opens things up.

          If UCLA defense is not significantly improved and UCLA cannot run the ball with a stacked box and Rosen is forced to throw and try to lead the team from behind then expect a 7-6 type season.

          Even with a better D and O line…I wouldn’t expect more than 9 wins overall and 5 conference wins. 6-3 could in conference could share a divisional title but they most likely won’t have the tie breaker in their favor.

          • ProbationU

            One factor that you have not mentioned in the Del Harris analogy is tradition. When you think of the traditional NBA powers, you think of the Lakers and the Celtics. That’s it. Del was fortunate to have the best GM and talent evaluator in NBA history in Jerry West. He also had the best owner of his day in Jerry Buss. With a history and tradition of winning NBA Titles and great support from above in terms of a commitment to winning, Del Harris had a much better opportunity to win than Mora.

            Mora inherited poor facilities, a mediocre AD in Dan Guerrero and I don’t know what in Gene Block, but he isn’t Jerry Buss. On top of that, UCLA is not one of the traditional powers in college football. Recruiting to USC, Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Michigan, just to name a few is easier than recruiting to UCLA. The Laker brand carried a lot more cache’ (pre-Jimmy Buss) than the UCLA football brand.

            So, Mora’s job was a lot more difficult than Del Harris’ job, albeit there was more pressure on Del at the helm of the Lakers. As far as winning a conference championship, we will see how it goes. It took roughly a decade and 4 coaches for Oregon (Brooks, Bellotti, Kelly and Helfrich) to build…and they have a LOT more money. I am cautiously optimistic. I look forward to seeing this year’s team and finding out the answer to the Josh Rosen questions.

          • Laker Rod

            The point I’m trying to make with the Del Harris analogy is that he can turn a bad team in a decent playoff team but he couldn’t deal with top star talent and lead them to a championship.

            So far Jim Mora has not won any conference championships and it’s not like UCLA has not won conference championships in the past. So you really can’t use the AD as an excuse or poor facilities.

            Oregon never used to be a contender back in the 80’s. They have improved each decade. They have changed head coaches too. Each one seems to be better than the previous one.

            As I said earlier…the fact our best option is a true freshman going into the 4th year of a head coach’s regime should send up some red flags.

            Jim Mora and staff had 3 previous freakin’ years/recruiting classes to address the QB situation “after” Brett Hundley. When we got Devin Fuller some thought he might beat out Hundley. The coaches not being able to develop Asianti Woulard fully is another red flag.

            Ellis McCarthy and Priest Willis who were both 5 star recruits and not panning out should send up red flags also.

            UCLA’s best run as a football program in my opinion was from around 1980 through 1988. In this time frame, UCLA won or shared 4 conference championships I believe and went to the Rose Bowl 3 times and won them all. They also went to 7 consecutive bowl games and won 7 in a row. 4 New Year’s Day bowl games and won all 4. Who would have thunk that 30 years later UCLA football has not even come close to accomplishing any of this.

            How did UCLA do this during this era? One thing is for sure. Terry Donahue didn’t play too many young guys and they often redshirted and he went with veteran type QB’s. Is it so hard to stick with this formula of success?

            UCLA is not like other schools when it comes to academics. You have to study or you will flunk out. You can’t get 5 star type guys and play them as true frosh and then see them leave in 3 years or less.

            You should already know that UCLA admin does not bend any rules or give any special privileges to football or b-ball players.

            Jim Mora has played way too many true freshmen during his 3 years at UCLA. He has wasted so much potential and opportunities here. He has sacrificed the future for the present and while making this sacrifice they have not equated to any championships.

            UCLA for the most part needs each guy to be one more year mature, seasoned, experienced, and playing together. They would ideally stay all 5 years also.

          • ProbationU

            Things are seldom an ideal situation. Having a true freshman QB is not an ideal situation. It wasn’t and ideal situation for Ohio State last year to be down to their 3rd string QB. In fact, most people thought that OSU was a year away last year and things jelled and they won it all. Unexpected things happen all the time which is why they play the games. You are basing our opinion on the odds which is understandable. But surprising things buck the odds all the time. For example, Tennessee did not win the National Championship with Peyton Manning, they won it the next year with Tee Martin. Stanford never won the PAC-12 with Andrew Luck but they did win it with Kevin Hogan. Stuff happens. That’s why the play the games.

            The best thing to do is build the program and have players in the pipeline, year in and year out. We may all be pleasantly surprised this year or we may not. The way to build a program is to recruit great players and play the best players. Mora has done an outstanding job and he just needs to keep recruiting well.

            It is much harder to win the PAC-12 now then it was to win the PAC-10 during the 80’s. The league is much stronger from top to bottom. Mora is winning at nearly .750 so it is going well. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t made mistakes but the program is in fine shape. And if you don’t think that UCLA athletes get special privileges, you are mistaken. They could not run a decent program without perks for student athletes, such as tutoring, nutrition etc.

          • Laker Rod

            Let’s get something straight here. It’s already proven I know more than you about UCLA football. I have no idea why you continue to rehash what I’ve already stated or you point out things which are flawed.

            1. Duh…no kidding true freshman QB is not ideal. What do you think I’ve been trying to tell you and others all this time. You even said to bring examples of true frosh QB’s when we were having our argument. I’ve done that. Heck…there are even articles out there which shows the struggles of true freshmen. You tried to deny any of this existed or asked me to find them.

            2. Ohio State down to their 3rd string QB but yet that wasn’t even a true freshman! You really think they would have come through had a true frosh went in? Get real. Chance favors the prepared mind. Urban Meyer was obviously prepared.

