Jim Mora: I’d like to name UCLA’s starting QB by next weekend

UCLA might be a week or so away from finally naming its starting quarterback.

“I would like to be able to make that decision next weekend at the latest,” head coach Jim Mora said Friday, after the Bruins’ final practice of training camp at Cal State San Bernardino.

The evening session consisted of a live scrimmage in which true freshman Josh Rosen and redshirt junior Jerry Neuheisel switched turns with the first-team offense. Former walk-on Mike Fafaul took most of the second-team reps.

Mora said that the scrimmage is only part of the overall picture, especially since the quarterbacks weren’t taking contact. However, he said the team would ideally need to know the identity of its starter before it starts game week prep for its Sept. 5 opener against Virginia.

“I would love to be able to make that decision, but to be perfectly frank, we’re not prepared to make that decision yet,” Mora said. “We want to make sure when we do make it, it’s the right decision — that we have conviction about it, that we stick with it.”

  • Laker Rod

    Found some stats from tonight’s full scrimmage.

    Jerry Neuheisel – 10/13 100 yds 1 TD 0 Int

    Josh Rosen – 11/21 – 110 yds 1 TD 1 Int 2 fumbles

    Fafaul was with the two’s

    Best throw of the day JN’s 30 yard TD on a go route to Kenny Walker.

    Read it and weep. And PU…because you’re so stubborn and fail to grasp things…in a real live game Rosen’s numbers would be much worse where as Jerry as a redshirt junior would be pretty similar. What you see is what you get out of an experienced QB.

    You don’t get what you see from a true frosh. You get worse.

    This was Rosen’s opportunity to pull ahead…way ahead. I repeat….a true frosh needs to show he is way better than an upperclassman prior to the start of a season. Does not appear that has happened.

    The better option is to go with Jerry at this point for the first two games with Rosen in relief. It will take the pressure off of him. In addition, it will prove if Jerry can do the job or not.

    It’s kind of like how Mora gave Aaron Wallace the chance to hold the OLB spot in 2013. Myles Jack clearly showed he was better as a sub that very first game.

    Of course…idiot PU will claim I said I wanted Jerry to start all along. LOL!!

    Come on. Nothing wrong with bringing Rosen along more slowly. We need to be patient.

    • ProbationU

      You wanted Woulard to start all along and he transferred. Now you are a Neu fan. Mora said he wants to make the decision and stick with it. He will choose the QB with the most upside, Rosen.

      You don’t want to reflect on who was at fault for the 2 fumbles, do you? Not sharing all the info that they were caused by poor snaps as Brendel was out. It was also reported the the INT was from an uncalled pass interference. But, according to reports, Jerry was a little better tonight. Hats off to Jerry. It will be great to have a solid backup.

      Now time for you to get back to your girlfriend.

      • Laker Rod

        Of course I wanted Woulard. He’s a redshirt sophomore with great size and ability whom the UCLA coaches should have had developed by now. The fact they didn’t puts serious doubt in my mind about their abilities to get UCLA to a BCS championship level.

        And as far as the two fumbles go…this is the part where again you prove what an idiot you are. While Redmond made a bad snap on the first play…a veteran QB could have gotten on that ball and the result would have been lost yardage at worst. But no…true frosh Rosen has too many other things going on in his head to realize he needs to make sure he has the ball first. Instead he allows Judge to scoop the ball up and run for a TD. You just got destroyed again.

        It’s proven you don’t have a high intelligence level for football.

        Jerry was way better…not just a little…at this point. Some just can’t admit the truth. There are some over on BruinGold who think Jerry should start game 1. Well?

        And I already told you before…the coaches can do whatever they want. Don’t matter to me. We’ll see how this all turns out. You know I’ll be here to shove it down your throats over and over and over. I told you so. It’s already happening now. I told you so.

        Think about it. We’ve been arguing back and forth for like 5 months. Rosen could have went 10/13 with 1 TD in this last live scrimmage. If Rosen had these numbers and Jerry had Rosen’s numbers you would say Rosen dominated. It didn’t happen. Shows what an idiot you and others. are.

        This is why you have to resort to lame attacks. Stick to discussing football.

        In a lot of ways it’s disappointing Rosen performed so poorly. But hey…can’t say I didn’t warn you idiots.

        I don’t hear you talking and bragging anymore that Rosen just might be that guy who beats all the odds. LOL!!!

        • ProbationU

          Stick to discussing football, like calling people idiots and morons? You obviously have some issues of your own which are difficult to ignore. Anyone that still argues in favor of Brehaut over Hundley is not to be taken seriously nor do you know anything about football. You know names and dates. Good for you. And Rosen may beat all the odds. You don’t know that. Nobody knows that. At least one of us is pulling for him to do well. You are pulling for him to play poorly to prove your point. Nothing more than a troll.

          • Laker Rod

            You are an idiot and moron. It’s proven. You try to blame both fumbles…one which was returned for a TD…to somebody else other than Rosen.

            You continually don’t address what is pointed out to you. You can’t admit you may have overlooked the point on how the fumble was returned for a TD.

            As Rosen struggles you make excuses for him.

