UCLA camp notes: Three offensive linemen go down during practice

» UCLA lost three starting offensive linemen on Monday night when center Jake Brendel, right guard Alex Redmond and left tackle Conor McDermott all left the field with undisclosed injuries. None of them appeared to be limping significantly, and Brendel was smiling and laughing after the end of practice.

While the Bruins’ have improved depth on the offensive line this year, even the loss of one starter for an extended period of time could have a significant effect on the ceiling of this offense.

» Josh Rosen has not looked as consistently good as he did in spring, and the three-man quarterback competition has not been particularly compelling for the last few practices. Still, he is the one player that has the ability to make a truly head-turning play. On Monday night, those included a beautiful deep ball that went over right over Kenny Walker’s shoulder but off his hands, and a long touchdown pass to Nate Starks.

Rosen is slated to make his first media appearance this camp tomorrow afternoon.

» Hands down the most impressive play of the night belonged to Octavius Spencer. The freshman defensive back ran across the field and made a leaping interception to nab Mike Fafaul’s pass — one he held on too even as the receiver took out his legs mid-air.

  • VB

    Well, this sucks. 3/5 of our line is injured and all of our quarterbacks stink.

    Chalk it up to a 8-4 year, boys. Wish Hundley would have come back for one more.

    • Brad


    • Moises Rosiles

      the sky is falling the sky is falling…so antsy, the season hasn’t even started yet and now all is lost. sheesh!

    • xtracool32

      You could very well be right. This isn’t your father’s pac 10/12. Ever since that huge TV contract was signed a few years ago, the conference got a whole lot stronger. Because programs have so much more money now, they are able to hire better coaching staff’s, and spend more money on their recruiting budget. Four years later the reality of that contract has sunk in. My point is ucla’s got a very tough schedule this year, and they very well could wind up 8-4. They should at least do well in the non-conference games, though.

  • Chaleko

    Glad I’m not in the trenches with you two. Quitters at the first sign of adversity.

    • VB

      No, just realist fans who have been through the ups and downs (mostly downs) of UCLA football.

      • Wayne

        VB’s Junior College Transcripts say….
        “see you at UC Irvine, buddy!”

        • VB

          Pepperdine, actually.

          • Wayne

            even worse.

  • http://www.ocstyle.com/ OCBrewin

    Coaches just wanted to test the 2nd unit out…all is OK, have some faith…

    • VB

      Really? They told you that?

      • http://www.ocstyle.com/ OCBrewin


        • http://www.ocstyle.com/ OCBrewin

          GoJoeBruin-“The UCLA Football team got a sigh of relief as two injured offensive linemen returned and the third is expected to be back soon. Things looked a little bit better with the offensive linemen injuries today as UCLA Football got a couple of Bruins back after a scare in which three O-linemen went down on Monday. ” Sky is not falling ye of little faith

  • xtracool32

    It could be a tough year for Rosen. Not only will he be a true freshman, the pac 12 south is loaded with good teams. I have never seen the pac 10/12 this competitive ever, and i have watched this conference for a LONG time. Hang in there kid!

  • JerryCurlanIsNice

    Early injuries are probably a good thing – get the rest of the guys involved in some meaningful snaps.