            3. Unexpected things don’t include true frosh drop back QB’s winning conference championships or national championships. So please don’t talk about the unexpected.

            4. Tee Martin being at QB and Tenn winning a national title after Peyton Manning left is not necessarily surprising or bucking the odds. Dual threat type QB’s have had much success in winning national titles. Tee Martin was a junior when he took over. Junior and Seniors have had much more success winning national titles than under classmen especially back in 1998 and earlier. Look at all the success UCLA had back in the 80’s going with redshirt senior QB’s. Had nothing to with talent. Rick Neuheisel was a walk on!

            5. Stanford’s program was risen from the dead by Jim Harbaugh. We have often seen the next coach take over and win. It’s not unusual. Oregon has had coaches take over and taken the program to another level. Larry Smith took over USC in 1987 and won the conference title 3 years in a row. He lost the Rose Bowl twice with Rodney Peete but won it with Todd Marinovich who was also a redshirt frosh. USC mainly won with their defense though in 1989 with Junior Seau and a gang load of other experienced players that year. The year USC won in 1987 should not even have been. UCLA had the more talented team. They choked away a 13-0 lead. Aikman had his worst game as a Bruin.

            6. Best thing to do is build a program and have players in the pipeline year in and year out? Man…that’s just a cliche that everybody uses who doesn’t follow things closely. Recruit great players and play the best. LOL! UCLA has been out recruiting Oregon for years. It hasn’t translated to anything. In college football you don’t recruit the best player available. You have to recruit by position of need. An extra tailback isn’t going to help you if you already have 5 or 6 on scholarship. This is a stupid method of recruiting. Saying the cream will rise to the top is nonsense. You don’t listen or understand. Often times the best athlete or D line guy doesn’t have the best grades. He can’t easily get into UCLA. Maybe 1 or 2 can but UCLA can’t rely just on these guys by chance. UCLA has to get their fair share of lower ranked players with a lot of potential. These are usually the undersized guys whom you redshirt and bulk up.

            7. And it isn’t necessarily much harder to win these days. Maybe for UCLA it is…but not for Oregon and Oregon wasn’t even a traditional power in the past.

            8. And those are not special privileges of what you speak of. Every other college football program gets the same thing. Privileges are allowing players extra slack from the professors related to make up exams and when they take them or having the football players get priority over other athletic programs like soccer, etc. UCLA football doesn’t get any special treatment. When Spaulding Field was being re-done it was the IM Field for the football team and the field was in horrible condition and they got no special times or re-arrangements.

            Again…it’s proven I know more than you.

          • ProbationU

            What I asked you to prove is not that true freshman as a group struggle more. It’s common knowledge. You said they get injured more and I asked you to prove that. You haven’t and you can’t. The question regarding Rosen is if he can beat the odds.

            Happy for you that you feel so smart. Personally, I don’t see anything other than rehashed statistics and no real vision or analytical talent, but if you are feeling great about your stuff, fantastic!

          • Laker Rod

            I already gave you the list. Two of the true frosh QB’s got injured. Were you not paying attention. These are the supposed “best” examples too of supposed “succesful” true frosh QB’s. LOL!! More like FAILURES.

            Just look at Drew Olson. Finally in his senior year he went injury free. The years before he got hurt. There are many cases like this where the younger QB’s have gotten hurt more frequently. Most guys going from 18 to 21 or 22 get much bigger and stronger right?

            And I’ve done plenty of research on Josh Rosen. Jerry Neuheisel did better in the spring game. It’s obvious. Are you blind or something? Did you watch the Youtube vids?

            In addition, you’re all over the place. Now you’re trying to argue again Josh Rosen will do well? You said this UCLA team is capable of going like 6-6 or can get 10 wins. You won’t even go out on a limb and say UCLA can win a conference championship.

            Harbaugh took a much worse program and got them into a BCS bowl game in his 3rd year…correct? Jim Mora inherited a more successful program and has yet to elevate the team to another level.

            And there you go again hoping for some miracle that some how true frosh Josh Rosen does something different than what past true frosh QB’s have done. You yourself even say…can Rosen beat the odds.

            Do you realize this thread exists because Mr. Jack Wang tried to provide the “best” examples of “successful” true frosh QB’s. In reality these true frosh QB examples didn’t have much team success…right? I went through the trouble to post all this. They are all facts.

            Bottom line. I DON’T TRUST TRUE FROSH QB’S. There is no reason to trust any of them. NONE! I don’t care that Rosen enrolled early. Braxton Miller enrolled early. So did Richard Brehaut. So did Brett Hundley. Wake up.

            I don’t care Josh Rosen has supposedly been playing in the same system for many years. This actually makes things worse…since he made plenty of mistakes in spring practice. He threw a number of interceptions and he would have gotten clocked numerous times for holding the ball too long.

            The biggest adjustment going from any level from HS to college to pros is the closing speed of a DB and the pass rush. They are all faster at the next level. This is why it’s so hard to predict which QB’s will have success. This is why it’s always better for QB’s to redshirt and get plenty of reps. They learn in practice what they can get away with and what they can’t.

            It’s quite sad the majority of Bruin fans cannot understand this and think it’s so easy for a true frosh drop back QB to have success.

            Brett Hundley never got comfortable or had confidence throwing a 20 yard deep route over the middle. He would hold on and hold on until he felt clearing somebody was breaking open. In the mean time the pocket was collapsing and he either got sacked or had to take off running. Sometimes Hundley did throw it and it was a pick 6. Rosen cannot run. He’s either going to get sacked or throw an interception.

