UCLA’s Eddie Vanderdoes to miss season after tearing ACL

UPDATE: Eddie Vanderdoes tore his ACL and will miss the rest of the season. This is just about the worst news the UCLA defense could’ve gotten in Week 1.

UCLA defensive lineman Eddie Vanderdoes suffered a knee injury on Saturday against Virginia, the severity of which remains unclear.

Head coach Jim Mora said that the junior’s knee had “locked up” on him during the game. Vanderdoes appeared to aggravate it when he lifted up defensive tackle Kenny Clark to celebrate the latter’s first career touchdown catch. The 6-foot-3, 305-pound defender has undergone an examination, and the team is “waiting to see” on the results.

Vanderdoes and Clark teamed up for a dominant performance against the Cavaliers, helping UCLA limit UVa to just 2.9 yards per carry. Even if he is cleared for action, Vanderdoes seems like a likely candidate to sit out on Saturday against UNLV as a precautionary measure.

Safety Randall Goforth, who was tended to by trainers in the second half, is suffering a sore neck and should be ready to practice again on Tuesday.

  • Laker Rod

    Eddie should just sit out the Nevada game and rest. Let Tuioti-Mariner start in his place.

    • http://bestmenudo.com ThaiMex

      brilliant as usual….

  • ProbationU

    Rule #1: Don’t injure yourself during a celebration.
    Rule #2: Don’t try lifting a 300# defensive lineman.

    • Laker Rod

      Torn ACL! Crud!!

      • ProbationU

        Really bad news for this year. I am guessing that keeps him from going to the NFL in the upcoming draft, so it could be a blessing in disguise if the next man up can play well.

        • Tanya Harding.

          Mr. Probation, “a blessing in disguise”? EV is a stud. He was an All-America candidate. If Rosen is as good as he looked vs. Virginia…this is the year that Bruin fans have been waiting for. UCLA can not afford to lose anyone.

          • ProbationU

            Teams lose important players every year. UCLA is not winning the National Championship this year, IMO, with or without Eddie. I said it was a bad loss. Nothing we can do about it now.

          • jameskatt

            UCLA can still win without Eddie. That is the power of having a deep team. We have 15 Defensive Linemen. Someone will step up to take Eddie’s shoes.

            If Ohio can win with a 3rd string quarterback, so can UCLA compete.

          • Laker Rod

            We are not that deep quality wise at Dline and UCLA has never had a history of being extremely deep. I don’t believe we have 15 defensive linemen. You must be including walk ons.

            There is Clark and EV and everybody else. Big drop off in production.

            To provide a bit of history. Kenyon Coleman was a head and shoulders above type D line guy.

            Coleman was entering his true senior year in 2000 and went down to injury. Ken Kocher a true junior also severely sprained his ankle also. The defense collapsed.

            In 2004, after losing 4 redshirt seniors in Rod Leisle, Dave Ball, Matt Ball, and Asi Faoa…the defense collapsed. It didn’t matter UCLA had true sophomore Kevin Brown and true frosh Brigham Harwell.

            In 2005, UCLA anticipated to rely on true junior Kevin Brown heavily along with true sophomore Brigham Harwell. Brown sprained his ankle severely and missed the entire season. That 2005 defense was horrible.

            After Brian Price left in 2009, the 2010 defense dropped off.

            I would say the D line quality depth is better in 2015 than in past years but even with Eddie…the UCLA D has always been a bit inconsistent at times stopping the run. They allow long drives and long time of possessions. It’s always something. Penalties. Blown assignment. Too many 6 yard gains at times.

            No idea who the next man up is. UCLA may move more towards a 4-3 type defense because of this at times.

          • The Big Woof!

            Granted, bad loss, but I think we have a lot more good players to fill in than in those previous years. Dickerson and (I believe) Ankou got a lot of playing time last year, Mc Kinley if healthy is much better prepared, there are a couple of true (I know you won’t like this, but may be necessary) freshmen, Toran has switched to defense, and since our OL is so much more improved, possibly another OL can switch to DL. Injury losses are part of the game, and as CaliGrown said, next man up!