            And BruinOaks is an idiot just like you are. He’s obviously in the 90% group.

            So I guess Urban Meyer didn’t do the right thing by bringing Tim Tebow off the bench as a true frosh. Chris Leak senior was the starter.

            It’s too easy making you look stupid. You don’t follow college football closely. It’s obvious.

            Nothing wrong with bringing Rosen off the bench. Give him time. Will Mora do it? Based on what WestwoodBob stated and knowing Mora’s past ….I’m thinking that answer is no.

            Mora still has no real credibility. I repeat…he’s a Del Harris. He is what he is until proven otherwise. He had his chance last year to get things going and blew it by losing at home to Stanford.

            We shall see what happens.

          • ProbationU

            What makes you a loser is claiming to be a Bruin fan and rooting against an 18 year old kid. And why are you rooting against him? So you can say “I told you so” to the REAL Bruin fans that are pulling for him and the team to succeed. That makes you a pathetic loser, either way.

            Nobody respects you or your opinions because of your behavior and your past QB picks. And if the guys on Bruin Gold are idiots, why not continue your juvenile behavior and call them out over there? No huevos.

          • http://bestmenudo.com ThaiMex

            Prob…..you’re wasting your time with this fool.

          • ProbationU

            Are you also ThaiMex on Bruin Gold? Looking forward to the season.

          • http://bestmenudo.com ThaiMex


          • Laker Rod

            You again. Any time you want to go up against me and discuss football feel free. We all know you won’t.

          • Laker Rod

            Common pattern:

            1. LR points out some stats or facts. Examples are Rosen’s fumbles and interception or the numerous examples of how true frosh struggle and/or get injured.

            2. PU responds back with an uneducated excuse of blaming some other player or situation or totally ignores the point such Rosen’s fumbles were not his fault.

            3. LR points out to PU that one of the fumbles was returned for a TD and if Rosen had more awareness…he would fallen on the loose ball. But nope. . Rosen allowed the loose ball to be scooped up by a defender for a TD.

            4. PU realizes he didn’t even consider this and of course is embarrassed yet again and it’s proven what an idiot he is related to football. So he is called out for it.

            5. It’s pointed out to PU that Tim Tebow as a true frosh came off the bench.

            6. PU is challenged to find any true frosh drop back QB who started as a true freshman for quite a few games and then supposedly rode this experience into a championship sophomore season. He can’t find any. But yet….there are examples of redshirt freshmen who have won championships. There is an example of at least one…Tim Tebow who the following year won a national title as a true sophomore without starting a single game as a true freshman.

            5. PU realizes he is defeated and had no knowledge of this information and of course he can’t admit this and handle the subject of football so he starts again with the personal attacks and makes up LIES.

            6. PU obviously needs help and can’t fight his own battles.

            The above is all true and you know it.

            And you really think your behavior is stellar? In addition, not everybody on BG are idiots. I told you…UCLA has around a 10% fan base who understand what is going on and knows what is best.

            You see the threads yourself. There are some calling for Jerry Neuheisel to start against Virginia and there reasons are no different than mine.

            And as far as BruinGold goes…I choose not to go there because evidence of the past is not retained by the administrator. In fact, the admin would even erase stuff if it put the 90% idiots in a comprising situation.

            It works like this PU. When the time comes and Rosen is struggling or even gets hurt…and UCLA falters and doesn’t win any championship for the next two years… or all this stuff goes to Rosen’s head ala Myles Jack….I’ll be there to say…I told you so.

            You of course will deny you ever wanted Rosen. You’ve been somewhat denying it now. You’re all over the place to cover your tracks. First you claim, play the best player and if that’s Rosen…fine.

            I explain to you that true freshman drop back QB’s rarely have any success at all. I even gave you examples. You asked for a third party report since you were still in denial. I provided that to you. You couldn’t get yourself to admit you were wrong. You then state that perhaps Rosen will beat the odds and go like 11-2 and win the Pac-12 South.

            Then Mora hasn’t named a starter even after the supposed 5 o5 6 practices. I point out to you that WestwoodBob pointed out Rosen is the starter. You then try to argue Jerry may well indeed be the starter. But you feel if he does start are chances are not good.

            Then after this live scrimmage where Rosen struggles, you try to argue for Rosen and make excuses for him. You’re not as bad though as some of the idiots over on BG.

            Come on man. It’s all there. The sad part for you is that all this will be here and you cannot deny it.

            I repeat…when Rosen actually struggles…the idiots will come back and say…”he’s only a true freshman….give him time”. LOL!!!

            Wasn’t the point of redshirting him or bringing him along slowly as a reserve…was to “give him time”? Shaking my head.

            If the approach is so wrong then why did Harbaugh redshirt Luck. Same goes for Sam Bradford. Same goes for Mariotta. Same goes for Winston. Did those guys not have the most upside also?

            Why did Urban Meyer bring Tim Tebow off the bench if he had the most upside.

            If you idiots knew what you were talking about you would be providing examples how this true freshman drop back QB started 10 or 11 games and then came back the following year as a true sophomore and won a conference championship or more or at least got to a BCS bowl game.