            And you want some positive? Here you go. The best we have to hope for is that UCLA is not even relying on Josh Rosen in the first place. UCLA will need a miracle to be able to rush the ball on demand against Stanford or some of the better Pac-12 defenses. UCLA has not had much success playing smash mouth. They are more of finesse type running team. They need to be able to pass to get the defense out of an 8 man box or they need a running QB to help the rushing attack.

            The team also needs another miracle from the defense where they make a huge leap in improvement and become a top 10 type defense.

          • ProbationU

            Reading comprehension, Lightning Rod.

            1. I said a 3rd party study proving freshman are subject to more injuries, not your anecdotal evidence which is not evidence at all. You don’t understand what “prove” means. Grade: F

            2. Jim Harbaugh went to a BCS game (Orange Bowl) in year 4. He then left to the NFL. Grade: F

            3. Can Rosen beat the odds? Yes…that is the operational question. I said we could go anywhere from 6-6 to 10-2 and guessed at 9-3. Given that he is likely to be the starter, you can’t even look outside your own bias and offer up what he might be able to do to be successful, other than your usual: Redshirt. Grade: F

            4. Neuheisel was better in the Spring Game than Rosen. You are the only person I have read that subscribes to this analysis. Given that you thought Brehaut or Prince should have started ahead of Hundley (and still cling to the fantasy that Hundley would have stayed another year), your

          • Laker Rod

            Here you we go again.

            1. You asked for a 3rd party study about true frosh not doing well. Do a search. Type in “so you’re thinking about starting a true freshman quarterback”. You take this approach like if there is no article then it can’t be true. It’s no wonder you’re called an idiot. I’ve even given you the article and you can’t even admit you were wrong. Now you’re looking for some in depth article about how true frosh get injured at a higher rate than upper classmen? Get real. You obviously don’t follow college football very well.

            2. So I was off a year. Big deal. In the end, Jim Mora won’t take UCLA to a BCS bowl game in his 4th year.

            3. Rosen beat the odds. LOL!! So you admit the odds are long.

            4. You still didn’t watch the youtube vid. Fail. Jerry was better. If you followed BruinGold there were other posters who said the same thing. Rosen made the most mistakes. Falst start. Completed a pass but should have been a sack. Threw an interception. JN had none of those.

            5. LOL! Not all redshirt QB’s play on the scout team. If you think redshirting is so wrong then tell that to Oregon, FSU, and Stanford and a bunch of other successful QB’s and programs. I trust them more than you or Mora or Mazzone at this point. All of you have won nothing.

            You FAIL

          • ProbationU

            Oh, Rod calling people an idiot came back because he can’t prove his point that freshman QB’s get injured at a higher rate than non-freshman. It isn’t up to me to do the search, Rodney. It was your claim and you simply can’t back it up. That’s why I used the term “anecdotal” evidence. Look it up in the dictionary along with “gadfly”. You have no proof but you aren’t intelligent enough to understand that.

            I watched the entire Spring Showcase. Rosen was better. Jerry is intelligent but physically limited. Woulard was better than Jerry as well. If the guys on Bruin Gold are as great at evaluating QB’s as you, then I think I will stick to my own eyes. Brehaut over Hundley still says it all about your talents.

            Not all QB’s that are redshirting play on the scout team. That is correct. Some get no reps at all and the others get very few. But if you have an example of a player that got a lot of reps, cite a source that shows that. The 1st team QB on most teams get the vast majority of the snaps.

            I never said redshirting was wrong. Again, you mis-interpret as your reading level is not high. Rosen will start because UCLA has limited options. He is clearly the best QB on the roster. You have to coach what you have and we will see how Mora and Mazzone do with Rosen. You, on the other hand, just like to sit back and complain and point out what’s wrong and have nothing to offer of a positive nature.

          • Laker Rod

            I already proved they get injured at a higher rate. You’re an idiot for not accepting it. You certainly have not proven that freshman don’t get injured at a higher rate.

            And you can call it “complaining” or being a realist or whatever…bottom line is that I’ve been the same all these years. If I was in the wrong…UCLA would have already been winning championships already. Right? So proves you and others have been continuously wrong. Too optimistic and stubborn on your part. Simply not able to deal with reality.

          • ProbationU

            Sorry but you haven’t proven anything other than you don’t know what proof means.

          • Laker Rod

            I’ve given you a lot more proof than you provided. 1. Richard Brehaut Fr, 2. Kevin Prince RFr, 3. Matt Moore Fr, 4. Drew Olson Fr, 5. Cory Paus RFr, 6. Ryan McCann RFr, 7. Ryan Fein Fr, 8. Rob Walker RFr

            Kevin Craft Jr didn’t get hurt. He got pulverized too from a crummy O line. John Barnes walk on redshirt senior didn’t get hurt either.

            What about the successful run UCLA had from the early 80’s up to Troy Aikman. We didn’t play freshmen QB’s. We played a lot of juniors and seniors and they didn’t get hurt a high rate either.

            Want more? Nate Longshore broke his ankle as a redshirt frosh. Kyle Boller started as a true frosh for Cal also and was horrible and got injured separated shoulder. Trend Edwards for Stanford redshirt frosh got injured.

            Not enough? What you need to understand is that not that many colleges in all of football go with true frosh or even redshirt frosh. Do some research. Oregon last started a true frosh QB in 1983 Chris Miller and he didn’t start every game.

            The proof is all there. You simply refuse to admit it.

          • ProbationU

            How many upperclassmen got injured in those same years? Unless you have a full comparison, you don’t have a valid argument. Name all you want. You don’t have any scientific evidence to prove your point. You just keep proving that you have no idea what an actual study would be and have no idea what actual proof might be.