        • MPPBruin

          Matt Dickerson looked good yesterday.

          • Muleboy

            Dickerson is twice the man VanderDouche ever will be already

  • jameskatt

    Darn. I hope we have someone who can step up to take his place.

    We are going to miss Eddie. See you next year raring to go, Eddie!

    We are going to miss his attitude. We need more of it.

    Time to step up.

  • CaliGrown

    Dang what a huge blow for both the defense and Eddie. He had a chance to leave early for the NFL. Especially the way it happened, you have to feel for the kid. Best recoveries EV look forward to you dominating next season. Next man up, Anku/Dickerson/Ainu!

    • Muleboy

      Maybe now he can spend more time with Grandma

  • Tommy B Low Us

    Big Eddie can’t catch a break. Wonder if they will now consider using ulu-perry on the d line?

  • Hogsman

    So tired of seeing players doing stupid stuff, especially after making a good play. Whatever happened to acting like you’ve been there before?

    • MPPBruin

      I don’t have problem with their celebrating after a touchdown. Especially for DLinemen. It doesn’t happen that often.

      • Hogsman

        It wasn’t worth the consequences.

        • http://bestmenudo.com ThaiMex

          It just means rah rah’s like you are gonna have to see Eddie for at least one more year..instead of him leaving early…

        • MPPBruin

          I wish I could predict all of the possible negative consequences before I acted. That would be some awesome hindsight.

          • Hogsman

            I said stupid stuff, not every decision. The point is that people can avoid some dumb mistakes by using common sense. The players who celebrate their teammates’ scores by knocking them down from behind, jumping and landing on them without warning, or dog-piling them are just asking for an unnecessary injury to occur eventually. I understand that they’re young kids and are having fun, but it’s frustrating to see them get hurt just by celebrating.

          • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

            There are so many examples of players injuring themselves while celebrating that players should know to be cautious.

            I stopped breathing for a second when I saw Rosen leap in the air after one of his touchdowns.

          • MPPBruin

            Injuries during celebrations probably make a very small (though highly visible) proportion of total injuries. Given that the nature of the game is violent, I don’t think that it’s worth spending too much time on.

          • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

            It’s completely avoidable.

          • MPPBruin

            You could avoid being bitten by a shark by never going into the water, but people have to live their lives.

          • http://amillennialist.blogspot.com Santiago Matamoros

            I’m not sure why you’re perseverating in this, MPP, but the analogy is inapt.

            To avoid a shark bite, you have merely to avoid swimming in shark-infested waters. You have to avoid neither the ocean nor swimming.

            To avoid injuries during dangerous touchdown celebrations, you have only to avoid dangerous celebrations. You don’t have to avoid either celebrations, touchdowns, or football.

          • MPPBruin

            Over the summer there was a spate of shark attacks off the
            North Carolina coast. Apparently an abnormally high amount of sharks were congregating in the area. Scientists couldn’t figure out why. Freak things happen sometimes and there aren’t always big signs that say “don’t swim here. sharks are biting”.

            Vanderdoes’ celebration wasn’t dangerous. He didn’t do a
            high dive off the goal post. He’s a 20 year old beast of an athlete. He can probably squat 400 with no problem at all. Since the injury, Mora has come out and said that he was already injured earlier in the game.

            I’m not sure why, but something about this thread bugs me. I
            guess it kind of irritates me when the first thing people think of is that someone is stupid, rather than stepping back and saying that maybe weird and unlucky things happen sometimes. (No, I’m not related to Eddie Vanderdoes.)

  • bruinray97

    Wow. Not the news I wanted to hear after such a good start to the season. Can’t imagine how devastated the big fella must feel right about now. Here’s hoping for a full recovery. Hang in there Eddie!

  • disqus_oisEN2ZrAH

    Hey Jack I saw Takk McKinley tweak and grab his knee. Is there a issue at all with him or anyone else????

    Thanks bruh!