            Remember…you idiots wanted Richard Brehaut to start as a true frosh. You of course can’t admit this and of course can cover your tracks because all the past info has been erased over at BG.

          • ProbationU

            Loser rooting against an 18 year old freshman. You are the Brehaut fan, and not me. You have it backwards.

            You are simply a joke of a human being. A colossal bore that doesn’t have the huevos to insult people on Bruin Gold because you would get banned. Now, you are rooting for our probable starter to fail so you can spout off some more.

            You calling me an idiot is a badge of honor as you are simply worse than any Trojan troll that might appear here from time to time. Ignorant.

          • Laker Rod

            Typical lame response. Go back and read the points and try to dispute them. You can’t.

          • ProbationU

            Truth hurts I guess. You are a joke. Your arguments are a joke. Glad you satisfy yourself.

          • Laker Rod

            LOL!!! I guess you’re hurt because you got slaughtered yet again. Come on. Can’t you name any true sophomores?

          • ProbationU

            I don’t care. I have better things to do than research all this crap you live for. Like I said, you are simply a little troll getting off on rooting against an 18 year old in order to show SOMEBODY in the world you are smart! Enjoy it.

            As for me, I plan on enjoying the season. I root for UCLA. I will root for Rosen to do well. I will root for Jerry to do well. I will root for Mora to do well. I will root for you to discover the pleasures of a woman (or a man if you are wired that way). Maybe then you will find something other than your endless lists of ignorant posts.

          • Laker Rod

            I knew it. Can’t even name any true sophomore QB’s. PU back to the personal attacks.

            Are you sure you’re rooting for UCLA. All I’m doing is suggesting what would work best. That’s it.

            If you have not gotten through your thick skull, I’m promoting patience and bringing along Rosen more slowly. I’ve even given you examples how this works. You don’t want to listen to logic or historical evidence.

            You may feel like you trust Mora but I don’t . The only thing I trust Mora with are more 9-5 or 10-3 non-championship seasons. That’s all he’s proven he can do at this point. His history with true freshmen playing is not that great.

            And let’s get this straight. YOU and others are the ignorant ones.

          • ProbationU

            Usually it’s the insane people that think they are the only sane person in the world. Of course it would be better to bring Rosen along slowly, we just don’t have a better option at this time. When does that get through YOUR thick skull? If we had recruited and retained better quality QBs over the past few years, the situation would be different. However, if we had more quality QBs, Rosen might have gone elsewhere. We do the best with what we have.

            I will trust a coach that is 29-11 over some weird dude on the Internet researching obscure and irrelevant things from the past. You know nothing. You were probably banned over at Bruin Gold too. They seem to laugh at you like everyone laughs at you here.

          • Laker Rod

            Irrelevant comparison. Sane/insane. This is about idiots and non-idiots related to college football. You’re the former.

            I already said 10% of Bruin fans know what’s right. So your comment of “only sane person” makes no sense. Come on. Make some sense.

            And you are wrong about we have no better option at this time. I see it right before my very eyes and the stats to prove how Jerry Neuheisel beat Josh Rosen in the final scrimmage. Rosen had 3 freakin TURNVOERS!

            There were a good amount of people even saying perhaps it’s better to go with Jerry N. first.

            Here was Josh’s opportunity to show what he could do in an almost live setting. He failed miserably.

            I don’t want to hear about how we have no better choice. Some speculate that the only reason Rosen was named the starter is because if he wasn’t he would have transferred. His ego is too big.

            It’s almost like Jerry N. was not named the starter because everybody knew he would handle it better. Oh brother.

            I repeat…we’ll see how this all goes down in history. I’ll even give you idiots a break. So long as UCLA wins a division title in 2015 and/or wins a conference championship in 2016…it was the right call.

            If the above does NOT happen…or Rosen gets hurt then you will know I was right. Of course you idiots will never admit it though.

            I’ve had these same arguments with you idiots before.

            Drew Olson vs Ben Olson in 2005. Every idiot out there wanted Ben Olson to start in 2005.

            Richard Brehaut starting as a true frosh over senior Kevin Craft after Prince went down to injury. Brehaut should have redshirted that year you idiot.

          • ProbationU

            Well, I agree on the Brehaut redshirt. Neuheisel burned it for nothing. It was a waste and I have said that before, but you probably don’t remember as you were working on one of your lists.

            One scrimmage does not determine who the starter should be. I am sure there were some observers who thought Jerry should start but there are more in the Rosen camp. But again, you know better than Mora.

            We will see how it plays out and I can tell, come September 5th you will do your fake Bruin fan thing and actually root for Rosen to fail. You just have to be right…at least once!

    • j metaphor

      Once again, L Rod, all of us here appreciate you enlightening us with your superior football knowledge. We wait with baited breath for your gridiron genius so that we may bath in the glow of your brilliant analysis. If you cared a tenth as much about our team as you do about yourself, someone might actually listen to you.

      • Laker Rod

        Illogical. You would listen simply because the evidence is presented to you. It’s now about “how”. Only ones with too much pride and stubborness struggle with the how part. It appears you are in this group.