          • Laker Rod

            I guess you can’t read. I named upper class men in those years. They didn’t get injured. Even Kevin Craft didn’t get injured. Wayne Cook didn’t get injured in 1993 as a redshirt junior the year UCLA went to the Rose Bowl. Matt Leinart didn’t get injured his redshirt junior and senior year. He got somewhat injured as a redshirt sophomore and played through it against ASU. Pete Carroll told him don’t limp don’t show you’re injured.

            Ryan Leaf nor Drew Bledsoe got injured as seniors and they lead their teams conference championships for WSU. You either don’t follow Pac-12.10 football and you’re just plain stupid and in denial.

            I repeat…I have more evidence than you that shows under classmen get hurt more and perform worse overall vs upper classmen QB’s. It’s so obvious.

            Maybe you don’t realize it because UCLA has had so many stupid head coaches and assistants in the past and they couldn’t develop anybody as they kept switching systems and coaches.

          • ProbationU

            You think you have evidence and you still can’ answer the question asked by Wang. You are just a negative person that can’t see a path to success. Probably runs deeper than football.

          • Laker Rod

            You can be in all the denial you want. Poor true frosh play. Proof of injury examples which you cannot dispute at all. Non-injuries to upper classmen Qb and of course no examples from yourself. LOL!! You got clobbered as usual.

            And this has nothing to do with being negative. It’s simply being realistic. If USC was trying to start a true frosh QB I would say the same thing.

            Time for you to do with reality and quite being in denial. You’re probably just too old and stubborn to change your ways. You know the old saying…can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

          • ProbationU

            Your problem, little Rodney, is that you rule out ALL possibility for success. It is not about my denial, because I am not counting on winning the PAC-12, but I certainly am not ruling it out. UCLA has every bit as good a chance as the other teams in the South.

            Your proof is not proof of anything. I can easily dispute what you call proof. You lack fundamental understanding of scientific proof, control groups, variables, etc. It simply cannot be proven by the method you choose. It is beyond your grasp. But if your ignorance of how to prove something is beyond you, then I am sure you are enjoying it because you don’t know any better.

            Ever figure out how to answer Wang’s question yet? I guess you simply believe that there is NO CHANCE that UCLA can with the South starting Rosen? 0%? Is that it?

          • Laker Rod

            I didn’t rule out any possibility of “success”. We are pretty much on the same page related to number of wins which is anywhere from 6-10. 10 wins can be considered a “success”

            However it’s unrealistic to think a division championship is possible. Again…name me just one team who had a true frosh drop back QB who won any type of conference or division championship. You can’t. You have no proof. ZERO!

            Stubborn old mule you are.

          • ProbationU

            Actually, I think it may be the stubborn YOUNG mule that is resistant to change. Until 3 years ago, you would never have seen a RS Fr win a Heisman Trophy as a QB, and now we have two. So, precedents are made all the time. And before you start screaming, no I am not predicting a Heisman for Rosen. I am just saying that the game is changing and younger players are having more success than in the past. So, it cannot be ruled out.

            As far as the P12 South, every team has questions to answer, SC has questions on the DL, LBers, RB, overall depth and coaching staff. ASU may or may not be better on D, some questions at receiver. UCLA has the QB question. Arizona QB was inconsistent and other than Scooby Wright, not that great on D. Utah has plenty of questions to answer and a brutal schedule. So, yes, a division championship is possible.

            I view SC, ASU and UCLA as equal at about 25% chance. Arizona at 20% and Utah at 10%. Colorado at 0%. I don’t know what odds you think are reasonable, but by predicting that UCLA can’t or won’t win, you have at least a 75% chance by my numbers of being correct. So, any “I told you so” comments would be silly.

            There are simply too many variables and pre-season predictions are notoriously wrong. Nobody knows…even you.

            If our freshman QB (or Jerry) can minimize turnovers and our defense can keep turnovers from becoming TDs, then the Bruins have a real shot. Mora is 3-0 against Arizona, blew out ASU last year (2-1 overall) and failed against Stanford. We will find out a lot during that stretch. If we can get through those games at 2-1, it would set us on a good path.

          • Laker Rod

            You as usual don’t know what you’re talking about. Todd Marinovich won a conference championship as a “redshirt” frosh in 1990. It’s not
            as rare for a redshirt frosh to win a conference championship vs that of a “true” frosh. In addition, this didn’t lead to future success for Todd or USC.

            We are not even talking “individual” awards here such as Heisman Trophy. In addition, Manziel didn’t win a conference championship.
            Look at the head case he is also. As far as Winston goes…while he not only won a conference championship he won a national championship but there are things that need to be pointed out also. Look
            at the issues Winston had also. In addition, the guy was almost 21 years old when they played the national championship game. Big difference from an 18 year true frosh.

            So no…I don’t buy your argument that there is more success
            now related to “redshirt frosh”. In the past, redshirt frosh have won conference championships. Hundley won a division championship as a
            redshirt frosh but failed to repeat that two years in a row. Sam Bradford won a conference championship for Oklahoma in 2007. I already gave you Todd Marinovich going back to 1990. There are other examples of redshirt frosh success back in late 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s still pretty rare but not as rare as true frosh.

            Do you even know the story behind Sam Bradford. Remember…Rhett Bomar. He was the QB for Oklahoma which UCLA beat in 2005. That OU team had Adrian Peterson. Remember. Basically Bomar sucked
            as a redshirt frosh. UCLA’s D was easily able to stack the box and limit Peterson’s effectiveness. Seems like Bomar thought the position was his
            in 2006 or whatever it was he lacked the discipline as in 2006 he was dismissed from the team. Now…here is the deal. Stoops could have went with true frosh Sam Bradford but he didn’t. He went with converted wide receiver former QB redshirt senior Paul Thompson. They still won the conference championship.

            In 2007, “redshirt” frosh…I repeat…REDSHIRT FR Sam Bradford
            and OU won a conference championship yet again. There was no TRUE Frosh. You got it?

            You obviously don’t consider redshirting important for UCLA.
            It’s so easy to tell where your position is. The stubborn OLD mule is you.

            I don’t buy your 25% chance either. USC is favored and rightfully so. 2nd year returning QB. Arizona returns their QB also and they won
            the division championship last year. ASU returns a QB also with lots of experience. UCLA is in the worst position with a true frosh QB. Utah and Colorado simply don’t have enough but yet Utah can certain beat UCLA in a head to head game just as they did last year.

            And your 2-1 outcome of the 1st 3 conference games is again wishful thinking. There is a good chance UCLA loses all three games and you should admit the more likely outcome is going 1-2. Admit it.

  • jameskatt

    It would be great if Rosen has the QB talent like Marcus Mariota – who started as a true freshman for Oregon and took them to greatness.

    • ProbationU

      Mariota redshirted, but I hope you are correct in the other areas!

  • Laker Rod

    Mr. Wang. Thank you for the article. Here are a few things I would like to add:

    1. Terrell Pryor, Braxton Miller, Robert Griffin, and Teddy Bridgewater were all dual threat type QB’s. Pryor was a 4.3 guy and super fast. Josh Rosen is not like these QB’s. He is by far much slower than any of these guys and isn’t a running threat at the college level.

    2. Bridgewater didn’t start from the beginning of the season. He started from the 4th game and Louisville lost 3 games in a row and he finished 5-5 as a starter and they went 7-6 overall in 2011.

    3. Perry Hills started the first 7 games and then tore his ACL. Maryland was 4-3 at that point.

    4. And let’s get back to Pryor. He went 8-2 (including bowl game) as a true frosh. The guy was listed at 6’6 227 coming out of HS with 4.4 speed. His best wins were against #18 Wisconsin and #20 Michigan State. No other team was ranked. He lost to Penn State and Texas. Pryor also had lots of off field problems after starting as a true frosh.

    5. Braxton Miller 6-2 185 4.47 out of HS. Did not start from the beginning of the season in 2011. Lost 7-10 to Michigan State. Completed only 5-10 passes with an interception and sacked multiple times for -27 yards. Ohio State finished 6-7 and 3-5 in conference. He’s now converting to WR also.

    6. Robert Griffith III. 6’3 195 4.4 out of HS. Team finished 4-8 in 2008 his true frosh year. He started 11 of 12 games.

    7. Barkley at USC from an overall record standpoint was one of the better true frosh. USC went 9-4. However…this was USC’s worst record in years. They finished 5th in the conference at 5-4.

    8. Jared Goff and Cal went 1-11 his true frosh year.

    9. Christan Hackenburg 6’4 212 4.84 out of HS. 5 star recruit. Started 12 games in 2013 as a true frosh. Team went 7-5 and 4-4 in conference. Here is the thing too. Despite starting 12 games in 2013, Hackenburg had similar statistics as a true frosh and Penn State did much worse going 2-6 in conference and finished 7-6 overall.

    I repeat…if these are the “best” examples we have of true freshman QB “success”…then we really don’t have much to look forward to …do we. We are truly bucking the odds here. We are almost hoping for some miracle from God. The irony with this also is that Josh Rosen is an atheist. Wow.

    Who knows maybe Jerry Neuheisel will actually win the job and Rosen actually redshirts like he should so he can be better prepared for the future.

    • ProbationU

      Yet, in spite of all that evidence, Rosen is still our best option this year. I think he will prove to be a better runner than you give him credit for and certainly a better runner than Neuheisel.

      I don’t think it is ideal to go with a true Freshman QB. However, we have to play the cards that we have available. Neuheisel is a backup at best.

      • Tommy B Low Us

        Also despite all the so called “evidence” defense wins championships. But I guess LR is smart enough to know that already.

        • Laker Rod

          Defense doesn’t win championships in college football. UCLA had a pretty good D in 2006 and only went 7-6. Stanford had the best D last year and didn’t win.

          You need both a good offense and good defense in college. Heck..UCLA had a pretty high powered offense in 2005 and a terrible defense and still went 10-2.

          If it was only about “defense” then there should be alot more true freshmen QB/team success stories if you think about it.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            The defense only needs to create 1 safety and hold the other team to zero points to win. That goes for all footbal across the board…highschool, college, and pros.

            A prime example of the defense winning the game. Look at last years Virginia game, the defense won that game.

          • ProbationU

            What a good defense can do is keep you in games you may not otherwise be in, but defense alone is not enough as you say.

            2005 was truly a strange year in that the 2 losses (Arizona & USC) were by huge margins and UCLA had several late comebacks engineered by Drew Olson for close victories. That year was fool’s gold in many ways. It may be one of the weakest 10-2 teams in history.

          • Laker Rod

            The whole point in bringing up the 2005 UCLA team is that it shows even when you have a horrible defense winning 10 games is still possible.

            Show me any example of a Pac-10 or 12 team that was strictly defense who have the conference title. Don’t you think I have already researched all this? You should know me by now.

            In 2001, USC had the top D in the Pac-10. They didn’t win any conference championship.

            In 1998, UCLA had a more high powered offense and average to below defense. What did Arizona have in 1998 with desert swarm. They were obviously more defensive oriented. They did not have a good offense. UCLA beat Arizona for the conference title.

            So as I say again…you need both in college football. Saying defense wins championships is just a cliche and you put two teams against each other in a national championship game setting or even Super Bowl…defense usually wins out. But there are reasons for this such as the lay off prior to when the game is played.

            And as far as Josh Rosen goes…it’s a joke. I repeat…some Bruin fans are looking for some “miracle” related to a true freshman performing well and winning a conference championship. I just thought it was funny in that Rosen is an atheist.

          • ProbationU

            I think it was pretty clear that I was in agreement with you for the most part. Do you disagree that at times defense can keep you in the game when an offense is struggling? Defense alone over an entire season will not work. As with most things in life, balance is essential.

            Regarding Rosen, I am cautiously optimistic. We have all seen the hype over certain recruits over the years and many fell way short of the hype. I think it will be intriguing to see if Rosen can live up to the hype. He certainly has plenty of talent around him. That is why I can see this team going anywhere from 6-6 to 10-2. My best guess is 9-3 but I hope for 10-2 and a South Division championship and a shot at Oregon in Santa Clara. I don’t believe we would have a chance at 10-2 with Neuheisel behind center as we would have to rely too much on our defense. He is simply a game manager and not a playmaker, IMO. I think UCLA has as good a shot as anyone else in the South if Rosen is anywhere close to the hype. Every team looks good but every team also has questions to answer.

          • Laker Rod

            Sorry but I don’t think it was necessarily “luck” for the 2005 team. UCLA utilized a senior QB who had lost many times before in the past and even have a couple of attempts to lead the team from behind against WSU and USC in 2004 and Olson failed both times. Most fans had given up on him including Karl Dorrell. Had Ben Olson not injured his hand…UCLA wouldn’t have even had a 10-2 season.

            Good thing Drew Olson kept at it. That guy was a competitor. As a true frosh Drew Olson was physically weak. Even he would tell you this. He was like 190 to 195 as a true frosh and probable could only bench 200 lbs if that. By his senior year he was a solid 215 and probably benching over 300 lbs.

            A senior QB with multiple starting years can be expected to lead a team from behind and pull out wins. Having a junior RB and all purpose guy like Maurice Drew helped also. Even more so in 2005, UCLA had an experienced offensive line. Multiple returning year starters.

            The defense was a failure from a recruiting standpoint by both Toledo and Karl Dorrell. Defensive line too thin and to young. Brigham Harwell was very talented but only a true sophomore and undersized that year. Kevin Brown got hurt and had to redshirt in 2005.

          • SonofWestwood

            NO.. actually “the whole point” is UCLA did NOT win a Championship in either ’98 or ’05, dude. You’re an amazing study of a guy with all the facts and scant talent for parsing them. Offense can win you a bunch of games, but DEFENSE wins Championships. True in every sport worth citing.

          • Laker Rod

            Duh. No kidding. Since you came in late in the game I said you need both offense and defense to win….not simply just defense as another poster here stated.

            And you’re wrong to make the claim about “defense”. The offense is an undeniably essential ingredient in college football also. Pay attention.

            I find it quite funny you have wormed your way over here. I don’t go to the stupid Bruin Gold or Bruinzone websites anymore. What’s the matter? You miss me or something?

            The 2005 Bruin team was brought up to show how even a high powered offense but horrible defense team could still win 10 games. The 2006 UCLA team just one year later was a much better defensive team but was way worse on offense. The 2006 team went 7-6.

            In 1998, UCLA again had a high powered offense and no so good defense but they still beat the better defensive Arizona team in 1998. So defense didnt’ win their right? Bottom line…AZ didn’t have enough on offense and UCLA didn’t have enough on defense. This is why you need both…especially in the Pac-12. Is Oregon a defensive team or a high powered offensive team? Who’s been winning the PAC-12 lately. Get a clue. In the end…Oregon has shown they still don’t have enough on defense because team’s like Ohio State steamrolled them.

            Stanford had the best D in 2014…they didn’t come anywhere close to winning the Pac-12.

            You want to get pulverized more SOW?

          • SonofWestwood

            Defense just won Ohio State a Championship. Ask Mark Helfrich.

          • Tommy B Low Us

            Should we make a list of defenses that single handily won championships? 🙂 LR can then create a long winded counter auguent.

          • Laker Rod

            It wasn’t their defense only. Their offensive rushing attack killed Oregon.

            Oregon had the best offense in the Pac-12. Stanford had the best D. Who won the Pac-12. Get a clue.

      • SonofWestwood

        While an admirable good sport and faithful devil’s adcocate of a Bruin, Laker Rod has a knack for lodging, long, numbered lists that undo his own arguments as much as they support them.

        While LR’s latest “comparisons” are entertaining at a glance, fact is, the only thing Josh Rosen truly has in common with Hackenburg, Goff, Griffith, et. al is that Josh Rosen will be taking his first CFB snaps this fall as a true freshman. Fortunately for The Optomists, that’s where Laker Rod’s comparisions end:

        Josh Rosen (a) started FOUR YEARS running the EXACT SAME OFFENSIVE SYSTEM (“MZone”) as he will run this Fall. This is his FIFTH YEAR in the system. (b) Rosen possessed the intellegence, work habits and maturity to GRADUATE HIGH SCHOOL and ENROLL EARLY into a Top University where he had (c) the enormous benefit of TWO DOZEN SPRING PRACTICES to hone his skills and (d) BEAT OUT A PAIR OF TWO AND THREE YEAR BACKUPS to Win the Job.

        When you add this to the PAC12’s (e) TOP BACKFIELD, (f) TOP OFFENSIVE LINE and (g) TOP DEFENSE, UCLA Football has at least SEVEN BIG REASONS to expect another great season. 9.5 wins “great”, if you like Vegas oddsmakers.

        I didn’t bother researching whether any of his freshmen “counterparts” had this going for them, mostly because it wasn’t worth my time.

        • ProbationU

          Well, remember the title of this post is:

          “What does it take to succeed as a true freshman quarterback?”

          Laker Rod has difficulty dissecting something like that because he cannot analyze what it might take for a freshman QB to succeed. It is much simpler for him to state that he will not or can not succeed based upon the lack of success of other true freshmen to play QB. It would be interesting to see if he could actually come up with a scenario under which Josh Rosen could succeed this year. Given that his specialty up to now has been “Monday Morning” analysis, it would represent a huge leap forward.

          • Laker Rod

            It’s already proven. True frosh QB’s don’t succeed…especially the drop back types like Rosen.

            I already gave you the solution also. Redshirt.

            There is more evidence to prove that a true frosh gets beat up and loses confidence in not only himself but as well as his teammates and coaches where it is a detriment to play as a true frosh. So many true frosh QB’s have been ruined. It’s been proven also they don’t necessarily play better as true sophomores.

            In the long run….better of redshirting and preparing as long as possible to start.

          • ProbationU

            What is the solution for THIS year? Play Neuheisel? How many game would you expect to win with Neuheisel? PAC-12 Championship? What if Jerry got injured?

            And how would you run the offense? You know. provide an actual solution to the current situation, not the same drivel about redshirting Rosen. He isn’t redshirting, so given that he isn’t, what would Coach Laker Rod do. It would be nice to see if you can post something positive.

            What true freshmen do you think have a chance or should have a chance to play. Your normal routine is to wait until the season is over and criticize the coaches.

            You also have a way of choosing the word “proven” that doesn’t apply. You used RG III as an example, he wasn’t ruined. He won a Heisman. Barkley wasn’t ruined as a freshman. Jared Goff at Cal hasn’t been ruined. It doesn’t seem like Brad Kaaya has been ruined. Braxton Miller ended up as Big 10 offensive player of the year, so he wasn’t ruined by starting as a freshman. He has better players on the team now, but he wasn’t ruined. Christian Hackenburg hasn’t been ruined. Now, you may have a different definition of ruined than I do, or most people do, but it certainly hasn’t been “proven” by anything. Nor has it been “proven” that freshman QB’s get injured more than older QB’s. There have been far more NFL rookies that were ruined by starting early than college freshmen.

          • SonofWestwood

            I’m afraid you’ve backed our friend into a corner here There’s nowhere for him to go but away.

          • SonofWestwood

            So based on your expert, Blog Doctor exprtise Laker Rod, I think it’s time you put your money where your keyboard is. Call it, bud. How many wins? Let’s have it.

          • Laker Rod

            As ProbationU said…this team is capable of anywhere of
            between 6 wins to probably 10 wins max but it doesn’t include a division nor
            conference championship.

            The 10th win is from a yet again middle tier bowl game at best. Max conference wins is 6. Worst case 4-5 or 3-6 in conference play.

            So in other words even after Mora’s 4th season…the team will fall short again from winning any type of championship.

            If this is too much of a gap for you in number of wins I’ll say 8 or 9 wins which includes the bowl game.

            You expect anything better? Time for YOU to put your money where your mouth is.

            I repeat….USC won the national title in 2003 with a redshirt sophomore Matt Leinart. UCLA had the chance and opportunity to develop their own redshirt sophomore in Asianti Woulard and failed to do so. With so many returning starters that UCLA has certainly even a “division” championship
            was/is warranted.

            I will even say this. There is a good chance Rosen is going to get clocked and get injured or miss a few series and/or he will play so horrible he will be benched at least once in favor of Jerry Neuheisel. You willing to say
            otherwise? Put up or shut up time. We shall see what happens this fall.

            I’m usually the one who says I told you so. If you think you and the other 90% of dumb Bruin fans out there are so right after all these years and I am continuously wrong…then UCLA would have already at least won a conference championship by now…right? It’s proven I am more right than wrong.

            Ellis McCarthy never panning out and not even being drafted and Hundley a 5th rounder are again more evidence that I was proven right.

            Why don’t you tell that idiot blah blah blah on BruinGold that he was dead wrong about true frosh Zach Whitley. The idiot kept saying the guy is a lock to start from day 1. He kept saying this during the spring of last year all the way through summer of 2014. Whitley is not even on the team anymore.

          • ProbationU

            If UCLA wins 10 games, they will be South champions. The only way that happens is with Rosen behind center and remaining healthy. Before you get started on the injury thing, any QB can get injured. Freshman are no more likely to get injured than Sophomores, Juniors or Seniors. That is your opinion with nothing to back it up, even though you think you have.

            If we have Neuheisel behind center, UCLA will win 6 games. He is too limited and good defenses will shut him down and pick him off.

            My overall prediction was 9-3. There is a chance of winning the South with that record, but unlikely. That would represent Rosen at QB and remaining fairly healthy during the season, maybe missing one half or one game.

            You still can’t offer a positive view of how the team can win 10 games. Just the same ol’ negative stuff. It doesn’t take any skill to look back and remember names, dates and statistics. Negativity is not productive and neither are you.

          • Laker Rod

            No they won’t. UCLA won 10 games last year and they didn’t win the Pac-12 South. Even if this year there is like a 3 way tie at 6-3 UCLA would need the tie breakers and I don’t see it happening.

            And I don’t want to hear about your injury excuse. Matt Moore true frosh got injured. Richard Brehaut true frosh got hurt. Kevin Prince redshirt frosh got hurt multiple times. Drew Olson true frosh got injured. Cory Paus redshirt frosh got injured. Ryan McCann redshirt frosh got injured. Ryan Fein true frosh got injured. Rob Walker redshirt frosh got injured.

            The one guy who didn’t get hurt but got pulverized over and over was junior Kevin Craft. Care to explain?

            It’s common knowledge why these types of injuries occur also. The young guys are not used to the pass rush and don’t see it coming or don’t think it’s going to come as fast as it does. Don’t bring up Matt Barkley either as a senior. Your ONE example doesn’t cancel out my multiple examples.

            It’s a fact as guys get older and more experienced they learn to feel the rush better and also know how to slide better and avoid a hit. Duh.

            And I don’t agree with your assessment about Rosen vs Jerry N. To me the record is the same either way. While Rosen might be able to throw a beautiful 25 yard deep pass here and there…he will no doubt make more mistakes vs that of JN. Both have their issues.

            And it’s hard to remain positive related to the situation UCLA has put themselves in. The coaches had the opportunity to develop a redshirt sophomore Asianti Woulard. They are the ones who recruited him. If he was not panning out then why didn’t they get a more viable QB other than Aaron Sharp. Well? The coaches blew it big time.

            Here we are talking about a max 10 win season a perhaps win a division championship. Oh brother. This is Jim Mora’s 4th year. Harbaugh took a much worse Stanford program and got them to a BCS bowl game. It’s obvious Jim Mora is no Jim Harbaugh.

            I repeat…how did Stanford rise from the dead also? They had much worse recruiting classes. They got good by REDSHIRTING guys YOU GOT IT. They put much more focus on linemen also. They didn’t get 5 star guys always either.

            And of course I’m rooting for UCLA and Rosen or whomever the guy is but I’m a realist. You just wait. I’ll be telling you…I TOLD YOU SO.

            But as usual you and others will simply deny everything. You’ll fall back on…”oh the odds were long anyways with a true frosh…anybody could have guessed that”. Oh brother.

          • ProbationU

            10-2 is my ceiling. Just measuring the regular season. 10-2 with a victory over SC wins the South. That is with a healthy Rosen. That is not an excuse as I believe we need a healthy Rosen playing to possibly reach 10. It won’t happen if Jerry has to play a lot of games. It’s called an explanation.

          • Laker Rod

            UCLA is not winning any championship. Just admit. More wishful thinking on your part. 10 wins and beating USC. LOL!! You do realize the game is at the Coliseum this year. UCLA does not play well there normally. UCLA doesn’t have a running QB anymore which has always messed up the USC defense.

            You seriously believe that if the division championship is on the line against USC that true frosh Josh Rosen will come through? LOL!! The odds are greater that Kessler will come through.

            The old saying goes…you succeed now because you failed in the past. This is from Michael Jordan himself whom it took years to finally get over the hump. How about Drew Olson? Cade McNown? Carson Palmer?

            I already told you before…it’s possible UCLA can beat USC but it would be because it’s a meaningless game. Neither maybe be playing for a divisional title when they meet.

          • ProbationU

            Try reading what I have written and understand what I have written. You struggle with comprehension and offer no solutions just constant bashing of people much smarter than you, including the coaching staff. All are clear signs of someone that has accomplished little to nothing on his own.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!! “Can” beat SC. Duh. I already told you if that happens it would be in meaningless game.

            You obviously don’t have the confidence in a true frosh to think UCLA is going to beat USC at the Coliseum if a division championship is on the line.

            And you’ve proven what an idiot Bruin fan you are. You go off of past results. Drew Olson NEVER showed he could beat good opponents either or even win close games until his senior year.

            Cody Kessler is a redshirt junior now and a 3rd year returning starter. Sarkisian is back for his 2nd year. I’m not even saying SC is necessarily going to win it but their chances are better than UCLA.

            Anybody could win between USC, Arizona, and Arizona State. I don’t see UCLA winning the division championship. Sorry if the truth hurts.

          • ProbationU

            That’s your ill-informed opinion…and Mr. Negative is pulling for others to win. Quite the fan. You clearly have never exceeded anyone’s expectations.

          • Laker Rod

            There is nothing ill informed about it. It’s simply logical. You simply just live in denial like the majority of Bruin fans.

        • Laker Rod

          Just for your information. Braxton Miller enrolled early also for Ohio State and in fact he got almost all the reps in Spring 2011 since Pryor was suspended for the first 5 games.

          Ohio State went 4-8 that year. Miller didn’t start off the bat but Ohio State didn’t do much better with him starting.

          The Mazzone system isn’t a complex system anyhow. Hundley didn’t improve much from year to year.

          And 9.5 wins don’t mean much if there is no conference championship attached to it.

          I already know the camp that you are in. You will some how spin an 8 win season for UCLA in 2015 as a “success”.

          I will put it to you this way. Had Brett Hundley stayed we would be talking about BCS championship for UCLA. Everything is in place. USC won a national title in 2003 with a brand new QB in redshirt sophomore Matt Leinart. If the UCLA coaches could have developed redshirt sophomore Asianti Woulard whom these same coaches recruited…we could still be talking 10 or 11 wins.